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  1. Works for me, thank you!
  2. Yes, thank you.
  3. Awesome, thank you Phil.
  4. Not sure if this fell through...if still available I’ll grab these.
  5. I’m in
  6. (2) White head 1/2 oz, (2) chartreuse 3/4 oz, and (2) unpainted in 1 oz thank you for checking!
  7. Could I also add bullet heads long shank in the following sizes to my order: White head 1/2 oz, chartreuse 3/4 oz, and unpainted in 1 oz?
  8. Hi Dan, Any chance I can get the following order of (6) swimbait heads: (2) 3/8 oz in chartreuse and (2) 3/4 oz in chartreuse, (2) 1/2 oz in white Thanks GSS
  9. Another vote for a Tacoma
  10. These look great! Could I order 2 of each of the following numbers in 2/0 with eyes and flash: 4, 6, 8 , 10, and 12?
  11. Another fruitless day fishing...I had one rod soaking bait. On my other rod, I started with spro bucktail jigs in a couple different weights. I switched to a kastmaster...still nothing so I switched to my sp minnow in bone. When even that didn’t work I settled for a nice cold beer(s).
  12. Thank you, lots of great information on here!
  13. Awww this makes more sense, I figured people were trying to hide how many fish they had caught so people wouldn’t crowd them while they fish lol
  14. Thanks it is always great having suggestions. There are tons of videos on YouTube...not always easy to figure out which ones are actually worth watching.