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  1. That Python actually has a cool story... A couple years ago, I had reluctantly sold my 4 inch blued Python and regretted it since. Few months passed and I confided with the owner of my LGS,...he said wait here. He came back a few minutes later with a very nicely wrapped 4” Nickel Python in mint condition. Needless to say, I had to take her home that same day. :D Approx 3 months later, Got the letter from Colt Archives, confirming that it was indeed Factory Nickel and was made in 1969.( So happy )
  2. Sorry Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Btw, not sure if I had posted this, but here’s a pic of the blued 4” Python’s sibling and the grandpa to the 3” Cobra... A 1969 Nickel Colt Python
  4. 2 recent acquisitions Heddon Zig Wag with glass eyes and Heddon flaptail.
  5. She didn’t go into a lot of details, but the jist of it was, they had a short but very memorable great time here in the U.S. (I didn’t ask about the fishing part) Hopefully Jacqui can weigh in and give us the updates?
  6. I got PM from Jacqui, and she sent me some pics of mom and son. They had a great time in NY. I personally don’t think it was a scam, fwiw.
  7. Here’s a few more acquired recently. Vintage Heddon flaptail with glass eyes, Pflueger globe red head, Heddon tiny crawler, Houser glitter, unknown maker wooden injured minnow, unknown wooden 3 hook, and Oriental wiggler with glass eyes.
  8. Thanks...I agree, lol (I still have a few vintage glass eyes and flap tails on the way)
  9. I just recently got into collecting vintage lures so, just want to share some pics. Got several vintage Heddons- Dowagiac, dying flutters, sonic etc. A few Creek Chub lures, some old prop and non prop Eger, and vintage South bend lures. Also got an old Pfluger globe, Smithwick warhorse, and Arborgast Jitterbug. The old woodpecker has no markings, unknown maker if anyone has info, I appreciate it. Thanks
  10. Same here. I use palomar for swivels, and uni for hooks. When I use clips, I just add it to the swivel.
  11. (moved to vintage plugs)
  12. I Apologize, moved to “Old plug thread”
  13. Thanks