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  1. both sold, thanks you SOL.
  2. will DM
  3. WTS both of these rods. Used them for a couple seasons sparingly probably both 20-25 times. They have some scratches on them. They are great beginner rods to get into surf fishing. Both have about 2-3 years left on warranty also. $90 for the 9ft, $100 for the 10'6. Pick up in Manhasset, Long Island.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. In that case, I think I will hold off on the expride for now until next year cause I do jig 1/4oz-1/2oz a lot for fluke as well but the rod that I dropped in the water was a rod I used for a lot of applications and I think the avid inshore will probably fit more roles as of right now (stripers, togging, shore fishing). What do you think buddha162?
  5. Hey guys, Would love to hear you comments about these two rods. Recently helped make more artificial reef by dropping my rod/reel combo in the water on my kayak (stradic fk3000 on dark matter inshore 3/8-1oz) lol. Looking for a versatile rod that I can use on kayak and from shore. Will be using it for 1/4oz-3/4oz jigs, plastics, etc. I know these rods are suited for different fisheries but would love to hear your thoughts. And if you guys have any other recs for rods that throw similar weights, would love to hear that as well.
  6. Thanks buddy. Appreciate it. I think so far I’m looking hard at the Suzuki 9 6 or the dna 9 ft
  7. How does it handle the lighter stuff 1/2oz - 3/4oz? What is the difference between genesis and DNA? I've tried to look online but everyone has some subjective take on it haha.
  8. How does that handle lower weights like 3/4oz or throwing sp minnows? Edit - the TFO I mean.
  9. For me, what you described would be ideal but just don't got the money for that right now and i'm okay with the tradeoff for now. Going forward I will probably invest a lot more into more gear. Sooooooo many choices, omg my head hurts hahahaha.
  10. Pretty much a mix of everything you mentioned. I have lighter and heavier gear if I need when conditions present but i'm looking for something that I can use "most of the time" with those given weight ranges up to 2 3/8oz. I guess a "main" rod is what I mean? I appreciate all the replies...keep them coming! Also what do you guys think of the ODM genesis 9ft or 10ft? Its a little pricier than what i'd like to spend but if it would be 100% worth, I would be willing.
  11. How does the DNA do with the ends of the ratings (eg, 1/2 and 3.5)?
  12. So my brother bought me a new vs150 and now i'm looking for a new rod to pair it with. My other set ups are all st croix mojos, and a tsunami trophy II. Looking for something under $300. I mainly throw up to 3/4 - 2 3/8oz fishing long island/NYC. Should I just upgrade one of my mojo's to the legend 9ft 3/4-4oz? Give me your thoughts!
  13. haha thanks for the reply guys
  14. Anybody know if the gates at captree or oak beach pier are open?