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  1. Needlefish, bucktails, darters, rubber/plastic eels, even tins. Work em all slow. But more importantly than that get yourself a headlamp with a RED light, so as not to blind other guys and scare off fish. Also try not to fish to close to others it’s very easy and extremely frustrating getting tangled up in the dark. Bring spare batteries!!
  2. I assume if they’re around then there must be decent sized forage (blues,bass, etc). But I honestly have no clue. Either way my old lady was super jealous when I got home and told her about em lol.
  3. Out last night just before sundown and there were pods of dolphins all over the ocean front and inlets. Amongst thousands of sand eels lining the shore. Fishing was ok but the dolphins cresting during the beautiful sunset was a hell of a sight to see.
  4. Berkeley big game for spinning reels. Yozuri hybrid for conventional. Both affordable and dependable
  5. It’s a Japanese made Penn 2000 speed shifter, freshwater baitcasting reel. With fun olds school features. I think it’s from the mid 80’s
  6. That thing is awesome. One day I hope to stumble upon one when the cash flow is right. Used to do a lot of back bay fishing out of a canoe that was not setup for fishing. So I envy you yak fisherman.
  7. Been cruising the for sale adds on Craigslist for good bargains for years. Figured it would be cool to see everyones awesome craigslist tackle treasures. Today I found a winner. Older 704z attached to an equally old ugly stick for $25. The reel was very lightly used and had just been collecting dust.
  8. Yea they were within a yard or two of my feet. Every few mins one or two would swim by. This was the case for over 1/2 mile of shoreline
  9. I absolutely can’t stand when party/charter boats litter into the water. Also the unnecessary killing of fish is utterly unacceptable especially by fishing “professionals”. Don’t these people realize they’re hurting their own industry, and eventually there wallets when fish stocks decline
  10. It certainly seemed that way.
  11. I had that feeling too. There was sand flea debris scattered all over the jetty rocks and shoreline. Maybe I can try and emulate them somehow.
  12. Fished my usual SS inlet today (outgoing tide). Mainly targeting fluke. After a few shorts I noticed many cocktail blues swimming around just feet from the shore in about 2-3 ft of water. As I walked the beach they seemed to be everywhere. Quickly switched out my fluke setup for my “squidding the beach” setup. Not one hookup or follow up. Then continued to try the whole arsenal (tins, assorted poppers/plugs, diamond jigs, bucktails, SP minnows, some soft plastics.....) nada. Has anyone encountered this. It seemed pretty strange for blues to not hit anything.