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  1. Flap on the top flap is leader wallet. Lanyards are from @evilstevel (Steve Cantalupo) on IG. He's another great guy (friends with Jamie), who makes a superior product and stands behind his work. They're made from 'bungie' cord like material, so they stretch, but not too much. You can direct message him on IG or you can message him here. He's active on SOL and even posted in this thread above.
  2. I don't know their technical names, but I use the tiny spikes and my fishing partner uses the bigger ones that kinda look like short screws driven through the soles, and his are generally a little better, but the tiny spikes on mine are surprisingly grippy 99% of the time in all conditions.
  3. Win!
  4. Yup. Exactly. I direct messaged him, told him what I was looking for, sent PayPal, and he shipped me the lanyards a day or two later. Was a piece of cake.
  5. This is the standard 3-Tube with the removable front pouch. I got bucktail/tin loops inside the main bag and I upgraded to the velcro leader pocket on the front flap, but I left the front pouch wide open for eels, Slug-Gos, extra storage, a granola bar, extra plugs, or whatever else...It looks small, but it's a huge extra space that I'm sure I'll keep packed with something...
  6. They're from @evilstevel (Steve Cantalupo) on IG. He's another great guy, who makes a superior product and stands behind his work. They're made from 'bungie' cord like material, so they stretch, but not too much. I hate the telephone cord style lanyards that twist and tangle. I've had 3 of Steve's lanyards for a few seasons, and they're great. Highly recommend them...pretty sure he and Jamie are friends, too.
  7. I have the 10' Suzuki paired with a VSX150. It's a very nice combo. Bit small/light for my general use, but awesome for schoolies.
  8. Look, I’m all for people expressing their opinions...but when you come to a well respected and informative forum to look for info on a product and then find 8 pages of whiny junk, it’s frustrating. I respect this place and the people here, but sometimes it’s just too much.
  9. So many fatalistic, judgemental balloon knots on this site. 8 pages of hater bull**** and barely a single person who has actually used the rod. I love Lami stuff. My current setup is a VS250 on an 11’ Super Surf 2G. Looks like the Nightshift might be a good upgrade. I came here for feedback and advice on the rod itself, but didn’t find anything remotely helpful.
  10. This is a REALLY good question, and one that I've thought about a lot. Buddy and I always carry a backpack with water, snacks, bolt cutters, braid, plugs, etc....but said bag is always on the beach while we're out on the rocks...And I get THIRSTY...Especially after taking a wave or two to the dome....For a while I tucked a water bottle into my wetsuit...For a while I tucked a water bottle into my surf jacket...I even asked Jamie (Flatlander) to make me one of those bottle holders....But a few months ago I started wearing a Camelback, and it changed my life. I'll NEVER go back. I can swim with it. It's very low profile, so doesn't get in the way. It only holds like 48ozs, so it's not heavy. I just take small sips off it whenever I need to, and it saves me from that maddening thirst that comes after 3 hours on a rock in the middle of the night.
  11. The smell of the inside of my booties after peeing in my wetsuit for 3 nights straight...
  12. I'm cautious enough when the spot or weather warrants it, but I don't generally spook very easily... Few weeks ago ran into some old school, super salty, surf fishermen who had seen a thing or three, and lost a few fingers in the process...Listened to them tell stories about 'close calls' for a few hours, and my nerves were TRASHED....Doesn't take too many rogue wave, lobster pot bear trap, longline cable noose, rip tide, shoulda known better, stories to make you second guess why you swim to slippery rocks in the middle of the night to fish. Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck when I headed out into the dark that night. Caught like 25 fish, drank a beer before sunrise, and went to bed remembering that life's a trip, and all we can do is enjoy the ride. Fish smart, take the appropriate precautions, and be prepared, but always remember that the boogie man is only in your head....most of the time.
  13. Great headlamp. Not rechargeable. Uses 4 AAA batteries.
  14. I posted RIGHT after you yesterday. Asked almost the same question, but I care more about water resistance and durability than lumens and brightness. After much research and deliberation I settled on the Nitecore HC65. It was $75....A lot, but it's aluminum, rechargeable, waterproof, up to 1000 lumens (which is way way way too bright for fishing), has a red auxiliary light, is super durable, and I got same day shipping on the site that has Prime. Literally ordered it at 9am and it was delivered at 6pm this evening. I've been playing around with it for the past few hours, and while I haven't fished with it yet, here are my thoughts; The Good - Amazing construction. Bomb proof. Feels great in the hand and as a headlamp. Nice strap. Clearly waterproof, sandproof, dustproof, etc. Lots of features. The Bad - The camera shutter style on/off button is EXTREMELY cumbersome and awkward to use...It literally took me 20-30 minutes to get the red light to turn on. Hard presses sometimes respond as soft presses and vise versa...I think I'll probably figure it out and it'll work great, but it's not super user friendly or intuitive... Regarding brightness, DO NOT use a bright light while fishing at night. In fact, don't even turn the light on unless you must, and if possible use a low setting or red. To that end, I can't imagine why you'd want something that's super bright for night fishing. Any good headlamp will have the capacity to get too bright. Find something that meets your other parameters, whatever they are.
  15. I don’t know anyone who thinks 150yds is “pretty easy” in real fishing conditions. Is it possible with the right gear and tackle, of course...but half that distance is a decent cast. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment or failure...if you really need to cast 150yds regularly, you’re gonna need a very long rod, a well calibrated conventional reel, and special, long cast, weighted a lot of practice. I can cast an 11’ surf rod pretty well, and I almost never hit 100yds on the water. Heck, I’m happy to hit 50 yds throwing a darter into the wind. Think about what you really need to accomplish and then gear up accordingly.
  16. This is the truth...Diameter doesn't matter. 20lb braid slices...50lb braid slices...crazy glue works miracles...still gonna sting for a few days though.
  17. I know I shouldn't need/want to use a headlamp, and of course I wear a waterproof flashlight around my neck for backup, but I've been wearing headlamps for various applications for 30+ years, and I just like having one on my head when I'm swimming in the middle of the night. Problem is I've been wrecking my collection of camping/hiking/utility lights that are 'water resistant' or not very durable. I've been doing a lot of research, I've read all of the SOL threads from the past 5+ years, and I have pretty specific parameters...but I can't find a single light that checks all the boxes. Here's what I'm looking for; waterproof, rechargeable, durable, white and red light, not too heavy, can operate with gloves on. Here's what I don't care about; strobe, lumens, sos, fancy features. I was 100% sold on the Nitecore HC90 until I saw that it's discontinued and they haven't really replaced it with anything comparable. I might still get that light, as they're available online, but I'm not super excited about buying a product that's discontinued. I've always liked and used Petzl lamps, but their only waterproof and rechargeable one is $450 and that's just stupid. I checked out the UK Vizion, but don't believe they have a rechargeable model. I checked out the Black Diamond Storm and Spot, but they're not rechargeable either. Finally, I almost settled on the Fenix HL60R, which is almost perfect, but the USB charging port is haphazardly placed on the side of the unit, and the cover seems super flimsy, so I don't think I trust it for swimming through surf. Can anyone talk me into one of the above (based on experience), or recommend something that I haven't considered? I'm NOT interested in going the cheapo, disposable route or spending $200+, but I'm willing to spend in the HC90 range for a great product. Thanks in advance!
  18. Looking for recommendations for a new top to wear over my 3mm one-piece when it gets chilly and/or windy.
  19. I went with the Swell top. Found it online for $119. Wanted something that will add warmth and drain water quickly vs hold water in after a swim.
  20. Nope. I have a Cape Cod Special for the canal and a Suzuki for light stuff.
  21. I just went through the process of researching and selecting a new surf rod to pair with a VSX 250, and I went with an 11' Lami SuperSurf 2G. So far it's been fantastic. Have caught a lot of 15-20lb bass on it from the surf. Great action, great backbone, casts a mile, and it's light and well balanced. I like the 70/30 split too, because it's easy to transport without the concerns that 50/50 rods present. If you are dead set on 10', they have two; a 1-3oz and a 2-5oz. Maybe not precisely what you're looking for, but something to add to the mix. For what it's worth, I also have two Black Hole rods, and love them, so you certainly can't go wrong with an East Coast Special or Striped Bass Special.
  22. Hahah...the bumblebee ninja?!
  23. I'll pay $130 shipped for this.