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  1. If you can overhead press 85 lbs just grab by handles and hold it over your head. Elbows locked out before you approach the car. Once one side is on the bars, sliding it into place is easy. No fancy roof equipment needed. Most factory crossbars will support 85lbs but check the Subaru ones. If you don't have factory crossbars, there are a lot of options. Even the most basic options can handle 85 lbs. I recently upgraded to Yakima's timberline system and they were super easy to install but you don't really need to get fancy with this. At least, it's not necessary to do so at first. Edit: If you do go with something that isn't factory, getting bar lengths that are a few inches wider than the car really helps with loading and unloading.
  2. I had to wait 8 days? Amazon has really ruined us hasn't it?
  3. Do you need a pedal drive? Here are some entry-level pedal drive options. I would also check craigslist for used models. I got my first Hobie Revo for $1000. It was an older model but it's still going strong. * There's also a buy / sell / trade section of this site that you can keep your eye on.
  4. Small plastic bag and rubber band works.
  5. That thing is awesome. I have the 13 and love it. May eventually trade up into the 16. You're re gonna be fassssst.
  6. I have both. There are tradeoffs. Ctug is alright but not As good on sand as the ez wheels. The straps tend to slide if you don't ratchet them in the right place. But you save wear on your scuppers and as you mentioned, you can put the Ctug on in the water. If you have to walk long distances I would prefer the ez wheels but I still use both depending on the day.
  7. When someone farts and you breathe through your t-shirt, do you expect it to help?
  8. Yeah the sail mount is perfect for pictures. I also use the gopro for stills only. If you have one that can respond to voice commands, its super convenient. You can get a broom handle with a gopro mount or buy one of the gopro selfie sticks and just drop it in there.
  9. They're also not out for 6 to 8 hours at a clip. I'm not speaking hypothetically.
  10. Roasting and resistance when you go for those thicker winter suits. Resistance mainly.
  11. The 3mm wet suit you mentioned will keep you alive in 45 degree water, as long as if fits. You will just be uncomfortable when not in the water. Which ideally will be most of the time. And that's just my opinion. A lot of guys on here like it. I don't like the feeling of resistance bands every time I move my arms. That's just me. If you wan't to save money a wet suit won't really be risking your life.
  12. You can get away with 3mm wetsuit and some guys prefer it. Imo the price is the only upside. You won't really be "wet" so the wetsuit won't really be functioning as intended. No bead of water to keep you warm. I have a few wet suits of different thicknesses and I would much rather wear normal clothes and a dry suit while fishing. Also, no awkward parking lot dance to get it on or off.
  13. Heat gun worked as a temporary solve but it's already starting to bend again. Here's my first shot at a permanent solution. Not perfect but I consider this an alpha. Here's the problem. Here's the solution. Going a little bigger will hopefully improve performance but it also created a small problem. I'll get to that... 2 sheets of fiberglass each side. 3 near the joint. After if dried, I cut it out with a jigsaw and sanded it to shape. If I did this again, I would glass one side at a time. Glassing both at once created more sanding because the bottom side will be flat while the top side takes the shape of the wood. End result. After this I just used the old rudder as a template to match size and position of the 3 holes needed to attach the rudder to the kayak. And here's the problem I mentioned. I matched the dimensions of the plywood to that of the old rudder but didn't account for what the fiberglass would add. There's room for this extra size everywhere but the housing at the top of the rudder. This makes it not sit totally flush with the bottom of the kayak. I'm still going to use it but extra caution will be needed when landing and placing the boat on the ground. Anyway, that's how you make a 20 dollar rudder.
  14. I did use a heat gun and it got me back on the water today. A more permanent solve is in progress. Gonna finish it up once I can get my hands on a respirator again... Will post photos of the process.