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  1. had the same problem, casting 1oz for a full tide cycle with a 12 oz rod and 20 oz reel didnt make the day after very nice, and the time on the water very tiring. i changed for a 6oz rod and a 9 oz reel and will never look back at that big rod and reel unless its to remember WHY i fish lighter stuff these days. fished with my uncle who got much worse back pain than me over the w-e, had him fish my daiwa bg4k at 15oz against his okuma ignite brick just to get him used to braid and 6 oz less, then i had him fish my minus-pound rig and i think he is about ready to tell me to take his money. im currently fishing my daiwa lexa 9' 15-50g and daiwa exceler lt4000 and 15pound jbraid8. sweet casting spot is 25 to 40g for the rod to magically do all the hard work. and its nothing top of the line. but still better than lugging a shark rod to catch strippers and macks.
  2. i love macks, i filet them, slice the filet along middle line to remove the bloodline as much as possible, if even filet out the outer fat-skin layer. only the white meat end on a plate seasoned with pepper, ''pink'' coarse salt, citrus herbs and pressed citrus juice, cover, leave in the fridge for the night. then on to the grill. citrus dissolve most of the oil fat, and removing the blood and fat make the meat taste way less ''fishy'' and as a bonus, it dosn't stink the house. macks this way has to be in my top 3 fav fish.
  3. i carry a plano 3700 with everything i could need in my backpack, theres bucktails, grubs, bunch of kastmaster, couple magdarters, and yozuri longcast, a roll of leader, small filet knife, medical scisors, a small frontal headlight, a small folding split ring plier, some lead and hooks. all this fits in the plano box, the backpack is only so i can bring extra clothing, something to drink, a pair of gloves, and also bring back some fish. K.I.S.S. keep it stupid simple. and keep it under 5 pounds. if it dosnt fit in the plano, it stays home, ill do with something else.
  4. i use the yo-zuri HD carbon in pink, fishing salty rocks up north east canada for stripers, mack and cod mostly, trouts when they aint shy or too picky. i use their 30pounds on my 20 pound jbraid rods and their 20 or 25 pounds or even the 30 on the 15pounds jbraid rod. really invisible in the water here, just stiff enough and grabs very well with an fg knot. i can use it for weeks before it start to get rough.
  5. as alternative to the nasci you could check out the daiwa exceler lt and the fuego lt, im fishing an exceler 4000 on the rocks for stripped bass, maquerel and cod when i dont want to deal with the weight of the bg4000 i got, and i love the little thing. its super light, i can cast all day and my poor back thanks me the day after. just make sure you disasemble the line roller and grease them good from time to time and they seem to old up great. if you go BG, be advised that their 2500 size is almost like a 4000 daiwa lt or shimano and that the 3000 is akin of a 5000 in lt or shimano.
  6. it happens to me when tying the gt knot, seems to happen when starting the rizzuto finish the wrong way. or in the half itchs. happens to me on 15 and 20 j'braid 8 tying to yozuri 30lbs fluoro. better it breaking tying than losing a 20bucks lure everyday. part of the line migh be frayed.
  7. daiwa lexa 9' 15 to 50 cast weight. rod weight 5.5oz and cast real good. did'nt cost much too, think i paid around 100$ plus shipping.
  8. i fish both, casting i prefer the simplicity of the yozuri, even if they both achieve same distances. for the swimming i prefer the daiwa as i at least change the tail treble to a single, but its a close match.
  9. That tree of liberty is drying up, thats why you're not allowed to go fishing. Fishing is a source of FOOD, just look at what they are doing to the food chain and the ''economy'' and you might understand whats really happening. Most peoples being under ''voluntary'' (for now) ''house arrest'' aint looking too good for ''liberty'' worldwide...
  10. i mainly use mono backing because i see no point putting more than 150yard of expensive braid if the only time it sees the light of day is when i respool. i use whatever pound test i got lying over from the days i was using the stuff.
  11. sanity..
  12. no love for the daiwa's ballistics ? they are very light, and with a good blob of grease behind the handle and cap could be pretty waterproof.
  13. fear IS the real virus, spreading faster than anything else.
  14. im using a daiwa lexa 15-50g the 9' one, its light, and cast very good up to 40/45g. got it online from poland. wanted to try the lateo but havent been able to locate one under 400$cad. im trowing 1/2oz castmasters for maquerels, cod, even stripers. bucktails from 1/4 to 3/4 and sp minnows and yozuri darters. cost me about 120$cad and is my best all around rod. also got one of those daiwa silver creek for cheap at the same place and its my favorite rod for bucktailling, got the longest one they had, about 8'' 5-21g but i can cast 1oz darters too. rod is extremely light, and sensitive, enough that at first i did'nt think it would hold on...until i got spooled by a doormat flounder. 12kg drag and the rod is still intact. guides are the mini size and seems to work great, and i think there is a longer version from france, never seen em in america.
  15. skip the 3500, same weight as the 4000, as for distance, my exceler lt 4000 allow me to cast farther with 15 pound jbraid on it than my bg 4000 with 20 pound jbraid, same rod, same lure. and that exceler 4000 is siting right in the middle of a bg2500 and bg 3000 in term of sixing of the spool. weight for me is a big big deal, as i have a good walk to my spot and spend many hours trowing when mother nature allows me a good day.