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  1. Good. Just waiting for them to show up in the river out here. With schools closed, I might be getting some extra fishing time this Spring! Stay Healthy everyone!
  2. Im in Kooky thanks for the chance. I'm not on this forum too much, but just for being friends with Whitey I should get something!
  3. When fishing in these conditions with sand eels present, I like to let my needle sit on the bottom for for a few seconds once it gets to the white water. Many times, as soon as I impart action to get it moving off of the sand, Boom! fish on!
  4. Good post
  5. I'll pound some sand with you anytime old man
  6. Yeah, April screwed us last year. The stripers will show 5 days on either side of when they normally do anyway regardless of the weather. Happens every year.
  7. One year I got tennis elbow in my right arm and golfers elbow in my left from fishing. I got some cortizone and I started using elbow sleeves after that. Never came back
  8. CT River shad in about a month
  9. Out front
  10. That fish went 36 and change. I caught it on Plum Island in MA though. Not a Jersey Shore fish, just a nice fish caught on a Salty-bugger needle.
  11. Hey, at least the plovers are making a comeback.
  12. I still have a foot of ice on one of my spots in Western MA. That being said, the same body of water is completely wide open just on the other side of the peninsula that separates the cove from the main part of the lake.
  13. I second Salty's. Day or night; Green or white
  14. Bears