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  1. Do you still have the 10' Suzuki?
  2. Use the stella for that or maybe look at the high end diawa reels like the dog fight. Both will be smoother than the VS. But this is just from what I have read and saw. Check out what the morning tide guys do to there reels catching monster GT
  3. Where are u located and what is the lure rating
  4. Low gear for bottom fishing
  5. Where are you located?
  6. Where are u located? If we could meet in person could you drop the price a little bit? And I have an abu garcia veritas casting rod in medium heavy I could add cash on top of it.
  7. Look at the lamaglas steelhead rod. I think the heavier on is 3/8 to 1oz and is 9ft
  8. Was this off jones beach and if so I would love more info and to try and catch one. Bait and setup, do you cast the baits out or use a kayak?
  9. Here's a short new article
  10. Great fish. I'm happy with whatever fish bites my hook I'm not a purist
  11. Would love to see a great white in the Atlantic ocean
  12. Cant wait to see what the new prototype rod ends up being
  13. I have heard good things about the avets with cast controls
  14. Thanks for the replies I just cut the line because I didnt have gloves and couldn't flip it over. Put up a hell of a fight
  15. Hi I'm new to surf fishing and fishing long island, I'm from ohio and just started fishing long island. Today I was fishing jones beach with bunker and caught a huge stingray, is this common here. I was trying for stripers but this got my heart racing.