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  1. Ok. Any leader line needed? Would a bullet weight work ok?
  2. Which rigs will work for shore fishing from little deer isle?!not going to ask what's best for obvious reasons. Just curious on what will work.
  3. Great.
  4. Roger that. Even the line?
  5. Awesome. I heavily appreciate it and the input to a noob like myself. Have a great weekend.
  6. Duh I should of said what type it is. It's a spinning reel. Model PRESSP40X Line Retrieve (in) 31.6 Gear Ratio 5.2:1 Mono Line Capacity (lbs/yds) 8/285, 10/230, 12/195 Braid Line Capacity (lbs/yds) 10/320, 14/280, 20/200 Max Drag (lbs) 14 lb Ball Bearing 10 Weight (ozs) 11.5 oz Hand Retrieve Right or Left Handed
  7. Mainly fishing in Ohio, I have four Rods and reels. Two rodes are medium to heavy action, the other two are medium to light. I have a 5:2:1 gear Pfluger president reel and I'm not sure whether to upgrade my reel for my heavier rods or figure something else out. One of the reels for my medium heavy rods is just fine. But I am fishing the coast of Maine soon near deer isle and wanted to know if my Pfluger reel is good enough to shore fish or not.
  8. Awesome! thanks so much for the quick replies. Means a lot. Still getting back into it and really look forward to just seeing the isle. I'll do my best not to annoy the locals. (I'm kidding of course). Thanks again!
  9. Hello everyone. New to this website thread. Starting to really get into fishing and taking it seriously. Most experience is fishing on the Western Coast of WA, rivers, lakes, ponds, all in WA. Some fishing in Ohio. Going to stay in cabins for 2 weeks coming up and was looking to do my homework on the area. Is it considered early season there? Would spinning setups be efficient? Not looking to catch monsters or anything. I am aware of the broad question here, just would rather ask folks in that area/ people that have experience fishing there. Thanks and look forward to speaking to you all.