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  1. The old towns are making kayaks with electric motors in them now. If the knees are bad, you probably can't go wrong with that.
  2. Pully system.
  3. I'm thinking about getting one just for out front. Never know. My radio is **** when it gets wet.
  4. Congrats good school.
  5. Vacation mansions of rich bankers. Ghost town off-season. They're not locals themselves.
  6. Need a new rudder line kit. This one includes the rudder but a cheaper one with just the line should be available if you look for it.
  7. It's been fine since then. I recommend swapping it out when needed. Turns like my revo now. Tracking has been okay. I still don't like the dual steering design... it makes the rudder lines rub. Have to figure out a solve for that.
  8. This is cool. I'm gonna try this.
  9. If you can overhead press 85 lbs just grab by handles and hold it over your head. Elbows locked out before you approach the car. Once one side is on the bars, sliding it into place is easy. No fancy roof equipment needed. Most factory crossbars will support 85lbs but check the Subaru ones. If you don't have factory crossbars, there are a lot of options. Even the most basic options can handle 85 lbs. I recently upgraded to Yakima's timberline system and they were super easy to install but you don't really need to get fancy with this. At least, it's not necessary to do so at first. Edit: If you do go with something that isn't factory, getting bar lengths that are a few inches wider than the car really helps with loading and unloading.
  10. I had to wait 8 days? Amazon has really ruined us hasn't it?
  11. Do you need a pedal drive? Here are some entry-level pedal drive options. I would also check craigslist for used models. I got my first Hobie Revo for $1000. It was an older model but it's still going strong. * There's also a buy / sell / trade section of this site that you can keep your eye on.
  12. Small plastic bag and rubber band works.
  13. That thing is awesome. I have the 13 and love it. May eventually trade up into the 16. You're re gonna be fassssst.