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  1. Headed down in the next couple weeks. Plan on wandering the beaches early and late and throwing lures for a week. I have never fished that area in June before and not sure what to expect. Jacks, Blues, Snook, Tarpon? Anyone fishing the area that could share some reports. Thanks. Dennis
  2. Thanks for the replies. Looking forward to trying something new. Dennis
  3. It looks like I will be in the Ogunquit /Wells area in early June and will have a day or two to fish. I have never fished the salt in Maine but would like to give it a try. I was looking at the Marine Resources site which lists some shore fishing options. Is that area and time frame worth bringing a surf outfit along? No equipment choices available here (most everything is in Florida) so would be bringing a 8' 8" surf rod and 4500 class reel. Is that advisable in that area? What lures for Stripers? Would also be interested in Mackeral. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if any of you get to Hutchinson Island, Florida this winter give me a shout and I will show you around. Thanks, Dennis
  4. If targeting mackerel the Gotcha works best for me in Florida. Dennis