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  1. If you think your fishing toddy from behind Hull High you need a new chart.
  2. I bubba every now and then
  3. That makes more sense . Worded kinda funny so I had to ask lol
  4. I've caught many bass from boat that were within casting distance from shore on George's. I'd start on the side facing Boston light . Plenty of bass there and some biggens too, guy by the name of Bob McKay caught a 60 pounder from shore behind Hull High School a while back, which is just across the way from George's
  5. Those are great fish but are you saying there are two 60 plus pound fish in that picture?
  6. These seals have to have a serious impact. 16,000 of them on the cape alone eating 32 pounds of fish a day (that's the low estimate) each. That's a half million pounds of fish every day! And the seal populations have exploded from the cape on up the coast. These seals were non existent not long ago. Can't just pull out half million pounds of fish every day and not notice . How about the white sharks that have followed them? How many big bass do they feed on?
  7. Boston light
  8. Yes they are. They also eat great white sharks
  9. It's amazing how these bureaucrats stick it in the eye of the recreational anglers and charter captains. Commercial draggers don't add a tiny fraction to the state economy compared to us. Not even close
  10. Weather has been so weird I'm hoping cooler than normal temps have just delayed things. We will find out very soon. There's been so many schoolies around for so many years they had to have grown up, no? Here's to a glass half full hope that it's just low water temps.
  11. Shhhhhh don't tell anyone. We'll keep it our little secret haha. Thanks
  12. today trolling live mackeral 46.5" 40lb
  13. Permethrin is the man made synthetic version of pyrethrum which is organic, its extracted from the chrysanthemum plant. It cost a little more but will act just as well as permethrin for keeping ticks off you if your concerned about the safety of permethrin you may want to give it a shot. Remember a tick has to be fully engorged to transmit Lyme can take up to 36 hours. If you pull a non engorged tick even embedded you won't get Lyme from that. Ticks suck