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  1. I wish them both a safe trip and a great time here in U.S. You are a great friend. Thanks for doing this for them. Anyway, package sent and they should get it by Thursday (my son added a Penn 704z reel, just in case they need an extra)
  2. Edit Thanks @Popasilov, it just activated this morning. @Jacqui, I sent you pm.
  3. Congrats and Good luck!
  4. No worries. TBH, when I first clicked on the thread, I was hoping to see kayaks on top of an Outback
  5. No need to be rude. I was just clarifying that it’s NOT about the Subaru Outback. Which is now, clear- it’s about the Hobie Outback kayak. I don’t have issues with either one, If you re-read my post I did say I’m currently reading Skinners 2 books. I also follow his videos.
  6. LoL that’s same reason I edited my post. I thought we were talking about the Subaru.
  7. Thanks. The Smith is wearing Altamonts. (They offer the combination rubber combat grips with wood inlays) The backstrap is exposed, but they have other grips choices that does cover it.
  8. Cool! I will prepare a small care package, and throw is some lures, poppers, bucktails, fluke and snapper rigs together with the reel. (my son is same age as him btw) Hopefully he can make use of them.
  9. Thanks, but that was the “before pic”. (as in, before I filled the bed with all our fishing gear, lol)
  10. Thanks, but I can’t PM anyone, I just read the guidelines and it’s because Im still too new here. I think they require a week. So hopefully, you can PM me by Monday Jacqui.
  11. Mods? Anyone? I can’t send or receive any PMs and also can’t “give thumbs up” anymore lol. I really want to give this reel sincerely. I just need the address.
  12. Edited. I don’t know him personally, but I did buy and currently finishing his 2 books (from Amazon Kindle). I also enjoy his videos. It’s just good to hear/ see ones fishing experiences esp from the same areas in Long Island.
  13. No prob man, and Thanks. Good luck, hope you find one soon.
  14. Here’s a quick comparison pic. (from left to right) Just to give you guys an idea, size wise. 17 Cobra .38, 19 King Cobra .357, S&W 66 no dash .357 and Python .357 Also, HKS speed loaders size 10 and DS will work with the 3” King Cobra.( just FYI)
  15. It’s hardwired but I used quick connects ( similar to the winch QD) and existing dual 40 amp fused wiring (extended w/ gauge 10 and 8 wiring per ARB instructions) Airtime is down to 3-4 minutes each tire (from 18-38psi) and that’s me taking time and rechecking pressure.