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  1. Thanks for the tip. Exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Forums seem to be touchy about asking for advice.
  2. I understand etiquette is real important especially around the canal, hence not going at sunrise first few times down there
  3. Fish around Boston and Lower Cape often. I am planning on going to the canal. Instead of going during the sunrise and low tide rush, I am planning on going at high tide in the evening. Never fished the canal before but hoping for some advice. Is the East End better at high tide? Planning on casting top-water plugs.
  4. Fish out of Winthrop and have not had any luck with stripers of any size. Gone out a few times this season and maybe 15 times last summer with no luck using different methods such as chunk mackerel, live mackerel, trolling plugs and shads ... Not asking for anybody's chart numbers or secret spots, but is there a certain time or tide to target stripers around Boston Harbor? Tried Boston Light, Deer Island, Airport. Any harbor tips would be greatly appreciated so I don't keep getting skunked.