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  1. I have been eyeing at the Seigler SM and wanting to get one for some time, until I saw this photo. (which is a mag kit for this reel but it is not the point) Unlike other conventional reels, the Seigler does not have any support bar on the frame. I heard rumors from non-users questioning the frame strength of such design. At first, I thought it is OK, as I saw Seigler posting photos of big sharks caught with the SM. I thought it would be OK, as the frame is a one piece cage milled from a single block of metal (similar to the Millionaire baitcasters and Calcutta Conquest...) It turns out NOT. The sideplate could be fully detached, which is only connected to the base with 2 screws! So when the reel is under pressure, it is the spool shaft, and that 2 screws, taking all the load. If they failed, the spool shaft would be bent..... Thoughts? Any reports that this did really happen? Also, I read some older SM had only 8lb tested drag, much lower than it was claimed. Have Seigler fixed this yet? (I am looking for reel for surf and rock fishing purpose, looking at 10kg drag at least) Thanks.
  2. OK. I have limited the options down to the ABU 6500i TSR, Akios Shuttle 656, and Seigler SM. (crossed out the centri brake only Saltiga/Saltist or aftermarket magged option. Maybe next time if I need a more boat oriented reel). The ABU and Akios are probably very similar. Only deciding between colours, and sliding mag or knobby mag. I tried to contact Akios and Seigler, on Facebook messages and also emails. While Seigler have answered me, Akios have not (messages read, and there have been a week). Now I am a bit worried about their customer service in case I need it in the future. Anyone have contacted them and get replied successfully ? I was just asking about the custom colours they do, and if the Shuttle could be upgraded to 6.3:1 gear like the Tourno...... Seigler, so far so good. No very quick in response but they did reply. Question. I read that the Seigler SM is designed as a surf reel. And I read rumors (from someone who haven't used it) saying that the frame might not be strong enough as lacking of the support bars (red part) which other conventional reels do have. But I also saw photos of owners catching big reds, GT, and sharks which seems no problem. Would it be OK to use it also as a boat reel? (I think the reel itself wouldn't know if it's on a beach or a boat) lol. Another question, the handle of the SM is not counterbalanced. Would it have problems like spinning and engaging the gear accidentally during the cast? Is there upgrade counterbalanced handle for the SM? Like is it compatible with other brands such as maybe Daiwa or Abu handles? Cheers.
  3. So I am looking for a conventional reel casting maybe 2~6oz for the surf. Mainly for fishing but would also like to practice on field. I am deciding between these 3 options, did my research and read some of their positive and negative feedback... Which would be your pick and which cast the furthest? 1. ABU 6500i TSR (the one with silver frame and purple sideplates) 2. Akios Shuttle 656 RGX Black Rhino (or the red limited) 3. Seigler SM Thanks.
  4. Any thoughts about the Seigler SM? Does it cast as far as the Akios mentioned here?
  5. I ll be fishing bait so I need the line out alarm feature. I have other reels for casting lures, though I see on YouTube a Japanese guy casting lure with the Seigler SM which seems OK (I think he was using the Fishman Brist 83XXXH rod so he paired it with such strong reel). Do you think the Seigler would be OK for boat and jigging use? I think it should be fine for jigging as it is not too wide?
  6. Hi what centri brake upgrade did u put in? Thanks.
  7. Hi Tagman, How would you compare the Saltiga to the Seigler SM? I am a Daiwa guy owning 10+ higher end Daiwa's such as the Steez and Z2020, so the Saltiga is also the Rolls Royce for me. Is it correct that the Saltiga has a simple 2pin centri brake? Does the SM cast further than the Saltiga, and if so, by how much? Have you ever cast them side by side ? The SM was also on my list but I have read this thread (yes all 9 pages) and seems it had quite some negative feedbacks. Wonder if it is single issue/complaint from the same person. cheers.
  8. OK. So I am looking for a conventional reel casting maybe 2~5oz for the surf. I have a Calcutta Conquest 401 for the lighter uses already so I am after a slightly bigger reel for heavier applications. I would like it to be double as a boat / jigging reel if possible (not sure if it would work). The following features are what I would like the reel to have, and I have done my research so I have found these models which I am interested. -Line out alarm -cast far -Designed for casting with brake (not boat reel) -Preferable left hand model but not a must. 1. Saltiga Star Drag 20 or 30. It has line out alarm, and also centri brake so OK for casting. 2. New Saltist Star Drag 20 or 30 Similar to Saltiga, with line out alarm and centri brake for casting. 3. ABU 6500i TSR (the one with silver frame and purple sideplates) Line out alarm, mag and centri brake 4. Akios Shuttle 656 RGX Black Rhino (or the red limited) Line out alarm, mag and centri brake 5. Avet (probably the magged one) Line out alarm, mag brake, lever drag (heard it couldn't cast as far as star drag?) Of those, I think the Saltiga, Saltist, and Avet are more boat reel / jigging reel while the ABU and Akios are more surf casting oriented. The Saltiga and Sattist are better built which I am confident to take it for boat use and jigging. But does the centri brake cast far enough compare with other reels designed for casting? I saw that they can be magged by adding a knobby mag, but after conversion it seems that it is not comfortable for boat use or jigging as you cannot palm the sideplate? Then the Akios and ABU. I read that the Akios is better built while the ABU is more a field casting reel. But is the Akios robust enough for boat use? Like if I load it with 300m braid and go catching Sailfish in Romping? (I used my Abel fly reels and Calcutta Conquest last year which was OK, but I am not sure about the Chinese built Akios if it is designed for such heavier uses). Thanks.
  9. Hi the distance is about 35mm, from the reel foot to the mid point of the line guide.
  10. Hi, my first post here. So I am rebuilding an old 14' conventional surf rod and am going to replace the old guides with better Fuji LCSG. Reel used would be the Shimano Calcutta Conquest 401. I ordered some LCSG, from #20 down to #6. I read that Fuji suggested the #20 for stripper guide for spinning rod and I have ordered one anyway. When I received it the #20 seems a bit too tall to go with the baitcaster. What do you think? Would you suggest the #20 or the #16 for stripper guide? I checked my other baitcast 7'6" 1~3oz Swimbait rod which uses the LCSG #16 as stripper. So I think the #16 should work but for a longer surf rod I am not sure if it is better to go bigger? I will be using braid anyway. Thanks. LCSG #20 back and #16 front.