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  1. I've been carrying an air horn but need to figure out a more accessible way to store it... I've begun to realize that if I ever needed to use it, it'd be too late. I might need to get a Gadsden.
  2. Waiting for a calm day to try for sea bass out front. Probably the rocks. Anyone want to accompany?
  3. It said "no ezpass go" or whatever it says.
  4. Yeah, I rip mine off the velcro and throw it on the dash when I need to.
  5. I'll be at Shark River early afternoon attempting to fluke. Possibly out front but probably not.
  6. I'll be there but if I'm late do your thing and I'll see you out there.
  7. I will likely be there. I'll update again before then.
  8. Where did you get wheels that fit half inch pvc? Seems way better than spending 250 bucks on hobie wheels.
  9. Anyone up for Thursday evening? 5:30pm?
  10. Check out the "Go Paddling" app on Android or iOS. It uses Google maps to show you kayaking access points.
  11. He talks about it a little in here.
  12. Unfortunately, the 180 drives are starting to become known for being unreliable for sea going. Which really sucks.
  13. Yeah the Staten Island side. Great kills I think. Night time is an extra 55 dollars though.
  14. Eh maybe this will allow me to use C lot then... Just from driving around, it seems like the only reasonable bayside access. The not being able to launch out front revelation gets me a little more reved up though. Pay for rules... Thank you government.