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  1. I now use the Penn fathom 15cs reels and the daiwa sealine reels. Rods are Star Stellar 12' rated 4 to 12 ounce. Doubt you will find the fathom C's local. The daiwa reels and star rods you can get local. Sure miss Sue's place, oyster bay tackle. RIP Sue!
  2. Yep on Alltackle. Local shop all the way!
  3. I'm surprised it's still open. New moon Sunday also. I'm just hoping for Monday!
  4. Watch out for the hurricane. Swells expected starting Wednesday night. Would like to be there early this week but can't work it out Also new moon Sunday.
  5. The low light drum are awesome. I remember Earl always liked sunrise/low tide.
  6. My opinion without deep water you need to be flipping in the thick stuff. Where I fish the hotter the better! Only because it keeps other fishermen away. 100 degrees middle of the day is best for reducing the fishing pressure. The lake I fish does have plenty of grass but also depths to 65'. Most fish not in the grass in summer will be 20to 25 feet deep. Those deep fish are usually in packs. The trick is to get one to eat. It will fire up the rest. Get right back in there quick. Carolina rig, jig, drop shot, Shakey head is way I use most.
  7. Ha rays suck! Here is a hole from our Delaware vacation in July. I'm on the beach by sunrise every morning. Before 10:00am a crowd of 7 or so shows up. Quickly followed by beach police. These kids didn't have the current sticker displayed. Funny thing is while being questioned by the officers 4 of the kids are digging this giant hole. I figured the cops told them they had to fill in the hole before leaving. Anyway they dug this hole for a solid 45 minutes, 4 people digging. I kept watching. Keep in mind they were not stuck, just digging a giant hole. The officers did stop by during the day and slowed down watching the kids. I figured they had it under control. Wrong!!!! I walked back to our house and was gone maybe 20 minutes only to find the kids gone and the hole left. Such is life these days on Delaware beaches these days
  8. About the hook snell. I crimp the hook also. I'm very happy with my hookups. Real tight drag and a bit of freedom of movement on the hook gets me solid hookups. Seems like I'm in the the minority on this as most I see snell the hook.
  9. Can't agree more. No doubt they would last forever. I have a couple laying around somewhere, but what's the point? So many better options out there
  10. I use the SHA sealine as well. Great reels! I will add the Penn fathom C's to the list. Didn't throw it much last week but it's an awesome reel. I don't mind the knobby mag that so many don't like as I have my left hand up higher and out of the way. Glad I bought 2 when I found them. Handled a estimated 7' beast of a sandbar just fine.
  11. Was vacationing in Delaware last week, was on the beach every day around sunrise. Caught a few bluefish, short flounder. Tons of spot. Crazy amount of kingfish. Quite a few 14" kings. Long casts. Bloodworm fish bites with cut spot or just plain bloodworm it didn't really matter. Just got to pitch it far. Wonderful weather, had the kids/grandkids with us all week. Fabulous!
  12. Fathom 15cs.
  13. Got to give big props to Marcus and JC for info about the Penn cs. It's a really nice reel! first time using it this week. Works great for rays haha can't wait to try it out on reds.
  14. Nice!!! I have seen so many drum pics this summer, and mostly on a short beach. I'll be at the Delaware beaches for a week starting the 16th. Maybe I can snag one up there.
  15. I've caught more on bunker from Kool Ice than spot or kings. My opinion as long as it's bloody it will catch. I never chance getting to the beach without having bait first. I catch more on bunker because that's what I throw the most. Pick your spots when pitching a bunker head though, they don't cast well.