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  1. No one ? Ha I had 3 last week along with over 50 Rats in one day !! Take advantage of the time when the fish are here . Learn it ! Earn it ! Good luck . Happy Fishing !
  2. Yes ! There is plenty of the Mung , but I still managed over a dozen fish off the beach . It’s not unfishable , you have to build your confidence up a little more . Use the right tools , for the right job . Travel to another location . Move around and you will find the fish . Good luck . Tight lines
  3. Wow . Yes anything is possible . After a while of catching a decent amount of fish , the clip tends to spread open slightly and I sometimes have to use a set of pliers to tweak it back into the original shape of the clip . If using Bucktails , I recommend cleaning the paint off the eye so the clip can slide on easier . It won’t spread apart as fast . Good luck
  4. Well i can tell you from experience , a recent experience, that there are definitely real big Seals around which in turn draw the attention of Sharks . I saw quite a few the other day out east and there not afraid to venture close to shore . A buddy was fishing 20' to my left and the seal popped up within 20' of him . The Seal was over 400 lbs , possibly 600. Not a harbor seal people. I also heard of a Great White shark Grabbing one in the air right in front of Fisherman on the beach last week . Be alert and be Vigilant. I love to fish ! and i want to continue to love it . MY life is a lot more valuable than a Fish!! BE SAFE ALL !! Tight Lines!
  5. ODM Rods are by far one of the best rods out on the market today. made exclusively with Carbon Nano technology these Rods offer superior rod strength and are one of the lightest Rods i have ever fished with. This is important , whether your lugging your rod or swimming with it under Extreme conditions , this is the Rod you want by your side at all times . I highly recommend it. If you are a big time surf Fisherman on the East coast like myself , then you wouldn't mind spending the extra $$$ for a quality Rod to last a life time .
  6. That’s where I want to be then . Sorry I posted it in the wrong category .
  7. I looking for a right hand retrieve VS 150 . Made for a left handed person . Are there any out there for sale out there . Does anyone know where I can get one ?