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  1. One other thing. Why debating in quotes? Is it not a debatable subject when Al Gore said the polar bears would be extinct by now when in fact there's more on the planet then when he was born? Or after the 2004 record hurricane season when they told us this was "the new norm" and we literally went into the longest period of recorded history without a hurricane making land fall? Or when these same people predicted the coming ice age in the 70s that not only didn't happen we went into "global warming"? Ya I think it's up for debate any time someone states things as fact with predictions attached that not only don't come true but the opposite happens. Once upon a time scientists whole life was spent trying to prove or disprove scientific theory. They would literally pass out if they heard the term "settled science" because science is never settled. That was before they sold their souls for grant money.
  2. A slight change in co2 will bring on another mass extinction? First off co2 is a trace element in our atmosphere. There's very little of it, a slight change will have near zero affect besides greening the planet up with healthier plants. Matter of fact at the current level of 400 ppm we are considered in a lean co2 period historically. There have been periods of time where we had 10x the co2 in our atmosphere (4000 ppm). Also there is no correlation between co2 and temps. There have been times of low co2 and high temps and Visa versa. I tend to believe from what I've read the co2 rise is an affect that occurs AFTER a warming period when it is released from melting ice caps where it had been sequestered during colder periods or ice ages. I stand by what I said throughout human history plague and famine followed cold periods. Besides we haven't warmed in 20 years.......hence the change in terminology from global warmingto climate change. Convenient The earth has changed in temps by wide margins over time. I want to know who declared the temp right now as the definitive optimum?
  3. Fair enough and absolutely reasonable enough. One thing about these data sets that I've found is start and stop years seem to be selectively chosen to fit the person making or being paid to make the particular charts pre determined outcome. Imo for a rock hurtling through space with a heat source 100 million miles away it's amazing our climate is as stable as we are. Wasn't that long ago where I sit was a mile thick glacier, then it warmed. One constant is change when it comes to climate. Frankly a tad warmer is always better than colder. Throughout history cold is followed by famine and plague. Cold kills
  4. Seems that area goes through many ups and downs in Sea temps. 2000-2010 was one of the coldest decades in 50 years so it makes sense there would be some warming which would only be a correction towards the norm. Add in what seems to be the natural warming trend to the end of a very cold period and the headlines can make it seem catastrophic when it fact it's probably been doing this for eons.
  5. Proactive is good. I just read it. I guess a abnormal weather year or two could hurt a population of fish just like a colder, heavier snow year can nearly wipe out a Maine deer population. Remove the netting of millions of pounds of fish and the population will probably rebound back to normal. So I'd say they're on the right track with the moratorium. While googling I read a article from the 70s where very small amounts of oil in the spawning areas were killing off cod and Pollock eggs. Complicated stuff that's for sure but a ban is the surest way to give the fish a chance.
  6. Cod have been around 10 million years. Have survived ice ages. Recent weather probably isn't the culprit. Advanced electronics, faster boats, better more efficient gear, and millions of dollars paid to land them will put a hurt on them.
  7. Should be important to all of us. Governments job was originally established as a limited body to preserve life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Keeping this place open should fall under the third part for sure. If they'd prioritize their efforts and OUR funds towards things like this we would be far better off. Instead they waste their time and our money on COUNTLESS numbers of ludicrous things none of us need or want. We own that land collectively keeping people out is B.S. End rant
  8. Crazy. I was driving my loaded dump truck down a very straight fairly high speed road lined by trees and no where to ditch when a car coming the other way veered over the line and was coming right at me. If I went off the road id be into massive trees there was no shoulder to speak of (no thanks I'm not dying cause someone else wants too) if I went on their side of the road and they corrected then it's my fault for whatever horrific crash happens. I was braking but made the conscious decision to hold my lane. I literally said to myself "this person is dead" . She finally looked up and swerved hard out of the way. Before she did I could see she was starring at her phone. I slowed to 35-40 and she was probably going 55. That's a pick her up with a mop situation. Absolutely insane! Hope she learned her lesson. She was a young girl. Would have for sure ended her life and ruined mine pretty good while she was at it. 10 wheel dump not a landscape dump. I was literally sick to my stomach after, it was that close. I remember screaming "are you f@$ing kidding me!!!!!!"
  9. Go out of state and chamber a .308 or 30-06 lol
  10. Talking with a phone on your ear or texting? I agree texting is probably worse than dui. I drive a large truck full of flammable liquid all day every day I'm all to aware of these morons and their phones. I watch people all day come within inches of their lives starring at their phone to see how many people liked the latest picture of what they had for lunch. Ridiculous. I see far less problems with people having a phone to their ear. The texting / reading your social media while driving is out of control!
  11. Oh it would bother me too. Might even say something to him. My quote wasn't directed at you so much, but at the clerk's comment. Anyone in this thread that hunts should be cautious of the mentality to strip someone's rights over fairly petty things. That mind set is growing in popularity.
  12. Not trying to be a jerk but swearing and getting a little upset should hardly be enough to revoke your second amendment (which is essentially what "he shouldn't have an fid card" means). Matter of fact the 1st amendment has him covered to swear all he wants. Guy probably is a bit of a dink but geez .....glad the Walmart guy isn't on the scotus. Anyway not my buck but my cousin's shot this week at his cabin Maine
  13. Be a bummer if that wall hanger was a state record. Might get flamed for suggesting keeping a big breeder for a record but that's a record worth recognizing. I keep a hand full of fish (think 5 this year) usually for a neighbor or to grill at the club, kept and ate one for myself this year. But just being honest if by chance someone hooks into a fish of a lifetime 70# plus that's gonna sting.
  14. One of three remaining WW2 medal of Honor recipients passed away recently also. Only two left. Sad to see that generation go
  15. Hell ya! We live in the greatest country on the planet. Doesn't mean we educate our kids as well as we could. Disagree if you want but walk over to Harvard and see how many foreigners are enrolled. They eat our lunch in Math and Science that's just a fact. Read this 8th grade final exam from 1895 and tell me we haven't gone backwards in education. If you could pass this test I'll sign over the title to my boat