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  1. Ok thanks! If you reconsider please let me know!
  2. I’ll take it for $80 if you can ship. Paypal
  3. Done! Please PM me and I’ll send payment!
  4. Ok, let me know! Thanks!
  5. I can offer $125.PP
  6. I can offer $110 for the Slammer if you’re willing to let it go- PayPal verified and ready to make payment!
  7. Interested if sale doesn't go through!
  8. Thanks! Maybe that might be the way to go.
  9. No- I would like to have the option to switch back and forth if needed. If it doesn’t benefit in anyway,I might just sell the older one.
  10. GOMEXUS Power Knob! I have it on mine as well!
  11. Currently have a motor hooked up and purchased another motor that requires 24v- what’s the best way to hook up both trolling motors? Can anyone show me some examples of their setup? I know I have to buy another battery but just curious if I should use 3-4 batteries for power.
  12. Solid reel- got mine back in December as well. Been using it a lot and no issues so far! Wish the sales come again so I can upgrade to a bigger size!
  13. Most stuff are made in China but I have a few kastking reels/lines and they work just fine!
  14. I have the 5000h- it’s big but reliable for sure! Will probably try and buy the new model bcuz of magseal
  15. Thanks for all the recommendations! Will definitely try going to all those spots next timeI’m down