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  1. I like fishing on the moon phases especially the new. Got to change that this fall it seems. Probably be lucky to make it out at all the way it seems now.
  2. I remember Plug giving it to him pretty good!
  3. In all seriousness early October could be the best time to be at AI. Throw a heaver out with a fish head for a big drum. If you hook up you won't be disappointed! Pitch metal for albies/blues. Blues will keep you busy. Don't forget a rod for casting for fluke.. Also don't forget a stick for kingfish to eat. Catch a kingfish, fillet it and pitch its head out asap. Probably run into pompano on your bait rig also. If it's still warm the grey drum will still be around....
  4. I remember someone live lining a sand shark one time. Same guy???? Haha.
  5. Well I'm supposed to be in canada right now fishing for muskie. Since they won't let me in I will be making lots of beach trips this fall! Hope everyone has a great fall season!
  6. Lack of fishing reports have nothing to do with covid. Most don't want to post reports anymore. That's all it is.
  7. Lynn Jarman passed???? Wow. I used to go into Delmarva Sports Center all the time. Still have two squidders I bought from Lynn. Used to stop by Delmarva and then Harbor Tackle on the way to AI. Spent a lot of money at both.
  8. My opinion fresh bait at the shore ended when harbor tackle went out of business. Nobody else cares about providing fresh bait.
  9. Finally made it by Gene's place today and got the rack installed. Ready to fish next week!
  10. Yeah I'm planning on lots of trips this fall. 3 weeks time the family is going to be in Bethany for a week. Gonna put some time in at 3r's.
  11. Thank you for the heads up!!! I called my BIL who lives in the area and he got a pass for my truck. They expect to run out today or tomorrow at the latest.
  12. My wife had a good friend, her husband, and sister travel to somewhere in new York in early March to a wedding. All three came back to Maryland with it. Husband and sister recovered, the friend passed.
  13. My sticker is not expired. It's good till november2020. It's just torn up from removing it from a vehicle I traded in.
  14. The sticker is no problem. I had a broken windshield replaced years ago and was told to peel the old sticker off and bring it to the ranger station and they would give me a new one. It was no problem. The problem is people are saying the ranger station is not open so I can't get a new one. I doubt my partially torn up sticker that is valid thru October is gonna be accepted by the rangers.