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  1. Appreciate you guys!!
  2. Gotcha. gonna go with a 7' MH teramar. Gonna pair it with a shimano stradic FL, should I go with the 3000 or 4000?
  3. Lol. Medium or med/heavy? Leaning towards med/heavy just in case i run into bigger fish but interested in your opinion.
  4. Should I go with a 7' or 7'6?
  5. Yeah, I thought so lol. I'll probably just pickup a 4000 series shimano stradic FL. Thanks guys!
  6. Hi, I'm looking to take my VS250 xseries that I use for surf fishing out on a boat. Whats a rod that it won't feel stupidly big on but also won't be absolutely overkill? Would be used mostly for inshore for stripers/blues/fluke etc.
  7. Hahahaha I always go with a car full of people everything tied down and someone is always in the car lol. Thinking of getting a roof rack that locks tbh.
  8. I literally use a standard cooler/rod holder hitch mount with 11' rods sticking out of it on each side of the cooler. Travel 30-40 mins too. Been doing this for 8+ years. Not one problem.
  9. Its between their 11' 1pc or 11' 2pc 70/30 split. Other than transport, why wouldn't you buy a 11' 1pc rod? I've been transporting 11' 2pc rods while connected for years with 0 issues
  10. ??
  11. Lol
  12. All of my surf rods are 2pc and I've never used a 1pc for surf fishing. Thinking of picking up a 11' lamiglas GSB 1pc. Other than the possibility of the 2pc coming apart mid cast/fight(never happened to me), is there any other noticable benefit to a 1pc?
  13. I hear Nov,Dec,Jan are the best months for surf fishing stripers, I just don't normally fish the surf in the winter but I want to start this year.
  14. Cool, I'll try it later this week and let u guys know. Thanks!
  15. have some old vacuum sealed beef liver at the bottom of the freezer. Think throwing liver chunks off the surf will hook into something?