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  1. Going to try for trout. Never thought about fw baa, always s plastic worm with curly tails.
  2. New caught this minnow, believe it's Mummichog from google. Caught it from saltwater could I use it in freshwater? Thanks!
  3. Definitely not a spot burn. From WiKi:. Boston Harborwalk is a public walkway that follows the edge of piers, wharves, beaches, and shoreline around Boston Harbor. When fully completed it will extend a distance of 47 miles from East Boston to the Neponset River
  4. Do they sleeping at night, last night I spent one hour only caught 4 of them. The other day I got 20 in fifteen minutes.
  5. Thanks! There are full around the Harbor. Great for kids.
  6. Hi, caught this today, thought it's one kind of shiner? Is it legit for bait? Thanks!
  7. What kind of license do you need?
  8. I think is impossible catch them with net. They move so so quickly.