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  1. I have been using Noco GB40 for couple years. We have one in each vehicle. It holds a charge very well. Sometimes 3-6 months before I check them and they still have 75-100% charge.
  2. I have Badlands and Wildtrak on reserve. ( Bronco, not the sport one)
  3. I have the original Stauns and Staun II. Both sets have trouble free years of service. Imho, staun quality is apparent, once you tried the other “copies”.
  4. Between 15-18 psi. I found my sweet spot at 18psi, so thats what I set for my tire deflators.
  5. Congrats! and post pics
  6. I belong to a few forums Its winter and it gets boring, otherwise I wont even be posting, lol
  7. Gen 2 Raptor, (before pic) At present: Still in progress...done a few things (winter mods). Btw, I have my ARB twin compressor mounted in the bed, with 1 gal reservoir. (almost same setup in my ranger that it replaced) Also, still looking for rod holders, that will work with 2 piece rods and fit in the bed.
  8. I had pre- ordered the Raptor previously...(There was a delay and mix up in transit...long story) But nothing wrong with Ranger, it was great on/ off road. The only thing imho, my 2 kids are bigger and older now so they appreciate the extra space of the Raptor.
  9. Traded my Ranger for this Raptor. Stopped by SoreThumb earlier today (theres only few days left before our permits expire this year, so kinda bummed)
  10. Sorry for your loss Tim S and family.
  11. That Python actually has a cool story... A couple years ago, I had reluctantly sold my 4 inch blued Python and regretted it since. Few months passed and I confided with the owner of my LGS,...he said wait here. He came back a few minutes later with a very nicely wrapped 4” Nickel Python in mint condition. Needless to say, I had to take her home that same day. :D Approx 3 months later, Got the letter from Colt Archives, confirming that it was indeed Factory Nickel and was made in 1969.( So happy )