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  1. Thank you!
  2. I'll look into this it thank you!
  3. Minnesota is a tad too far unfortunately. Looking at April.
  4. Some friends and I are looking to set up a midwest long weekend fishing/hiking trip this spring. We are in SW Ohio and a looking to keep it around a 6-7 hour drive. I am not all that versed in stream/river fishing. We were kind of talking trout/bass and looking in the Missouri or Michigan realm. I have done a good deal of reading on Missouri but not much on anywhere else. Few of us will be using spinning gear and others fly. Looking for suggestions on where to go for good fish quality and some nice scenic streams/rivers.
  5. Good points. Agree 100% in doing things the right way or don't do them at all. Appreciate all the input.
  6. Thank you. Sounds like I am way under gunned for any sharking lol. Plus, I know there is the new law or whatever going in effect July 1 for sharks in FL so I do not know how regular of a thing it will be. I figured it may be fun if I could hook up with some smaller ones in the surf. I do not care to hook up with huge sharks at the present moment. I have fought 4'-5' lemons in the back country in the Keys on relatively light tackle, in a boat but we were anchored the whole time, not sure if the surf is the same or much different than this.
  7. Thank you for tall of the helpful info. My reel I think will be up to par it can hold 440 yd of 65, but sounds like rod length may not be. I did not think I needed to cast a country mile, is there even a chance with the 8'? I figured something with a strong backbone was most important.
  8. Thank you for the info. A longer rod will probably be my next purchase but for this round I went with the 8'.
  9. Agree. That is why I am here asking away...Want as much info as I can absorb so that I can enjoy the hobby and teach others but also be a responsible fisherman.
  10. Thank you for the tips! Wholeheartedly agree in having good reliable gear. Any recommendations on connections?
  11. Good info! thanks!
  12. Thanks for the help/info!
  13. No problem. Have a ton of time in reading. Internet is my only resource at the moment. I looked at the 5000 and heavily considered it, but ordered the 6500 this morning to make sure it gets here in time. I will mostly be tossing live/dead bait and waiting but I did purchase a couple of DOA baitbusters I am going to give a shot at. I figured the 33 lbs. of drag would give me room to grow into if I ever started targeting even bigger stuff but honestly wasn't sure if the 22 lbs would be enough so figured better to have and not need than need and not have. Since the reel is so big should I just back the spool with 50lb mono then go braid and leader/top shot? Going out on a boat one or two days of my trip for red snapper with a buddy so I guess at the very least the 33 lb drag may help if I get into something bigger, never know what might find your bait.
  14. Most of anything I have read online stated 50 is ideal for Tarpon fishing from beach. Some have used lighter for this but figured since this is new for me heavier might be better.
  15. Thank you for the info, I will check out the Suffix tonight. No, at least I do not think so, it is the Shimano TMSX80XH. It is my understanding that the TMS (Spinning) TMC (Conventional).