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  1. I'll take them for $120. Sending PM now.
  2. I can offer $150 shipped. Headed to PO in a bit and can mail out MO today. Thanks
  3. Sounds good. I'll PM for details.
  4. Respectfully offer 350 shipped
  5. Sounds good to me. PM for details please and I'll get payment sent. Thanks!
  6. Sure, how much shipped to FL?
  7. I'd be interested in buying your large belt if you get your medium and don't have a bother need for it.
  8. I can take some ans shoot them to you. Got your PM.
  9. I have a barely used, mint condition one loaded with 10lb yellow power pro. Is $85 shipped fair? No box.
  10. I will take it for 85 shipped please. Please send paypal info and I'll get funds sent over ASAP.
  11. I will take them both for $80 shipped. Sending PM.
  12. I'd like to respectfully offer 240 shipped to me for the two stradics. PM sent
  13. PM sent
  14. I'm not planning on getting a new reel at this point. I'll just use the tranx 300 and switch it back over to the 7'4" for live bait during the mullet run. At least that's my plan. Would like to use a tranx 200, but drag isn't quite enough.