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  1. congrats on some nice gobblers
  2. What manual reel were u using and how much weight on the challenge M to stay on bottom ?
  3. Thanks I’m going to pass
  4. What’s the weight on the hogyjigs?
  5. I like both and have caught on both. I prefer the 5 inch and have never had luck on the smallest one
  6. I’m in
  7. Fish 20 to 40 lb floro
  8. smallmouth or steelhead honorable mentions brown trout carp catfish
  9. I really liked the bass assassin soft plastics. I really like the fluke like ones with a curly tail. I can’t remember what they are called. But caught a lot of fluke and a few bass on them this past year
  10. the beginning of april is prime steelhead fsihing on lake erie. it is a very doable diy trip lots of public water to walk and hike. typically during the week you wont see many other fishermen. also the walleye fishing the last few years has been on fire with numbers and decent size if u wanted to take a charter boat out for a day. last april i caught 2 steelhead over 30 inches in one day.
  11. There are so many buck list trips. Argentina for sea run browns and king salmon, top water Atlantic salmon, NC top water bluefin, southern Alaska steelhead, Belize for permit, Guatemala for sailfish. And more local Martha Vineyard for hard tails, spring time laker fishing Niagara bar, a sword fishing canyon trip, a camping/rafting trip for brookie in Maine. I’m sure I could come up with a ton more. Going back to Costa Rica and souther Florida would be fun
  12. I have a 8000 gosa if your interested. Used for 2 days on a trip to the canal that’s it
  13. I’m in merry Christmas
  14. I’ll just buy it and pay for it and he can pay me