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  1. I don’t mind the curl was just worried about the line weakening
  2. When using 50-80lb mono leader after I tie a 4-5 turn clinch knot to the swivel the line below the knot gets curled up a bit. Anyone else have this issue? Never had this issue with lighter line. I’m using big game or ande mono leader material. Seems to happen worse with the ande
  3. I use a 250 but I’m a lefty if I Wasn’t I’d be using a 200
  4. What else is there to do when there’s no bass? Oh wait there’s no blues either
  5. I wouldn’t say this shop is price gouging. Prices here are always a bit higher than anywhere else but I don’t mind paying a bit extra here especially since I live about 5 minutes away and need something fast . they also have excellent rod and reel repair. The owner, I believe his name is John, has always done the right thing
  6. Go elsewhere. Problem solved
  7. Another sand eel run...hope not. I guess peanut bunker mullet and herring are a thing of the past
  8. Never understood why this is still an issue with many reels.
  9. Trying to get just the Suffolk night permit. Can’t find any links on the website?
  10. I’ve had horrible experience with TD even before the corona bs. I’ve been ordering everything from bass pro. Free two day shipping when you spend over $50. Order usually ships out the same day you place it or next day.
  11. Depends where you’re fishing. Shore fishing LI sound right now? No. unless you have access to deeper water. South shore bays, yes
  12. @scoobydoo
  13. While setting the hook on a fish my two bg’s (3000 and 4500)make a sound when setting the hook, almost like a snapping sound. After hearing this multiple times I think it’s the line sitting on the backsideof the roller where the roller is a bit higher causing the bail to flip up a little bit and go back down creating the sound. Has anyone else had any similar issues like this?
  14. Double post please delete
  15. Same thing here. Sucks