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    I’ve been fishing for 20 years. I live for it
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    Fishing, lure making
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  1. I’m definitely going to look into that book. I’ve been searching for the original 1920 one. I found a 1924 copy. But I’m itching for the 1920 original
  2. Direct tie.
  3. There were a few copies of fishing with the bucktail online. Some at a pretty good price. I would check them out if your still interested
  4. Omg this site has a million rules. There all about taking care of fishermen but won’t let us talk to each other.
  5. John was actually a good friend of mine, met him through some other friends and my father. I actually have a couple copies of the book. PM me
  6. I’ll check it out looks pretty cool!
  7. Mustad

    Has anyone used the mustad hooks 32824 for there jigs? If so what are your thoughts on them, I love mustad hooks and I use them in all my jigs, but these hooks are very expensive. Just wondering what people think about them before investing them into my jigs.
  8. Oh wow! Well if you ever wanna let go of it please think of me first! Lol
  9. What would you say is a fair price for the original 1920 book?
  10. Personally if your fishing conventional I would stick with the mono. Use the braid for spinning outfits. Mono has come a long way in just the last 10 years.
  11. Yea I see all the reprints. But for my collection I would like to have an original!
  12. Where were you able to find this book? I can’t find it anywhere of even information about the original.
  13. I’m looking for it now. I see all the reprints. I would like to get an original copy for my collection.
  14. Wow thank you very much. I’ve never heard of it. Have you read it? What did you think?
  15. Try switching to a low gear reel. You will get a more even retrieve. You’ll only have to throw lightly a few times after if you hook up to a big fish. But it will definitely help you