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  1. I’ll take 10 please
  2. $32 shipped for a single. here’s the yellow
  3. I have a black and purple one...not quite blurple it’s black with purple sides. and a yellow w/ redhead. Both 6.5” and approx 2.5oz. Lightly used. They are his earlier ones. Take em both for $60 shipped.
  4. Perfect! I’ll send the additional funds momentarily
  5. I’ll take #3. Can you add it to the herring Danny order from your other post?
  6. Sounds good to me. I’ll pm you
  7. I was thinking the same thing about that yellow one. Looks required for sure or possibility Gibbs
  8. I have one I’m never gunna use. Got it in a lot a while back, I think while they were still in business. 20 shipped I guess. I honestly have no idea of value of these. It’s a 2oz.
  9. I’ll take the bm herring please
  10. Are those eelys with the Danny lip or atom lip? it’s hard to tell from the pics. thanks
  11. I’ll take the darter
  12. Hell yea this is the encouragement I needed. I figured i just needed more time using it and hobobobs + saltydogfishings advice is helping big time. I was thinking the same thing in terms of fun and less stuff to break/maintain. thanks again everyone.
  13. I purchased two plugs before Tims posted that in the BST discussion forum. On the day it was posted, before I saw it, my plugs had arrived. And based on others who have received a refund I’m sure you’ll get your money back.
  14. Weight/length on darter?
  15. The plastic fish grips are great. It IMO beep modifying to be used appropriately. When I first received them I immediately put the skin between my thumb and pointer finger in them and closed it...BAD IDEA...instant bruise lots of pain. I wanted to see how rough they’d be on a bass. Really really rough!!, so I filed down the jaws a bit until I saw just a tiny gap when closed. They still work great but won’t vice grip a bass anymore potentially causing damage, and you can lip grip your skin without injury.