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  1. Here is the right pic. See the tire tracks???
  2. Here is a pic. VID_20211006_074255128.mp4
  3. Yep they drove between mt sticks and the water also. Low tide. Saw them coming while I was trying new rigs at my truck. Kept thinking they would move west but didn't. Was at a time I couldn't hold bottom so I didn't have line out. If I had they would have run thru everything. I would watch out for them in the future. Dangerous. And damn stupid. Had to be going 30 mph.
  4. Granddaughter Abby is 5 today!
  5. What a slob that 52 is! Just north of you and on the wrong side of the point Wednesday night. Tide rolled out and I couldn't hold with 10's. Had to try that spot again as I had 2 fish on Tuesday. Big props to Eric on his red! Hope Marcus put those spot I gave him to good use. Good seeing everyone!
  6. I need to get mine on Monday lol
  7. I'm kinda expecting it. I'm supposed to be on the sand Monday morning. Hope they get it done by then. We shall see.
  8. Yes call Gene. When I got a new truck I called ahead and he gave me a price for putting my old rack on the new truck. While I was there he installed new gaskets for me. Tried to give them to me for free. Fork that I gave him extra cash.
  9. I've always liked them. Anyway I like supporting the local shops. Bought them at Sue Fosters place.RIP
  10. I don't own any customs. I'm curious what the custom owners think about Star rods. I have/use 4 all conventional rated at 4 to 12.
  11. Same for me. Don't know which is the bigger threat, Sam or government. Edit: when I say I don't know which is the bigger threat I'm only talking about my ability to fish next week, nothing more.
  12. Yes I don't mind the biters and reds mixed in but you can have those rays. Love to try to get in a trip in a week or so. One trip in September and one in October would be great!!;
  13. I was at north Bethany last week also. Fished every day. Lots of whiting, spot and some small trout thrown in. Some blues on metal. Biters and rays on the big stuff. Pretty good fishing! Early in the week the small stuff was on a long cast. By mid week they moved in a bit closer. No meat with the fish bites then no fish. Lots of fish pics but this is the best pic I have. Fantastic vacation!!!!!
  14. If it's exterior the Ben Moore fresh start long oil is best if you want quality. Needs to dry a couple days in some conditions. If interior that long oil is exterior only if I remember right. As noted above impervo as a finish coats.
  15. Well we still have some of the beach in September. Are we gonna get the turtle closure again this year? That was a good chunk of September and first part of October last year!