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  1. I’m partial to sinking.
  2. Totally agree. I do everything I can to keep them in, and release them, in the water. My statement was directed at the size of that incredible fish. Pretty sure that’s bigger than anything I’ll catch this year.
  3. 100% of my fish this week, including 3 over 30" have been on SPs...the preferred color has changed almost every night...
  4. I've landed exactly 20 fish in the past 5 nights. Mostly 20"-25", few 26-27", one 32", one 35", one 37".
  5. about a thread killer...what a beauty. nice work!
  6. just ordered g4 plus two packs of cleats...$389.85....BETTER be good...!!!
  7. That’s amazing!!! Very cool. Oh, and you started fish journaling 13 years before I was born...
  8. A few years ago I started keeping a fishing journal. I’d always kept rough notes and taken pics, but it started as “notes” on my iPhone. Progressed into an actual journal, and now I just take shorthand notes in a tide log. The moon phase, date, and tides are already there, so I just write what time I start and stop fishing, what I caught, and when, and what I caught it/them on. What other details do you include??? It’s obviously subjective, but I’m curious about the details you guys put in your logs...
  9. After breaking, twisting, and rusting out a lot of cheap pliers, I finally invested in a pair of VS. As everyone else has said, they're amazing and will last a lifetime. I don't question them, ever. They're at my side and they're 100% reliable. Heck, I used mine tonight to cut braid and mono, pull hooks from fish, and to straighten a bent hook. I don't own, but have used the standard, needle nose Dancos. They feel good in the hand, but are no where near as robust as the VSs. They twist/offset and don't have the same amount of torque or rigidity as the VS. That 'offshore' version above looks good, but I've never used, or even seen a pair. People who don't understand why you'd spend $300 on pliers are obviously missing the point. If you know what you need, and you know the options, just suck it up and get the VS.
  10. What do you wear inside the Simms boots? I’m curious about the notion that they fit well...not disputing, just interested. My korkers don’t fit well at all, but they stay on my feet and that’s all I’ve ever expected of them. I wear stockingfoot waders in the spring and then wetsuit in the summer and fall, so I always have 1-3mm booties on my feet inside the boots. Also, are the Simms boots heavy? They certainly look beefy.
  11. This is a fascinating post for me...I've been wearing Korker Bucksins for a few years..They've been great, but are falling apart. I've been researching the Simms G4 this week, and want to pull the trigger, just hard to stomach the $300 price tag....
  12. I always think about sharks, especially when seals are around, but wet suiting at night is a high risk activity and waves, rips, nets, lobster pots, hooks, and bluefish are all WAY more common/likely dangers than sharks....Now, none of those are gonna bite you in half, but fishermen are way, way, way, way, more likely to drown than get killed by a shark.
  13. This might be a little lighter than you're looking for, and it's certainly not an all conditions rod, but I have my vsx150 on a 10' Suzuki Special, which is 1/2-2oz, and it's an awesome light-ish combo. You go much heavier and the reel won't be able to keep up.
  14. I seem to recall that I told him I wanted one for a boga and one for pliers and he just knew what was best. The lengths are certainly good.
  15. My primary surf rod is an 11' SuperSurf 2G. I can't tell you it's the best dedicated pencil rod in the world, but it casts them a mile and works them well...and it also works eels and needles and darters and spooks and trollers and Slug-Gos and SPs and bucktails....and it can turn big fish in the rocks.