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  1. its not the arrow but the indian... when i open the bail on my bg's (or any other spinner for that matter...) i always rotate the rotor to its stop. that way nothing can move while casting.
  2. used that damn dollard store 5 minutes epoxy (for the last time) the seams where dry, cut them with a sharp blade and realised that i wasn't all dry under...aligned the seat right this time and slowly filled the gap with fly tying tread and head cement. looks ok and seems to be holding good this time. only fishing it will prove or bust my ''hack''
  3. crap.... the stuff dried...crooked reel seat is now my new problem... now, how can i break the bond of that stinky stuff ?
  4. epoxy-ed the seat...and made a good mess while at it. as you said, the cork would'nt ''expand'' back so had to fill the gap. waiting for tomorow to test for strengt...lets hope the stinky stuff dries. ill sand back the cork to shape once i receive the sealant. thanks Mangomania.
  5. my reel seat started slipping forward yesterday, and is compressing the forward cork. should i epoxy it or will it melt the plastic ? its a daiwa skeleton seat.
  6. my daiwa lexa 9' 1/2-1 3/4 and the bg3000 loaded with 20lb braid 16oz do it all rig for me.
  7. use thinner line, anything over .30mm will drastically reduce distance. use a long and strong shock leader if need be.
  8. im FG'ing to a 30 pound yozuri pink fluoro. i just find it very weird that daiwa and european sites are displaying such thin diameters for what should essentially be the same product. and i mesured the line and its really .23mm, im kind of ocd about my fishing gear i know...but i also like getting what i paid say if i bought that super line daiwa sells under the morethan and saltiga ex-12 at more than 100$cad a pop i would not be very happy to order some .18 and get something like .26... also, i heard that european standards are different than us standards when it comes to line testing. i tought it was only for monofilaments but maybe its whats going on in this case too.. i bought 20pounds because if i have to break off a snag, i dont want to have to call a towing truck as im a small guy and tend to fish cramped places...but i hear you about the line being too supple in smaller diameters.
  9. so, long story short, i bought some jbraid-8 20lbs thinking it would be super thin based on daiwa current catalog, ie, 0.16mm, but what i received is 0.23mm. whats up with this ? i checked where i ordered my rods in poland and they are all super thin lines, then i check daiwa current site and find they are all another diameter... bought the line on amazon, do they have old stocks and the lines have changed ? i still like the line, altought i had a good FG knot practice session because i tend to overfill my reels and ''let em vomit the excess until they feel better'', but id like to know what im ordering next time...
  10. daiwa ballistic, or a caldia lt in 6000 size. weight less than 12 oz.
  11. got a 7'6'', a 9' and a 12'....the 9' get the most use followed by the 7'6''. i fish the beach and rocks. the 7'6'' cast lighter lure almost as far as the 9' in my case....albeit with lighter line. keep in mind that if you fish rocks and get a good rod, shorter rods make it easier to grab the leader witout having the tip straight up, possibly breaking. it really depends on what you intend to fish and the weight/shape your trowing. i tend to like light tackle even when there big fishes around. this way i can fish longer and am more ''mobile''
  12. the 3500 and the 4500 are the exact same reels as the 4000 and 5000 albeit, with a tad smaller spool. thus, peoples tend to get the 4 and 5k. and i have to agree about daiwa in america, they are pretty sluggish. check daiwa asutralia for what i wish they where here.
  13. i have a 4k on a light daiwa lexa 9' 15g-50g, im waiting on a 3000 as it lighter and almost the same size. i also have a 12' 40-120g daiwa legalis 3 part and feel as the 4000 is a bit small for it. ill probably get a 5000 as i find the 4500 totally useless. same weight as the 5000 and smaller spool lip. but if i could only have one, it would be the 4000 as it kind of fits almost every other rods i got. someone should make a sticky with these pictures;
  14. snag, when you get older, you'll understand a thing or two about confort and me, 20 years ago i didnt care as long as i could cast and retrieve. but now that im all broken up with artritis and a bad back i like the rod to do the work for me, and i like SENSITIVITY, you wont get that with the plastic crap you can buy for 35 bucks. sure the fish don't give a rats arse what your stuff is, but when you fish long hours and often as i do, i consider tackle as an investment. i put food on the table and get some great fun doing it, there no price for that.
  15. stupid games, win stupid prizes.....illustrated.