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  1. Where is it located? Box ? Receipt ? Reel?(If so, where? ) Thanks
  2. Title says it all.
  3. What make and size reel for this rod ?
  4. Joe It was where it was when we talked ...maybe a little more towards the jetty. I found the holder in the water today, right about where it was. Searched for about two hours til the bottom of the tide, no luck.
  5. No. A small swim shad hooked onto the reel.
  6. Had my 9'7 ODM EVOLUTION with bailess SaltX 6000 stolen yesterday at Breezy Point. Rod was built at Grumpy's
  7. LOST OR STOLEN ODM EVOLUTION/SALTX 6000 Built at GRUMPY'S I say Lost OR Stolen, cause I'm not certain. I was fishing along Breezy Point( along the beach, in toward the bay yesterday 5/4/20 @ about 2:00 in the afternoon. Heavy on shore wind/choppy/ current ripping incoming. The rod was in a rod holder just in the water, line was not in the water. I was fishing with another rod...maybe 15-20 feet into the water. I turned around a few minutes later and it was gone...Rod/Reel/Holder. Could it have gotten blown over or knocked over by a wave(surf was choppy with 20-25 mph winds) and washed away? Again, I WASNT on the open beach, but more towards the bay side. Maybe ? I walked in the water up and down, dragging my feet hoping to knock into it. No luck. Could it have really gotten carried away by the current that far ? That quickly ? Could someone have just walked by and grabbed it while I wasn't looking? Not certain how long I had my back turned, but I'm usually good at turning and checking my stuff. Perhaps. When I realized it was gone I looked in both directions and didn't see's not like it was a parking lot where they could just duck into a car/truck or whatever. It was the open beach. Anyway, sorry for the long post... but if anyone hooks into a nice rod and reel..let me know. If anyone hears of anything (for sale/waffle)...let me know. Probability of return...0.1 % Thanks
  8. 7 "
  9. Thanks for the reply Sandbar1. I was fishing a rocky shoreline with smooth rocks and gravel !---That's why I was kinda surprised . I had only fished there 1 time prior, with boot foot waders, and I thought to myself- this would be a good place to try out the new boots. At night too....wasnt exactly fun. Gonna get the studded felt soles and see how that works out.
  10. So last night I tried out my first pair of felt sole boots (Korkers Buckskin), and I have to say that they did not grip well at all. Anyone else have similar experiences ? Thanks
  11. A needle.
  12. Newbie First loaded redfin. Slow/Medium/Fast retrieve? Walk the dog? Pulls, like working a spook? Thanks
  13. We dont allow hijacking here. Its explained in the rules at the top of the forum.
  14. No, but thanks