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  1. Snook Nook, Jensen Beach, FL.
  2. Saw a couple this morning. Too far out to try a cast.
  3. Ben, Have cleaned the top of the rotor and underside of the spool several times. I have scratch marks on the inside wall of the spool. I just cleaned it again. If I can locate an air compressor I will try blowing everything out before I try fishing again tomorrow. If I had any confidence in a local reel repair shop I would drop it off to them. But based on a repair they did for me last year I’ll wait on the factory to reopen.
  4. Blues are still in Florida.
  5. Got hit with a wave a week or so ago and got a bunch of sand under the spool on one of my Slammer 4500’s. I have tried three times to clean it but still have a grinding noise when retrieving line. I’ve tried Q-Tips with Penn Reel Cleaner a couple times. Tried vast amounts of an aerosol spray cleaner without luck. With the spool removed there is no grinding noise, put the spool back on and the noise returns. Since the Penn factory is closed I can’t send it there for a service. What do you think about spraying it with some pressure from a water hose?
  6. Package states “Premium Mustad Hook”. This is one of the few lures I don’t routinely change the hooks on. But, I do now.
  7. Probably be another waste of time. A year or so ago I made numerous phone calls to Bimini Bay/Tsunami. Never got to speak to a human. Left messages every time. NEVER got a call back. I even left a couple messages telling them I was trying to buy some of their products but couldn’t locate them. Still no call back.
  8. I have been using the Shock Wave Lures for the last few years on Florida beaches and have been satisfied with them. Swivels, split rings and hooks have all held up well. As I was out of a few sizes I had my local shop order a dozen of each. I started using the new batch of lures a few days ago. The first decent fish I hooked was a Tarpon probably 50 or 60 lbs. Lost the fish on the first jump. Checked the lure and one prong of the treble hook had straightened. Not happy, but I figure just a bad hook. It happens. Yesterday I have a good Jack on. After five minutes or so the lure pops out. Check the lure and two prongs of the treble had straightened. The Shock Waves were one of the few lures that I didn’t routinely change out the hooks on, before I used them. This afternoon I’ll change out all the hooks on my 3 dozen new lures. Doesn’t seem like you should have to do that.
  9. Still lots of Blues in Florida.
  10. I have the 8’ 8” paired with the Slammer III 4500. Throws everything from paddle tails to 2 oz. metal. It’s great with SP’s.
  11. Very nice. What size hook?
  12. Keep it till you go Tarpon fishing. Or sell it now and get a Tarpon rod when you need it.
  13. Orvis. Whatever they’re calling their economy line this year.
  14. Hundreds of Pelicans working pilchards/sardines this morning on the beach and lots of large fish. Lost two fish this morning that I never saw. Both fish ran straight out, then turned and ran straight back toward beach. They repeated this a couple times till the leader broke. Neither fish jumped or surfaced. 30 lb. mono leader was nicked and scraped. What do you think they were?
  15. Star Stellar Surf. 8’. I have the one piece version and have used it about 100 days over the last 3 1/2 months. Throwing everything from 1/2 oz. to 2 oz. Very pleased with the rod and it only cost $100.