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  1. Any one got a gold power knob they wanna sell?
  2. Any out there?
  3. Pm me
  4. Interested?
  5. Oh course it’s dirty been using it.
  6. Sorry buddy. Wasn’t able to get photos today. Tomorrow I promise!
  7. I’ll send them out tomorrow for ya.
  8. Nothing wrong at all. Very minor scratches.
  9. 475 is my lowest
  10. Daytona beach Florida. I actually need this reel for the next 3 weeks. Had to send in my main one for service.
  11. 550 bucks - 10/10 mechanically 9/10 cosmetic
  12. Reels and works perfect! Just some scratches. I don’t know could be a 9/10. Not fished hard.
  13. Black Vs200 Reel is 8.5/10 want 600 for it.
  14. Anybody know how to find the video?
  15. anyone have an extra wrench they wanna give up? Need to take a look at my vsx200 why it’s handle has gotten so stiff after service.