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  1. I can take some ans shoot them to you. Got your PM.
  2. I have a barely used, mint condition one loaded with 10lb yellow power pro. Is $85 shipped fair? No box.
  3. I will take it for 85 shipped please. Please send paypal info and I'll get funds sent over ASAP.
  4. I will take them both for $80 shipped. Sending PM.
  5. I'd like to respectfully offer 240 shipped to me for the two stradics. PM sent
  6. PM sent
  7. I'm not planning on getting a new reel at this point. I'll just use the tranx 300 and switch it back over to the 7'4" for live bait during the mullet run. At least that's my plan. Would like to use a tranx 200, but drag isn't quite enough.
  8. I have a tranx 300 and a curado 200 dhsv that is still kicking strong. The 200 is on a 6'10" shimano crucial rated 10-12. 300 is on the pro green.
  9. Thanks for the info. I actually have a pro green 7'4" (PGR884C). That is the rod I've been using, but have identified a need for a shorter rod. Thinking about this one GWMR783C or this one E6X 783C F Both are 6'6". The next size down in the pro green series is 6'10". I'm already covered in a 6'10" rod.
  10. I think that one is larger than what I'm looking for. It can hoist them out for sure, but it's not something I can flip under hand or sidearm with one hand. I appreciate the response and I do think I could use it for pitching mullet or pilchards under docks.
  11. Thanks! I'll have to give that a shot. Seems much larger than what I was thinking, but it does have a soft tip. Might work just fine and has plenty horse power
  12. I actually have that exact rod with a tranx 400 on it. Use it for the mullet run. Haven't tried casting 1 oz tackle with it. Have you used it yet? What reel did you pair it with?
  13. sorry, saltwater. Need to rip out those slot snook.
  14. Hi All, I'm new here and wanted to see what you all use for throwing artificials under docks from a boat. I'm looking to get a casting rod with enough power to pull fish out, but also in the 6'8" range. I need to cast under hand from the front of the boat. That's the reason for the short rod. Let me know what you all are using. I'm throwing mostly swim baits in the 1oz range. Thanks in advance
  15. I've always thought of it as a "class" of the reel based on size. "3000 class" to me would designated the type of fishing that would be done and the size of fish that would be targeted. Slight differences from one manufacturer to the next, but that is my take on it. Some type of standardization would be nice. For example, if 3000 meant 300 yds of 10lb braid. I could see that being beneficial. Isn't that what Newell does?