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  1. I dunno. At the county liquor stores here you will have to wait for a shipment and they won't put it in the on the shelves so you have to ask in the back for it. They will also only allow one bottle per person a day. But it's 45.00 a bottle. But you can't go wrong with Blanton's either!
  2. Something to like about all that has been mentioned. How about Angels Envy?
  3. Well I fine with him leaving. Just don't think his act will play well in Philly.
  4. I feel like it took this long for Harper to sign because he didn't want Philly. I think he would do much better in an easier market. So we are clear I love Philly fans passion for their teams. The good you get with Harper is the heaters he gets on. He will walk a lot. And of course everyone knows about his arm. The bad you get is his heaters are followed by long stretches of average hitting. He is not a very good baserunner. Will get picked off and will run into outs killing rallies. His arm is in the bad category also. For every guy he nails going from first to third or cuts down at the plate there will be 10 times when he airmails the cutoff man and allows runners to move up. He is an overrated fielder. There will be lots of times when you will see him not hustling. But when he hits one in the gap you can be sure he will round first and flip that helmet off. Watch him every day and you will see it. You can cool him off his heaters by not giving him anything to hit. He will get pissed and start swinging at junk. Not counting his rookie year he has missed major time in 3 of the 6 other seasons. If history holds he will start hot. Probably hit a homer or two opening day, he loves opening day. All that said I would like him back with the Nats. But not at that price or years. I don't think he is cut out for Philly.
  5. Pap may be crazy but he was right telling Harper to not to dog it.
  6. Remember when Harper and Pap had that fight in the clubhouse and Pap had Harper by the throat?? That will be Philly fan by July.
  7. Well I'm a Nats fan. Would like to have Harper back but will pass on that 300 million. No way.
  8. Where I live the cops will just run your plates while at a stop light. I was driving to work one morning and a cop was tailing me. He followed me to where I was going. I'm self employed and I stopped right in front of my customers house. Of course I was polite about the stop. Turns out a few seconds after he gets my information the entire street is blocked by 3 more cruisers! I drove a white pickup truck. He punched in the wrong tag numbers and thought I was a drug dealer who drove a white pickup truck. They walked around my truck hands on guns all the while my customer was watching from inside their house! After about 10 minutes they he said sorry its a mistake. Of course I knew it was a mistake. Anyway the other cruisers had already left and this guy was gonna leave also. At that point I told him no ****ing chance! Made that cop go up to my customer and tell her it was all a big mistake he ****ed up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another time I was at lunch at the shopping center outside of leisure world in Rockville. Burger King. Pulled thru the drive thru and didn't even think I was parked by the bank there. Turns out someone thought I was casing the bank and called the police. They wanted to know what I was doing there?????? I dunno do you see this whopper in my lap? I actually said that. Anyway I told them where I was working and all and they ran my plates again and then told me to leave. Now I'm in a public parking lot right by the fast food joint and they tell me to leave. I thought about saying something for a second. Nope not worth it. Shut up and left. Such is life around these parts. And I am white as can be!!!!
  9. Forgot to add since I was the only one there the next morning I had the pleasure of telling his wife and kids he passed away.
  10. Well on Feb 1 at 1:30 in the morning I held my big brothers hand as he took his last breath. He died from lung cancer, smoked for 40 years. He was the one who first took me fishing. If I could do it all over again I'd bust him in the mouth every time I saw him smoking. How's that for a good reason not go get some cigs??????
  11. I live in Montgomery county, speed cameras are everywhere. They put them where they know where they will collect the most money. Anywhere the speed limit drops, say from 45 to 35 or 30 for example. Right after the drop they will have the camera. If they are hidden by trees/bushes all the better. Any straight, flat road with a speed limit of 30 or so is sure to have one. They also have mobile vans they move around and park on the side of the road. Those are fun! Almost had an accident one day when the person in front of me SLAMMED on the breaks instead of a slight break. I had to do the same, and the others following did also. They will move the fixed cameras around when they don't make enough money. They have the construction zone cameras also. I'm not opposed to those really. Just my opinion but I think since the county has all these cameras and money coming in they don't have much call to do radar traps anymore. Some yes but its rare. So now driving around the highways non rush hour you can easily go 75 in a 55 zone and have police pass you. That's why I don't mind the construction cameras. Everyone drives so fast on the highway we should slow down when guys are working. All those other cameras are bull****.
  12. Last August we stayed right south of 3 r's for a week. Had a oceanfront place. Family walked over the dune and I drove on and parked right in front of the condo. Worked out perfect. I was surprised how uncrowded the beach was compared how the talk is here. Yes there were the folks who threw out a rod and left it. Even people who didn't try to fish at all. I had rods out at all times and caught a bunch of fish. I did see rangers drive by and not do anything. But it was NOTHING like going to AI when they shorten the beach up for birds all summer. That's a disaster! This was fine. Wouldn't mind a fire at night though to keep the skeeters at bay while sharkin however.
  13. I arguing with the sister in law about health care. I remember a thread on here about guys paying cash for medical services instead of using healthcare and saving lots of cash. They think I'm nuts but a quick Google search straightened her out. I would like to fish and that thread if possible!
  14. Yea this really sucks. Sure miss fishing in November.
  15. Nice fish!!!! Here is one from the French River Delta in Ontario this past summer. What a blast these fish are! I'm happy that not many have the confidence to chase these great fish!