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  1. I never liked those little screws. They pull out of plastic easily, and can poke things you don't want poked. If you can get to the back side of where you want to install it, this connector has 1" npt nut that holds it in place.
  2. I just bought the 2800 case for a single Valence. I have been using the double batt 3800 in my tankwell. I want to move the batt(s) to my haul to free up some tankwell space. The 3800 won't fit into my biggest hatch.
  3. What he ^^^ said. I cut a strip of scrap board to take up the space of the batts in the case (keeps them from moving around) It also makes a great place to screw down a circuit breaker. When you wire the batts together, you want to keep the system balanced for equal draw from both batts, and equal charge to both batts. Otherwise when one BMS shuts down at high/low limits, both batts shut down. Take positive off of one batt and negative off of the other. Connect ONE set of the 5 pin communication leads
  4. DAAAAAAAAAAAYUM!!!! HF was the first place I went. I did some measurements on the 2800 and I thought that it was a no-go. I KNEW I should have bought it!
  5. I did play with that a bit, just touching the fan leads to the two different connections. I was going to put it on the pwm to save juice at slower speeds. But the fan draw is probably so small it wouldn't mater much. Which connection did you use?
  6. I bought a cpu fan for my pwm, but I have not installed it. A fan surely helps, but without fresh air, I am not sure how much. I've been eyeballing a 100amp pwm that comes with its own fan. The haul of my new yak stays dry as a bone. But I have not taken a wave over the bow, nor flipped it yet. I like to do dumb things sometimes, so I'm sure both are coming. So I'm trying to figure an air flow method that minimizes water flow
  7. The HF 3800 case was an awesome idea by someone for double Valence batts . I copied that idea like a xerox machine. It has worked well, in my tank well But I want to move my batts into my haul. The 3800 case will not fit in my largest hatch. Has anyone found an equally awesome water proof single batt case?
  8. PWMs have a bunch of heat sinks, so they must get fairly hot. How hot? I have not measured the actual pwm. But after about 2 hours of running WOT, measured with an IR gun my project box was 123° on the top. There is a large air gap between the top and pwm. My pwm is in my box on stand-offs, (screw/nuts) on a piece of cutting board, and the cutting board is attached to the bottom of the project box on stand-offs. So the pwm has a small double air gap at the bottom, and is not in direct contact with the project box
  9. Mr BillZ... sir You are once more dazed and confused. First it was about what you saw in pictures. Now it is about what you read. RE-read. I was replying to connecting BOTH communication leads. That is NOT the plan of Valance. Maybe you are smarter than the manufacture?!?!? My point was.... again.... Valance left the end batts in their chain, whether it was a parallel or series connection, with one free communication lead. The chain did not connect back to itself Therefore... where ONLY 2 batteries are connected.... as in my system, or ANY of us with 2 batts in a HF case, EACH batt is also the end batt in the chain. So.... wait for it.... one communication lead is left free on each batt.... while one communication lead of each batt is connected Mr BillZ... sir... Jealousy has never looked good on you... yet... you continue to wear it. Change your outfit, it is unbecoming
  10. Good vid. It tells me what I already knew, but was wishing wasn't true. These are smart batteries, and I am not getting into the BMS with a DIY balance lead like you can with a dumb battery. I spent a short minute a little while back, trying to find a used Valance charger. I didn't find anything. I am guessing if I did, I wouldn't want to pay for it. And then if I found the charger, then I would want the CAN bus. Never ending. I guess the prudent thing to do is just save my money for new batts when needed... or that new yak I have my eyes on
  11. I had that question too. But after watching that vid, I can now say no. If you look at all of the renderings in the vid, the last 2 batts in the parallel or series connections have one unconnected communication lead.
  12. I do not have any access to BMS info from the Valence batts that started this thread. It has been driving me crazy. I "assume" the Valence BMS is doing its thing with the individual batts. (although I would rather know, than assume). But I have my batts in the HF case, connected in parallel, and I have run and charged them in that fashion, since the initial individual charge I did after I bought them. I would also like to know what is happening within the parallel combo I bought some M381 connectors, and I already had ton of 4sJST connectors. I was quite positive I was going to DIY a balance lead, and then connect my balance charger, to monitor the individual BMS. And also to make sure the 2 separate batts were staying balanced in their parallel combo But after multiple tests, I am not getting the expected voltage readings out of the individual pins, from either the male or female communication leads, that would be typical of a 4s batt balance lead. So I am a bit afraid to wire up my DIY balance lead. I have searched the interwebs over, and I can not find any info to confirm or refute my voltage assumptions, based on a normal 4s BMS. I gave up for a while. I just stared my search again. I still haven't found any info on the individual pin readings, but I found this vid. This guy does solar power bank videos. He just discovered the Valance batts. He plugged the communication leads from 2 batts together in his parallel connection. Thats a face palm moment for me! But, I don't think I have seen that done by anyone else here either?!? I have just run my tandem yak, with my wife and I, along with too much back country gear, all over Fontana Lake on the boarder of the Smoky Mountains NP, while on vacation. So my batts were run down to just over 10V I charged the batts with out the communication leads connected, until my charger shut down. Just like I have been doing Then I plugged in the communication leads. I turned the charger back on, and it started charging again! I was able to put almost another full volt ,and almost 15AH into the combo. Pretty incredible! So I "assume"... without BMS info, one batt was getting charged before the other, and the topped out BMS, was shutting everything down Try it, you might like it
  13. No horn tooting involved. I would have never mentioned any of that... if I wasn't correcting multiple inaccurate assumptions. When I see something that I believe is wack-a-doo in a DIY post. I ask the poster questions about what I see, to determine where they are at, do they have a good understanding of what they are doing, or are they dazed and confused and need help. (without asking them any of those questions) As in... Why do you have your power connection sticking straight up out of your batt box? Because where I stick my box on the yak, the PWM connection comes from straight above. And... when I don't want to remove the batt box, it is an easy reach to plug my in my charger, which is also coming from straight above But if I would have said... I dunno, my wire is being pulled on pretty hard and bending down, is that bad? Then all of your info would be fantabulous When someone sees something that they "believe" is wack-a-doo, and then proceeds to give a ton of advice that did not start from a knowledge of the pic posters situation... is horn tooting. IMHO And... sometimes when I see something I think is wack-a-doo, and I ask questions first, instead of giving the how-to first, sometimes I find the poster had a better idea than me.
  14. Just like I told someone a few posts back. You don't see what you "think" you see. Your keen eye should also notice, that there is no lid on my PWM box. Just like I didn't put the PWM box on the yak in that unfinished form, I didn't install the batt box in that unfinished form either. This is an "in progress" pic, who's purpose wasn't to promote the fantabulousness of my unfinished batt lead. But fear not. There is no stress on the final connection. I have built many flying robots that have never fallen out of the sky, using a very similar connection design. Motorizing this floatie thing, is childs play for me.
  15. I soldered HOARDS of xt60 and xt90 connectors in my life. I'll take the quality SAE in my pic above, any day, and twice on days that end it Y