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  1. So we had a family reunion down at Cape Charles last week. Rented a house on the beach. Was a very nice time. Relaxing. Morning and evening the bottom was paved with bait.Caught mostly spot and kingfish. Some of the spot were very nice sized.Also caught were flounder, croaker, bluefish, puffers, and one lone seabass! I had two big sticks with me. First e Eno g had a doubleheader of big rays within 15 minutes yikes. Anyway the nonfishers who wanted a shot at a ray got all they wanted and more during the week.
  2. Thanks! Hey Bob I will check that out as well thank you!
  3. The day we took my father In law to see the WWII Memorial shortly after it opened was something not soon forgotten. He was Injured at the battle of the bulge. Seeing a bunch of old Vets at the Memorial that day took your breath away!
  4. We took my granddaughter out to pick strawberries this past weekend. I've been telling her about it for some time now. Was a success!
  5. Thanks! Yep been looking at that pier. I do have a yak to bring. Maybe something in the creeks also.
  6. We are going to cape Charles va end of June. Never been there. Staying on the water Bayside. Short walk to the Bay. Worth it to bring my big sticks for toothies? I called a couple tackle shops. One said plenty of sharks the other said no surf fishing to speak of. I imagine plenty of smaller care along with maybe some flounder????
  7. Yes the spoils area is full of concrete chunks and slabs, and rebar and that kind of stuff. State record largemouth came out of spoils cove during winter some years ago.
  8. Well I can't make it down for striper season again this year. We we're in D.C. for dinner at Le Diplamate and I saw skate on the menu. Had to get it. Very nice! Should keep a couple this year to cook on the beach
  9. Thanks guys. Grandkids are so much fun its unbelievable!
  10. Sure could be Jim! And Red you are right of course...
  11. My granddaughters pup Sadie.
  12. Been a tough winter. My big brother Dave died from cancer. He was the one who introduced me to fishing. Mother-in-law also. But a few weeks ago my second granddaughter was born! Charlotte is her name.
  13. I dunno. At the county liquor stores here you will have to wait for a shipment and they won't put it in the on the shelves so you have to ask in the back for it. They will also only allow one bottle per person a day. But it's 45.00 a bottle. But you can't go wrong with Blanton's either!
  14. Something to like about all that has been mentioned. How about Angels Envy?
  15. Well I fine with him leaving. Just don't think his act will play well in Philly.