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  1. I had similar problem years ago on pair of boots. They have great customer service and stand by there products.
  2. Very happy with them. Good stuff,
  3. Great. I hope we can work together in the future. Unfortunately there is a lot work to be done on this island when it comes to beach access for all surfcasters. I assure you there is many in the NYCRF organization that work hard to get us more access and maintain what we have. All members do not do it for themselves but for all to enjoy and fish in peace. It looks like you have the same mind set. Hope to meet you soon and to have a great season. The future looks bright for us when it comes to more beach access across this beautiful island we live on.
  4. Yes Ross and a few others from NYCRF made it possible to gain access to the TOB and other areas in the past few years. My question to you is why did you post this versus reaching out to NYCRF or Ross to addressed your concerns first. Keep in mind there is a few guys who worked on this for years and they still do not have access because they do not have sponsorship. The same guys did not do it for themselves but for all. Nothing promised but they can see better access in the future and see this move as a foot in the door.
  5. This is a public forum and trying to explain to others who may read this thread that saying "That’s really the only thing that matters to politicians. We need to remind them that they work for us. " will not work with the public officials or politicians. That's the attitude you dont want to have when they or calling the shots. I am not a member to MSA or LIBBA. I do appreciate all the work they have done and future work. I contribute in different ways. Please dont think I made it about you but for others in the surfcasting community. Should have just quoted those words.
  6. Words and actions like that get you nowhere with public officials and politicians. Leave it to those groups who have better knowledge and approaches to get things done. Both sides have valued concerns and or not new. What is good and everyone should know that both groups or talking and working on solutions. Keep in mind that both groups or very different and have there own ideas and approaches, and there is nothing wrong with that.
  7. They or rarely seen at night but more often during dusk and dawn. I am also never around to see if they move much during daylight hours.
  8. Access is very important to the surfcasting community on long island. Maintain and new access is needed. I also wish to see that the differences between both organizations can be resolved quickly, I believe it will not take long. Lets get back to business.
  9. Thank You. Will see if any new info is available on there website to read. Good to hear.
  10. Still cant backup your clam that bluefish or in a low cycle.
  11. So you dont have anything to offer me to understand that bluefish run in cycles.......Thanks
  12. Hi Steven, long island. OK I will need to put to much into that rod to make it fit me. Sorry for the inconvenience of measuring. I need 27 inch and then need to move all the guides and add 6 inch to the bottom of the rod to make it work. just to costly at the price you mentioned.... Thanks again
  13. Very interested but have to strip the rod. If you dont mind can you measure the reel seat to the end of the rod. I live on the island so that may be another problem
  14. I was more focused on your first post, You can never underestimate people changing thoughts after a good discussion.