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  1. Hey Lou This might be a dumb question Why not just more backing and , say, 300 yds. of braid ?
  2. Does conventional or spinning make a difference, in regards to the rig ? Thanks
  3. Any photos?
  4. Lou Did you find the rod too whippy with plugs in the 4oz range? Do you feel the rod has enough/good backbone ? Thanks
  5. How often are you charged/pay tax at shows?
  6. Any time table for 2020 Striped Bass Special 12' arrival ? Price?
  7. Around when did GRS plugs become so popular and what contributed to it?
  8. VS Reel recommendations for EAST COAST SPECIAL 1102 Medium Thanks
  9. Yeah...that's kinda how I feel about it. Not that there isn't some great craftsmanship and such, but....
  10. Hey mann Lots of good info Much appreciated
  11. Just got my first CCW. DP3. Looking forward to it.
  12. 20-25
  13. Thanks Sudsy Sounds like a good project.