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  1. Gonna give the ta clips a go
  2. Say for a 6inch daiwa sp minnow. Would you recommend the 75lb or 125lb? How severe is the size between the 2 sized clips?
  3. Definitely makes sense to change the knot on the clip after every outing and having to add a new leader and having retie so often is very annoying. I'm definitely going to order Some TA clips and try them out. Thanks guys!
  4. Clip vs direct tie for throwing lures in the surf? I've never used clips, but that would be awesome to not have to tie evertime especially while using a leader. Do clips have any drawbacks in terms of decreasing action or anything?
  5. 20200514_160219.mp4 Here's a video, don't know if it will upload correctly
  6. I just received my mojo surf rod and noticed on the bottom half of the rod is a small piece of plastic that travels up and down the bottom half but doesn't come all the way out. Anybody have any idea, what this is?
  7. Hmm that definitely makes sense. I'd probably be better off just filling it with the 600yrd spool instead of the 300yrd spool than that way I don't have to back spool everything and can just stop after I fill it to where I want it.
  8. It's a must to fill up to the lip? Was just gonna do a layer or 2 of mono and the 300yrds of braid. That's probably not gonna be anywhere near the lip but I didn't see a reason why that would be a problem as long as I have enough line to fish with.
  9. Not sure what that even means lol. You worded that a little weird. "Fit the braid to the rim of a spool"?
  10. Sounds good guys. Thanks for the quick replies!!!!
  11. I just got a van staal vs250 x-series. It holds 600/50 braid or 350/20 mono. I normally fill all of my reels, but 600yrds seems like a waste of line. I have a pack of 300yrds and a pack of 600yrds of sufix 832 braid 50lb test. Is the 300yrds enough or should I fill it up with the 600yrds? Will be used exclusively in the surf! Thanks!
  12. This thread is going nowhere.
  13. I respectfully disagree as do many others
  14. Nj fishing. Blues, stripers, sharks etc. I don't usually target anything specific from the surf. I'll probably go with mono. Thanks!
  15. The black tips are not the reason I think it's a black tip lol. So we're down to 3 most likely? Black tip, dusky, or spinner?