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  1. Yea this really sucks. Sure miss fishing in November.
  2. Nice fish!!!! Here is one from the French River Delta in Ontario this past summer. What a blast these fish are! I'm happy that not many have the confidence to chase these great fish!
  3. I'll be in the backyard frying two turkeys and drinking something nice. Scotch or bourbon. The wife will be inside making herself nuts with all the side dishes.
  4. My granddaughter Abby and her dog Sadie.
  5. Thanks Marcus! Lots of great red pics this year! Congrats to everyone who caught!
  6. Good stuff here! Anyway I'm still shaking my head thinking about all the pups that were killed during that one fall season a few years ago. Another topic how about spring????? It seemed to me that there was always a drum or two caught during the spring bass season some years ago. Haven't seen any reports of that in 4 or 5 years I think? It would seem to me with more drum in the fall the spring season might pick up a bit but hasn't?
  7. Here's one from the French river in Ontario last July. Caught on a jointed shallow raider ripping it thru the cabbage.
  8. Most of the drum I catch are during lower tides. Either its because I'm just an ok caster and during that lower tide I can get just a bit closer to the bar OR it's in my head and I have more confidence and fish harder during those tides I couldn't say. Maybe both. Sharks and bass I like higher tides cause they are usually in close.
  9. Tremors. Surprised nobody said Warriors yet...
  10. This summer I used a 3' rub leader of 300 pound mono then the 25' of 50 pound shock leader tied to my 17 pound running line. It worked out pretty good. When that 300 pound rub leader got nicked I replaced it. This was north of AI. Its probably overkill that 300. Lots of sharks are caught at AI during drum season using 100 pound leader and a circle hook.
  11. I believe you're thinking too hard. Before I got 4wd I just walked over the dune at the parking lots and caught every kind of shark (good ones also) that you catch in the osv zone. I fished some lousy looking water because I could only get to water I could walk to. Didn't matter. My first choice is incoming water around dusk to midnight. But that is hardly a rule. Upgrade tackle to throw up to 10 ounces, reels must have at least 300 yard capacity. Put out 3 rods. Throw lots of bait! Rebait every 30 or so minutes at least. I use bunker. Average size bunker I will only get a head and three chunks. Use big chunks. Lots of days you will catch more sharks in daylight than you will at night for whatever reason. Casting distance is way overrated for sharks. Throw as big a chunk as you can as far as you can and it will be good enough. Just keep pitching fresh bait. If you go down this week I betcha you will still get into them. Probably gonna be a run of big sand tigers soon. One more thing. You will hookup much more if using a heavy mono leader and circle hook than steel leader. Make sure you use circles!!!!!! And have the right tools to unhook the beasts. Go with someone else first if you haven't done it yourself to get the idea. It ain't hard....
  12. Mine has been gone 4 years now. He was injured in the battle of the bulge. He would do anything for you. I was by his side the last night of his life while everyone else slept. Didn't seem right he should die alone. Think about him all the time!
  13. The biggest sandbar I've had on was a couple years ago. A long fight! Finally broke off in the wash I estimate it to be 7'. I thought it was gonna spool me but I turned it. This one a couple days ago was an entirely different critter! I did pick up a 6' sandbar a bit before the big critter came by. Sharks kicked my ass all day Wednesday, kept thinking there had to be a red mixed in there somewhere but nope. I did get a red at the top of the high tide night before.
  14. Wow that's a monster there Dave!
  15. Yea from my experience I'm thinking some kind of big shark excluding sand tiger. I've caught sand tigers to about 8' and they haven't run anything like this one. Same with rays. This thing never sat down like rays do. The ones I have caught anyway.Burned my thumb a couple times trying to slow it down. Funny thing is it acted just like Dave described. I'm not sure the dang thing knew it was hooked for the first part of the fight then it was over. Summer sharking friends and I have landed some large sandbars but always managed to turn them. This one seemed to be picking up speed the further away it got!