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  1. Sounds excellent. Thanks. FWIW Powder Valley shows MagPro, H4831SC and IMR 7828SSC in stock. A few places have RL19 and RL22. Opticsplanet will sell you 1,000 pieces of Norma brass for $1493.10. She ain't going to be cheap to feed!
  2. Mummichog, what bullets/weights and what powders are you intending to try? Do you know the twist rate of the barrel? What is the intended use of the rifle?
  3. Gee, you think if we went to war today, your best pistols would be built by sewing machine and typewriter companies?
  4. For LR Magnum https://www.targetsportsusa.com/cci-large-rifle-magnum-primers-250-box-of-1000-15-p-112978.aspx?trafficsource=AmmoSeek For LR https://republicammunition.com/product/cci-large-rifle-primers/ Ammoseek is your friend. I'm a volume shooter and think nothing of buying 5,000 primers. I doubt I would shoot 5,000 .270 Weatherby Magnums in a lifetime so you might want to put out feelers at local stores.
  5. Congrats! Given what they want for once fired mixed brass this seems about the best option from someone with a solid rating. Hope it helps. https://www.gmansportingarms.com/product/weatherby-h270130il-select-270-wthby-mag-130-gr-hornady-interlock-20-bx-10-cs
  6. FWIW I am in Hollywood FL and due to an injury have been forced to fish fresh water from the shore. I find I like a reel that balances the rod towards a "tip up" position. For me a Stradic 2500 FL is just right. I also have a fond spot for the older daiwa ss tournament if you want something that holds a lot of mono.
  7. Just a guess but see what you think. You will have to search for better pictures. If it is one they don't sell for much, but often shoot well. Think German equivalent of a Montgomery Ward rifle. https://www.icollector.com/WAFFEN-FRANKONIA-MODEL-98-SPORTER-DELUXE-CALIBER-308-WIN_i42479588
  8. As far as I know, only SIG is currently offering a rifle. I'd expect they will be offering the "fury" line in different calibers eventually. I suspect a 6.5 mm offering will be more popular with the public. Given the dimensions of the 6.8 X 51 mm ammo it would be easy to convert a 308/243 rifle. Considering the ammo is operating at 80,000 PSI that could be a recipe for disaster. I'm a little surprised SAAMI gave a green light to the round. I don't have answers for your other questions.
  9. So you are getting the idea. When dealing with things that have collectible value, an improper repair/restoration can greatly devalue them. I don't have any old Colt rifles, but I do have Colt revolvers. Currently there are only two gunsmiths (in the entire country) I would trust to work on them. So finding the right one for you may take some work. Perhaps getting the appraisal first is the wise choice? Only you can decide if owning/shooting your Grandfathers gun has more value to you than any possible market value. I just felt I needed to let you know that you possibly had something of considerable worth.
  10. If you are asking if I know of a gunsmith in New England, no I don't (I live in Miami). As far as why I recommended what I did consider this auction. https://www.gunsamerica.com/952422859/1887-1904-COLT-LIGHTNING-22-OCTAGON-BARREL-PUMP-ACTION-RIFL.htm
  11. You have a very valuable gun. Spend the money and take it to a gunsmith who is known to be familiar with Colts (as they can be different). Then get it appraised. After you know its value you can decide on your course of action.
  12. If you decide you want the Novak type sight later it is going to cost you that extra buck twenty. The sights on the standard A1 are the tiny original GI type and I could never find an adjustable rear sight for the GI dovetail. Plus you get the low maintenance of stainless which is nice on something I might be abusing.
  13. No personal experience but what I have read seems favorable. The following seems like a great deal to me. There is something to be said for a gun that you won't cry over if it gets confiscated. https://www.classicfirearms.com/sds-duty-1911-45-stainless-w-enhanced-features/?trk_msg=MGQVU3BRHREK580APT1C7M9QA4&trk_contact=92KB8MS7TQTRI9DI7U7N1BLI88&trk_sid=EM87HBREK8EQ9POG8A37VQPRHC&trk_link=BBUR7O6DHO44F8ELIKOAAGNLBG&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=https%3a%2f%2fwww.classicfirearms.com%2fsds-duty-1911-45-stainless-w-enhanced-features%2f&utm_campaign=20221231BestGuns2023Blog&utm_content=Tertiary
  14. Shot NRA prone but that is 100 yards max. Don't know if that qualifies for long distance in your eyes. I did use a 40X in some matches.
  15. KLH 20, KLH 10, KLM 5.5, one of two KB 4.5, and KT 4.5's on out to the tip. * BTW, how do you like the reel? I bought one but haven't had a chance to fish it.
  16. If a S&W 41 fits your hand (and it doesn't for me), and if you get one with an accurate barrel, it is a very nice target 22 pistol. My brother chased getting one to perform, buying a few different barrels, only to sell it in the end. This isn't to say it performed poorly, just that it could be bettered by other offerings at same price point, or lower. In American guns, the High Standard fits me and it is the only American 22 pistol to win gold medals in the Olympics. Honestly I have a Ruger Mark II that can shoot almost as well at a fraction of the price. Wish I would have scored a Toz 35 when they were cheap. Only had a chance to shoot one once but OMG did it work for me.
  17. If you can get it for that price it is a no-brainer. I'd be surprised if it goes that low in an auction. These days you can get a decent budget ($500) rifle. American, Axis, Patriot, 783, XPR, etc. Step up to the $750 range and you could consider Vanguard, Bergara, Tikka. To me these are darn nice rifles. I'd be inclined to spend the extra $250.
  18. Only on private land of at least ten acres.
  19. No problem with the rifle choice. I have some concerns with the cartridge choice (assuming it will be 277 fury/6.8X51 @ 80K psi).
  20. Maybe this? I would have said Delta. https://www.truevalue.com/kitchen-faucet-single-lever-cartridge
  21. A lot of the deer hunting in the east is in heavy woods/brush with moving targets at ranges under a 100 yards (and typically well under that range). IMHO for that type of hunting I'd consider the ghost ring peep sight to be best combination of quickest and most accurate one could buy. And I say this as one with eyes closer to 70 than 60 and one that has had terrible vision my entire life. When I took my first vision test in elementary school all I could see was the big E on the chart on the top row. Now if I already had the rifle to shoulder and the round circle of a reflex sight in sight maybe I'd say that was faster/more accurate. I used to shoot NRA .22 LR prone matches and can attest that there isn't much difference in scores between a peep sight and a 24X power scope. Using a scope just means you don't "have to" bother with bringing a spotting scope.
  22. I agree with PSeggs. Lyman Micrometer 66R would be my guess.
  23. Manurhin MR73 for a handgun. I have the .45 acp covered already and have never warmed up to the 9mm. For a rifle, something like the Sako TRG (22?). I have been paying too much attention to the war in Ukraine and wouldn't mind having something that could do 1,000 yards and easily convert to different ammo if needed. That and still be somewhat viable as a "normal" hunting rifle. Probably a little to futuristic for my tastes so a Steyr SSG 69 would do. I have no desire to own a safe queen.
  24. If it concerned me enough to feel like I had to carry a gun......then it would concern me enough to carry at least a .357/10mm.....even if that means having to spend money to get one.
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