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  1. A 6000 reel seems like a little Overkill. Catching Spanish often requires lots of casts. I like a gotcha , kastmaster or a clarkespoon.
  2. Thanks.. I already have the 1050 and the 7500. I usually catch em around 4 or 5 feet. I have a dolphin 10 06 as my drum rod and love it just looking to avoid paying 200 for another rod.
  3. Lurker here. So two Irish men are fishing when one reels in a bottle and a genie pops out. The genie says i can grant you one wish. The man wishes that the genie turns the lake into beer. The fishing partner responds you idiot now we have to piss in the boat. Anyway looking for a surf rod for shark fishing. Would like to keep it around 130ish. Going to buy 2 and pair with a spinfisher 1050 and a slammer 7500. Looking at a 12ft tsunami trophy or maybe a penn batallion any thoughts. Also used a penn prevail for a while but hated the guides. Popped out too easy