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  4. I figure with the new regs coming, might as well post some videos to promote releasing nice fish and maybe model some best practices (not saying mine are best practices, but I try). Post em if you got them.
  5. The sand looks very fine and a bit darker then the tip/bay. Almost clay like. Am I on the right track??
  6. They get pretty active as soon as the ice melts too
  7. Yes, he also is smart enough to know that removing the human who is a natural predator of a seal out of the equation = more food for great whites = more will come to the dinner table = more money and a permanent residence on the cAPE FOR HIM
  8. Around cinco de Mayo, good sized striped bass start to hit in the CT River South of the Dam. Little stripers are in there now along with all the other fish that go along with that river (carp, cats, smallies, pike, etc). Check for ponds/lakes in Belchertown, the Quabbin and it's tributaries are always fun too. The Deerfield recently had some sulfuric acid run into it from a tributary and there was a big fish kill, but that also is a good trout place. Hope that helped.
  9. They are thinning out in the CT River, but are still around. A weird year indeed. The most herring in like 15 years and the worst showing of stripers in like 15 years.
  10. John, Tell them Ill be there Thursday with a white needle.
  11. Nice fish Pete. Shore or Boat (Its Bomba) by the way. I'll be ddown Thursday!
  12. I bet we could if one barb was stuck in us, and we knew if we didn't get it out someone would try and eat us.