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  1. I will sale this rod if you like. Going to take some photos and post them up. If you like it, come up with a fair price and it's yours
  2. The rod is mint. Used maybe 2 dozen times. Custom built. Middle of the real seat to the but of the rod.27inchs. Concept layout that can handle a vs200 or vs250. Or any reel with same spool size. Black with red highlights. Do you have any FSC rods?
  3. I have a ODM Genesis 10 footer. Custom built. Live and work in melville. Will to trade or sale. If the other buyer does not move forward
  4. No big deal. Just send the ticket with a copy of the permit and they will dismiss it. But do you think people should take bucket loads of bait fish?
  5. As mentioned above they take all. Small bass, fluke and over limit on peanuts and blues/snappers. As the season goes on the buckets will fill up with peanuts and snappers.
  6. Every summer we have ladies and gentlemen combing the beachs with seine nets tacking bait fish form shore. Now I understand a few but this is like a commercial operation. One night I counted 15 buckets full or bait fish of all kinds. Does this happen on your beach too? Do you think the state should put a limit on this? Many times they take short fluke, bass, and to many blues, peanuts. But other wise they or not breaking any rules. Except they do not have parking permits or fishing licenses. What do you think?
  7. Wow. I cant believe you took that personally. Was wondering why you came out so defensive. A little search on your past posts sums its up. I will not go back and forth with you as some do. Good luck out there on the water.
  8. Big hoopla in your words not mine, is that these fish dont come in numbers each year. I scale down to 7 foot rod and usually pick the best tide, area, and conditions for me. But to tell a little about me. I am all about bass and blues. Kingfish is a bait hands down. Fun to catch and eat too. Understanding Bass habits is also understand bait. These trips or to learn what's in the area and why. I have been 100 percent catch and release for bass in the last 7 years. I also see as to each is own when it comes to fishing.
  9. Not sure where you our but also like to use shrimp for whiting down in Florida. Kings/whiting or great bait for large fish and eating too. Just to many bones thou.
  10. I am big fan of worms... but have done well with clams or gulp mullet. I used worms on this trip.
  11. So funny. Your post on this thread remind me of 6 year old looking for attention at school.
  12. First time every on NS. From shore fishing for progies. Posted on this thread last week. Had some 15 inchers today on the SS. This will be my last trip for them. Fun to catch and hunt. Next time whiting in Florida....
  13. Some years they seemed to be more around then others. I usually catch them as by catch but have to change my method. I like worms but gulp will work just fine. This is my first year I gotten a few on the north shore sound area. I did not think they traveled or liked rocky areas. Learn something new all the time.
  14. Almost every corner of bayville gets flooded by bad storms. Alot of new construction in the area. Flooded areas had been reinforced or our new construction. I fish there often and seen the water damage. I even went up there a few days after sandy and was surprised some still had power. By the way no way getting to the beaches as police blocked off for security. Its a great town and lovely people. 5 minutes and your into oysterbay which is a great town at night. With good restaurants and events. I would be more worried of the commute then flooding. But be prepared for it. Not a surfcasting friendly area to fish.
  15. Again please support or help out these great organizations like . NYCRF, MSA, LIBBA