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  1. 9' ODM DNA and VR50, works well out here on the West Coast.
  2. ENLARGING THE FONT, CHANGING COLORS, AND UNDERLINING WORK TOO !!! Please add to your arsenal of urgency.
  4. I have
  5. Same as the generalization by @FishermanTim, yet he wasn't brought up.
  6. Call Shimano for a definitive answer.
  7. I have the latest Ultegra XSC Ci4+ 5500, and I'm pretty sure it's a Euro model. I don't see it on Shimano Japan's website. https://fish.shimano-eu.com/content/fish/eu/gb/en/homepage/Product-detail.P-ULTEGRA_CI4_XTC_XSC.html
  8. I have tried thin sliced whale bacon while in Japan. I was impressed, quite tasty, kind of reminded me of prosciutto.
  9. My 9' 4 piece St Croix Triumph travel rod with SFV 4500 can cast 80-90 yards, and my ODM DNA 9' with VR50 can cast 90-100 yards, both with 2oz of weight.
  10. Not Bad at all, mild white meat, taste similar to the Yellow Fin Croaker in my avatar, lol. Nothing I would crave like Tuna or Yellowtail collar though...
  11. The "Gray Ghost", "Beener", "California King Croaker", one of the hardest pound for pound fighting fish in the SoCal surf... The mighty and elsuive Corbina.
  12. Hauled this out of the surf a few hours ago.
  13. The Ultegra 5500 Ci4+ XTC and XSC are identical except for the color. As I stated in the other thread, I was asked by a mod NOT to post links links to commercial sites.
  14. double post