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  1. Or try a lews they are great reels I have one.
  2. On a lex pencil popper
  3. Tranx 200
  4. I’m guessing he sold the company for a decent chunk of change
  5. 7 wt perfect for bass steelhead streamer fishing for big brown. Light salt water
  6. If you fish the sunrise enough you will experience fish rising. Throw a big pencil popper. Fish with appropriate gear
  7. Look forward to that video
  8. Congrats were you fishing eels?
  9. I’ll offer 40ship if u include the hooks
  10. What is the other darter
  11. Any idea on how the darters swim? Are they wood?
  12. Offering 20$ shipped for both the darters the metal lip and one of the creek chub Pikies via Venmo
  13. I wear Patagonia waders going on 3 seasons with them and they work well. I recommend korker boots
  14. Abu Garcia silver max not a bad reel for the price
  15. Got to a shop and test cast a few rods in your budget in 9 and 10 weights with 2 or 3 lines. I think river bay outfitters isn’t to far from you, I’m sure Paul could hook you up