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  1. You proved absolutely nothing. I can't believe I have to point this out to you, but since you bring up margins of error lets think about this logically.... If the difference between the yes/no question is within the margin of error then isn't the difference between the 47.8% in favor of removal and 50% also within the margin of error making your point completely irrelevant? In fact, since you arrogantly bring up statistics.... The difference between 47.8% and 50% (2.2%) is less than the difference between 44% and 47.8% (3.8%)(current yes/no figures from poll you quoted). Obviously, that makes the likelihood of the actual number of Americans in favor of removal being over 50% far more likely than it being less than those against removal from a statistical standpoint using the data you provided. Please dude.... Yes the nation is roughly evenly divided which was my point in response to the coup remark.
  2. What's your point? Of course there's variation in polling. You're arguing that the actual figure is 2 or 3 percentage points below what I said when the poll you responded with and seem fond of has it at 47.8%. Seriously? Several polls have shown it around or over 50%. Let's not pretend this isn't the case. Painfully stupid argument. My point was in response to the coup comments so please get off your high horse. Impeachment is clearly not a coup if its supported by 50% or 47.8% or 45% of the population. That's beyond absurd. The SLIGHT discrepancy between the numbers is entirely irrelevant to my point. Go find some more laughably biased articles to start threads about and stop with the ridiculous semantics.
  3. I think a few more could be added to the list
  4. Over 50% of the population wants him removed.
  5. Comedian over here.....
  6. Yeah..... Pompeo, Mulvaney, ect... would have testified if it was. Since when is obstructing investigations okay solely because the accused and his cronies deem them as illegitimate.... Unprecedented corruption.
  7. Finished a bunch more naturals in different sizes. Little guy is walnut, ayc and purpleheart w/ ebony eyes
  8. Why you so mad? She was not an Obama holdover. She was a Trump appointee. Chill out with the blatant lies.... She worked under more Republicans than dems.
  9. Dude you're beyond crazy...... One second you argue no interference then the next second submit that they meddled in the election. Meddling is interference. Those words are synonyms. I never claimed Trump was involved in the interference simply that the interference (or meddling as you put it) occurred. They clearly weren't interfering to get Hillary elected. Just stop lol
  10. Yeah the media helped by being the media. Russians still interfered. It's amazing how Republicans are afraid to admit this because they think it will somehow de-legitimize the election results of their beloved orange man. I blame the Obama administration more than anyone/thing because their policies regarding Russia created the environment for it to happen.
  11. And I have no clue who you're talking about. Good job reinforcing the fact that you're clueless.
  12. Are you afraid to discover the facts for yourself? Russia launched cyber attacks to influence the election. It's not disputed by anyone in the intelligence community. Do you somehow better educated about the matter than them? You watch too much Fox news and it's melting your brain.
  13. The force was too strong
  14. See above post. Denying the interference implies that the entire intelligence community is either lying, mistaken or participating in some massive anti-Trump conspiracy. Do you REALLY think that's the case?
  15. Why don't you skim the variety of intelligence reports that detail the interference that are available online for yourself? Not going to waste my time educating you on basic historical facts. Clearly you aren't a Mueller fan, but there are others.