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  1. God you liberals are insufferable... "I don't want to start a political discussion but these are all the ways president Trump hurts my little feelings"
  2. Bummer. I really liked the reel. I guess I'll try to get ahold of daiwa
  3. Thanks guys. I have taken real good care of the reel it's never been dunked or splashed. I love the light weight matches perfect with my mojo inshore. How does the stradic ci4 compare?
  4. Iv had my daiwa ballistic 2500 for one season and use it for reds, trout and flounder. Under normal fishing drag pressure my anti reverse has been slipping when fishing fish. Is this a common problem with this reel? Is there any way to trouble shoot this or is my best bet to try to ship it to daiwa? It's been an awesome little reel but this sucks for what i paid i thought id get more than a year out of it.
  5. Got some time off at the beginning of October and might be heading to St Augustine. How's the surf and jetty fishing that time of year. What can I expect to try to catch. Many thanks
  6. I use this set up for soaking bait for drum. I like a mono leader when i get the fish in i can grab the leader. Maybe I'll just go back to mono
  7. Recently switched a few of my bait set ups to braided line and am having difficulty with the shock leader. My set ups are Slammer 5500 with 30 lb braid and a 50 lb ande shock leader tied with an Alberto knot. I never had an issue with mono to mono but now with the braid I'm getting break offs on the cast where the line wraps around the guides. Any tips on preventing this or should i try a different leader knot. Thanks
  8. Slammer 3
  9. Do you know if any online retailers have these rods in. Want to buy one but can't find any online
  10. 1) Pompano. New Orleans 2) Redfish. New Orleans 3) trigger fish. Charleston sc
  11. A 6000 reel seems like a little Overkill. Catching Spanish often requires lots of casts. I like a gotcha , kastmaster or a clarkespoon.
  12. Thanks.. I already have the 1050 and the 7500. I usually catch em around 4 or 5 feet. I have a dolphin 10 06 as my drum rod and love it just looking to avoid paying 200 for another rod.
  13. Lurker here. So two Irish men are fishing when one reels in a bottle and a genie pops out. The genie says i can grant you one wish. The man wishes that the genie turns the lake into beer. The fishing partner responds you idiot now we have to piss in the boat. Anyway looking for a surf rod for shark fishing. Would like to keep it around 130ish. Going to buy 2 and pair with a spinfisher 1050 and a slammer 7500. Looking at a 12ft tsunami trophy or maybe a penn batallion any thoughts. Also used a penn prevail for a while but hated the guides. Popped out too easy