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  1. I’ll take this.
  2. Will take for asking if you don’t accept JaredMopars offer. Thanks. btw what plug is the second to last one?
  3. I’ll take these
  4. If these are still available I’ll take em
  5. I’ll take the skinny yellow please
  6. If #1 and #17 are still available I’ll take em.
  7. I’ll take these
  8. Made this post primarily to find a few more Spins. Looking for all three sizes of the spins. Jrs; I’m specifically looking for the lighter (1 3/4 oz) models. 40s, I’m not in need of, but if a translucent brown/squid/amber one is offered I wouldn’t be upset. color doesn’t matter, prefer something in fishable condition but in need of repair is fine too. Not looking for other builders “atoms” atm unless it’s a lordship. thanks! -Dom
  9. Sounds good to me!
  10. Respectfully offer $40 shipped for the #11, F08 number 8 is a striper maineiac needle
  11. I’m in. Those are some sweet flies
  12. Thanks everyone. brian Farting is a terrible name to live with
  13. 2.96oz unrigged. Just shy of 7” fat bodied. The yellow is a recent 3oz bm darter for comparison.
  14. Two black Metz #1 rooster necks. Brand new never opened aside from the pictures. both for $110 shipped or $60 each.
  15. I’ll take this!