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  1. Ok....thats good info to know. Guess I should hit the 8500 then if mono is gonna be needed.
  2. Really? Seems to me tons of people are using braid now for freshwater...is it really that frowned upon that they would really get that angry?
  3. So does the 5500 with 30lb powerpro and a 10ft Carnage seem adequate for surf fishing the point at OBX for big reds...just want to be able to hang with everyone lined up on the beach. I would think the 10ft would also be castable for metal and plugs as well.
  4. I currently have a Penn Slammer 3 (5500) and a (8500) no rods yet. I am in the market for 1 more reel and can not decide on another 5500 or 8500. I am looking at the Penn Carnage line of surf rods to pair with the 3 reels. I currently do not surf fish much and am definitely a beginner as far as surf knowledge. I am an avid freshwater fisherman, with plenty of experience. I am looking for the best size for the surf in Virginia Beach, OBX, and Myrtle Beach areas mainly. I plan to be slinging bait into the surf, and doing some pier fishing as well. The plan would be to target big Reds, rays, sharks, or whatever from the surf or piers. I am leaning towards another 5500 since I can toss one on for casting metal and such if I want as well. Here is what I am thinking: Penn Slammer (8500) with 50lb braid and 12' Carnage Heavy for 8 n bait surf casting for Big Reds or Shark Penn Slammer (5500) with 20lb braid on 10' Carnage Med Heavy for Big Reds and smaller surf fish Any expert opinions before I drop some major $$$ and end up not happy.