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  1. I wasn't triggered. You asked for my opinion lol. I gave it to you. You seem upset man. Hope you're doing well
  2. Well, if you're asking my opinion.... It's that, regardless of context, any non-service member who calls a veteran who lost both her legs in service a "coward" on national TV needs a really solid punch in the face. What happened to human decency?
  3. Is anyone shocked at what comes out of Tucker Carlson's mouth at this point?
  4. These greyhounds don't seem very liberal
  5. This SAT stuff is being overplayed. His bone spurs must have just been acting up
  6. Well this is the most overtly bigoted and racist OP I've read in awhile . Good lord, you guys actually believe this Loony Tunes crap?
  7. This is the pinnacle of hypocrisy. Trump literally spearheaded a movement during the Obama presidency that suggested he may have not been born in America. Obama responded to the criticism with paperwork. Trump should do the same.
  8. Poodles are stupid. Greyhounds are where it's at mokes
  9. You seem like a nice guy
  10. Oh come on. How can you not like this crazy SOB? "I don't believe you exist, but there is a wonderful fragrance in the air"
  11. Coffee man
  12. OP needs to smoke some weed. Maybe it will chill the more nazi-esque parts of his arguments His animal testing/medicine comment made my day
  13. You seem to have a certain level of hostility towards me. Let's talk about it man....