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  1. I live in the Merrimack Valley. I fish all over, including often at the canal. I’m 1000% in support of sustaining/conserving the fishery. I only catch and release. I don’t burn specific spots. I know the canal is a zoo. My comments above were mostly in response to people flaming Kil Song for posting that he fished the canal. Not only does EVERYONE fish the canal, I’d venture to say that of everyone, only about 1% are here...and this place is supposed to represent the best of the community. My only point was that people here should flame a little less...
  2. So many selfish, don’t burn my spot bro posters on here, it’s amazing. I’m new to these forums, but not to fishing, and the overall lack of community and support is dumbfounding. KSong is one of the best fishers around, and makes amazing tackle for us to enjoy, yet people are butthurt that he’s talking about fishing the canal, which every fisher in New England knows about. Y’all gotta get a little more chill and a lot less defensive. It’s just fishing.
  3. Figured I'd follow up on this thread....For what it's worth, I took your advice, rigged up a few white 12"ers a la Mr. McKenna, and caught fish last night...from the back thanks!
  4. Very interesting. Thanks much!! I fish the 9” 90% of the time and also like its size and action better, but I fish one spot where the bass only seem to like white 12”ers, and they attack them headfirst.
  5. Thanks! I’m familiar with McKenna’s method. It’s more or less how I’d rig a dead eel. In this case, I’m really just looking for a simple way to rig a single hook on a 12” Slug-Go that will cast well (enough), stay in place, and not chew through the rubber.
  6. I've been using the Skinner method for rigging Slug-Gos up to 9" for years. They set up perfectly, the hook sits flat along the top, hook sets are easy, and they last forever... Problem is I just started using 12"ers for the first time and it's been a disaster... the hooks have been pulling out, cutting through, and getting buried in the Slug-Go. I'm contemplating gluing the hooks into place, but am sure it'll mess up hook sets. Does anyone have suggestions for using the Skinner method for rigging 12"ers? Or maybe a method you like more? Only other thing I can think of is that I'm using the same Owner 6/0 1/4oz Beast hooks in the 12" that I use on the 9", and wondering if maybe I need to upsize to the 8/0 3/8oz.... Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks guys. I emailed Steve before I read that he stopped guiding, and I also messaged Surfland. Haven’t heard from either yet, so still open to any suggestions you might have.
  8. Hello. First post here. I'm a lifelong fresh and salt water angler and former commercial fisherman living in the Merrimack Valley. I fish the canal a lot and I also fish the Merrimack up in Lawrence and Haverhill, but I don't have any experience fishing PI from the beach...Instead of winging it right out of the gate or begging for advice here, I figured I'd start out by hiring a guide to show me the ropes. I've heard and read great things about Steve Gallant, but looks like he only guided from 2013-2016. Can anyone recommend someone like him who knows PI well, fishes there a lot, and guides? For what it's worth, I have my own gear (mostly), I'm totally flexible with some notice...can fish morning, evening, night, weekday or weekend, and I'm only looking for catch and release. Thanks in advance! Kyle