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  1. On more than one occasion I’ve hooked a searobin and as I was reeling it to shore a bluefish (presumably) bit it clean in half sending a blood spurting robin head right in my direction. So I assume they’de work quit well as live bait.
  2. If your willing to split this I would take the 2 Maine-Iac lures For $40
  3. either way if lot 4 is still available I’ll take em
  4. What size are the old stock ones. Very interested
  5. I sure hope so the 15 fish bag limit is just ridiculous
  6. Awesome. I was really hoping this was tentative. Thanks the3fishheads
  7. Theyr exactly the same as last years regs. No slot limit for stripers and blue fish still 15 bag limit. Huh? The refs are dated March 3, 2020. Any know anything about this. It was pretty disappointing to see but hopefully these aren’t the revised ones!
  8. Lol Thought this thread would be opposite. I’ve found that many of my buck tails and soft plastics have too large an eye (thickness of hook wire) to fit into 50Lb and sometimes 75lb clips.
  9. I heavily advocate dan tinman stuff. Excellent quality jig heads for soft plastics and bare bucktail jigs. Plus excellent customer service and great pricing. Also super generous guy. You literally can’t go wrong
  10. Does anyone know if/who has eels in stock. I’m trying to get some riggies ready for the upcoming season. I totally forgot to grab them this past fall thanks In advance
  11. Cruising through old posts and came across this piece of advice from member @squidlips You can take quite a bit of slop out of those 04 and 06's by crimping the end of the brass slider right at the screw hole where it attaches to the end of the main shaft. Make it tight enough so that the shaft just barely fits, if you bend it too far just pry it back with a screwdriver. has anyone tried this and how would it help I can’t seem to figure out how it would make any difference
  12. You said it man “impending” as in it’s in a decline.
  13. I hear that man I’ve also done very well this season but let’s not let our individual experiences overshadow the bigger picture here. In comparison to ten years ago there’s not nearly as many fish around and real big girls are much less commonplace. You used to be able to go to Almost any beach on either shore (Long Island) and be overwhelmed with blitzing fish. Perhaps you and others are very skilled anglers, which is awesome. Let’s just not let our good season take away from the facts that the fishery is not doing well and keep our minds on conservation. Either way congrats on having an awesome year man it feels good!!
  14. Last night in almost complete darkness they would only hit tins. So indeed they should be part of your night arsenal.
  15. This is accurate. But the fishery is def not doing well at all. These conversations may be repetitive but they are important, especially if it keeps everyone’s mind on conservation and responsible angling