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  1. Jase mentioned Montgomery county where I live. Only a matter of time before they ban charcoal grills.
  2. I run suffix 17 lb running line connected with a double uni to 50 pound shock leader. I probably have a tighter drag than most, keep the rod up high so you can bow to a fish when it runs. I use a longer shock leader than most, at least 25'. I like to get the shocker on my reel then point the rod at the fish and drag them on in when they are close.
  3. I remember Hugh saying years ago if you're catching shark stay where you are drum will be along Great advice right there!
  4. No! I should have taken a pic but this was my last rod on the left, I couldn't believe I reeled in that small shark. I looked up and my far right rod was going down and I ran over, was another Sandtiger. This smaller shark was hit right behind the head. I have had this happen in freshwater before, hook a largemouth bass and have a tiger muskie take off the line. Steve Z is a muskie head I'm sure he knows what I'm talking about Anyway you are right Dave. I feel like drum fishermen are still going to catch this fall assuming they can access the beach if I could I'd be back the next couple weeks for sure!!!!
  5. I forgot to add a fish story to my post. On the red I caught Wednesday I figured a skate or small shark had taken the bait as the line just went slack. Nope the red just came toward shore. Anyway Wednesday night small sharks moved in and we're driving me nuts. As I'm rebaiting one rod I see the one next to it has gone slack also. I pick it up and start reeling tight, feel what appears to be another small shark, I start reeling it in and after a couple cranks it stops cold and takes off! I figured another red as now it's running out like a big red. Couldn't stop it, after maybe 90 seconds or so it feels like the hook pulled but there is still something on so I reel fast as maybe it turned toward shore. Was a 18" shark that was grabbed right behind the head, had cuts and there were guts hanging out. Don't think I ever had a hook in it, the critter just took off with it, massive head shakes during the run. Was thinking a big shark hit it but now I think it wasn't cut up enough or bitten in half like a shark would do. Maybe a big red grabbed it and just didn't get the hook?
  6. Really slow fishing for me. Was on the beach from noon Monday till Thursday 9:00 am. No bait at all in the surf Monday. Tuesday I caught a couple spot and kingfish. Wednesday a couple larger kingfish. This was with two bait rods out all day. A ton of skates and small sharks on the big rods. I did also have some bigger sharks at night, sandtigers. I did catch a mid 30's red dead low tide Wednesday on frozen bunker chunk.
  7. You must be fishing VA. I'm hoping MD will be open on Monday, but have my doubts.
  8. Dude call the number listed see if you can get anywhere.
  9. After several calls each day the past couple days I finally got someone at the ranger station. I asked the status and it's still closed. Asked why the birders are allowed on a closed beach. "They have a research permit" was the answer Anyway it does seem like law enforcement has taken the job of regulating beach access. I was given a phone number of a Mr. Moody who controls it. I called and left a message. I suggest others do the same. His number is (410) 629-6055.
  10. I don't know Dave , last Friday the falconers spent the entire day on the beach ( when it was closed to everyone else) including driving down to the line. Today I called the ranger station, seems like they changed the automated system and I can't actually reach anyone to talk to about the status.
  11. They are everywhere where I live. Supposed to only be in school zones. But they put them in places that don't qualify as school zones also. There are speed camera signs posted. But the signs are posted where there are no cameras also. The hide the cameras behind trees and bushes. They are ALWAYS in a spot where the speed limit has just dropped. Example being your driving where the limit is 40. Come to a sign and it's now 30. Camera is right behind the drop from 40 to 30. So if you're driving anything over 42 that camera will get you. If at all possible they are on a downslope, causing you to break. They will keep them in a location and if they don't produce enough tickets they will move them to another spot. I'm sure that will happen where you guys live.
  12. Yeah I guess asking the rangers at the station is to much to ask.
  13. I got nowhere just now talking with the ranger station. Was told they check it at high tide. I know that, it's high tide now. Person I talked to had no idea if they had anyone out checking it. Anyone else know if they are checking it today?
  14. I sure hope you guys who live close or are already there get some beach to fish this week! I plan on later in the week if it opens up, or next week for sure.
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