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  1. I'll take this please!
  2. Ill take these please
  3. I reached out to the park service and they gave me the low down on the equipment needed to get a sticker. They also said only 1/2 mile stretch is open for orv. Think we might try and walk it to see if it's even worth it to bring the car. I like having the vehicle close by with all my spare plugs rods and gear in case I want to change some things up. I say car but it's an suv so hopefully it will meet the clearances. We drive on Duxbury beach with out issue so I'm thinking it will be fine. Will definitely be careful while driving out there. I don't think they allow vehicles on the beach at night which is a bit of a bummer but I'm hoping to find some good parking access points where it won't be too much of an issue.
  4. Appreciate the info! And I'll make sure to stay clear of the fun hating vt plate guy haha. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for the advice. I've seen plenty of seals but luckily never had one take the fish I caught. Never even would have thought to do this so thanks again!
  6. I was originally going to post there but I figured that maybe people outside of mass that have experience down there might have some advice as well. Sorry, still trying to figure out intricacies and etiquette of this forum. Are you suggesting I post this again in the mass forum?
  7. Hey y'all, me and the girlfriend are heading to Provincetown for a few days of camping and fishing next week. I've never visited there before and have some questions for those who have. First and foremost is it worth getting a sticker to take the car out on the sand? If it's like anywhere else I've been I'm sure there's bird restrictions that make it almost not worth getting sticker this time of year. Was also planning on doing a lot of night fishing. Was wondering if there's any parking/access I should be aware of that's accessible at night. I'm brining a couple of surf rods for me and the lady. Was also planning on bringing my fly rods. Any plugs or fly patterns that are specific for that area? Also is there's a local bait shop that you guys recommend? Any other info you guys think I should be aware of please let me know. Thanks!
  8. I'll take this. Thanks!
  9. Yikes! Didn't expect to stir the pot so much with the post haha. All I'm saying is that I've witnessed a group of small mouth bass attacking a an eel that they had no way of consuming which gives credence to the thought of bass killing eels regardless of any intention on feeding which is similar to skinners experience catching a striper with big dead blue fish stuck in its gullet. Wether Franks thought on it is accurate or not I have no idea but it's what made me think of the experience me and my dad had as a kid.
  10. I've recently read one of Frank Daignaults books and in it he goes into why eels are such an effective bait. He said something along the lines that stripers will hit eels even when they're not actively feeding because eels are known to attack other fish by biting their gills and leaving them to die so they can come back to eat them later. So basically he said stripers are hard wired to hate eels and kill them when they see them. John Skinner also mentioned that stripers will bite eels when they will not bite anything else. He mentioned a time when he caught a striper on eel when the striper had a large dead blue fish stuck in its mouth which kind of confirms the whole stripers being hard wired to kill eels. All of this reminded of me of my own encounter with eels as a kid but instead of stripers it was smallies. Me and my dad were snorkeling in a lake up in New Hampshire when we came across a giant 3 ft eel being attacked by about 5 hefty smallmouth bass. They were going crazy biting this thing. Looked like a bunch of piranhas. I never understood why they were so viciously attacking the eel when the eel was way to big for any of them to eat and they have no teeth to take bites out of it. We swam right up to it and they weren't spooked from our presence at all. It was pretty amazing to watch. It appears to me Frank and Skinner were dead on with their opinions on stripers hitting eels to kill them just as much to feed on them. Anyways just thought I'd share my experience with y'all.
  11. Might as well replace all the gears huh? Parts aren't very expensive and I'll have close to new reel. Thanks for the response!
  12. I've been collecting some books myself. I've been looking for a book that goes into migration and habits of all the baitfish and crustaceans in New England. I watched a video on YouTube of Billy the Greek talking about some obscure crab hatch that happens every year in New York that gets the stripers up on the beach lip. I believe he said it happens once a year on the full month of a certain month. Would be interesting to know some of the less common bait that might influence the bite. Overall I think the more you know about the bait around the better your odds of hooking up.
  13. I have a pen battle 2 6000 that I've let people I take fishing with me use for the past couple years. This year I gave it to my girlfriend to use and noticed after a few casts that the spool wasn't oscillating. Stripped it down and found the main gear had been stripped where it connects to the oscillating gear. The oscillating gear appears to be in good shape. The main gear is less than 10$ shipped. This is the first time I've tried to repair a reel and my question is is there any other parts I should replace while I have the thing apart? Everything else appears to be in good shape but I'd rather pay for shipping once and replace anything that may give me issues in the future.
  14. No I can't upload photos from my library because the files are too big. Brand new to forum so I haven't figured that out yet. I just snagged that photo from the web.
  15. I've spent some time tying a bunch of articulating flies that guys out west use for targeting large browns. The drunk and disorderly has some pretty crazy action. They have deer hair head thats shaved into a wedge. Looks awesome especially when you have some current to dig into.