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  1. My VR50 slipped gears while reeling under roughly 15# of drag and chewed itself up, VS fixed and returned promptly.
  2. What screws on the VR50?
  3. For the record, my LT5000D-CXH holds 300 yards of 20lb J-Braid Grand without issue.
  4. No idea, the schematic for each to check part # would be your best bet.
  5. The compact 5000 also comes with the EVA power knob. Thanks for putting up the specs. I picked mine up from Amazon Japan for $385 shipped. I was on the fence with the 5000 Certate and Stradic FL, but the price from Japan was irresistible, and the monocoque body looks compact, and robust at the same time.
  6. On my 9' ODM D.N.A with VR50 I can cast 60-70 yards with 1oz, and 90-100 yards with 2oz. Havent really tried anything above 2oz yet.
  7. Could gave posted that from the getgo and saved a lot of time and thread noise.
  8. OK, using your methodology, my 5000 compact should have the body of the regular 4000. The 4000 compact has the body of the 3000, and the 3000 compact has the body of the 2500, so my original assumption that my 5000 compact has the body of the 4000 is correct in your eyes? LOL
  9. I don't think it uses the 3000 gears, I assume it uses the 4000 gears (only a guess). I thought the compact models were basically one size smaller body/gear wise with the bigger spool. The 4000 and 3000 body look to be of different sizes
  10. Weight savings over the regular 5000 with greater capacity than the 4000.
  11. I've been using the Daiwa Saltist West Coast 9'6" rod, paired with a Certate LT 5000D-CXH for the last several weeks. Fishing for Corbina and Halibut out here in SoCal, and it's decent, maybe a little light once you get above 1oz though.
  12. This showed up today from Amazon Japan, $385 shipped. The compact Certate 5000 with high speed gear ratio, buttery smooth is the name of it's game.
  13. I have not had issues with my VR50 and wind knots with 20# Sufix 832 spooled up to a 1/16" from the bottom edge, and even line lay out of the box. EDIT: on 9' ODM D.N.A.
  14. @scoobydoo Where are you? Have you got the special Daiwa tool to open the side covers?
  15. @scoobydoo Have you had a chance to tear the reel down completely yet? Pondering this in a 5000 or a 5000 Stradic FL.