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  1. I'll take both sea hags. Can you knock off a couple for combined shipping?
  2. I'll take this.
  3. Payment sent. Thanks
  4. I'll take this.
  5. I have a brand new, never used one. Not sure it matters, but it's from the run right before they stopped making the 60s. No float. $210 shipped inside the US
  6. I think thats shrink tubing over the end of the cork tape which keeps it from unwrapping. You need to measure the size of that transition area and buy the correct size. Or, you can use a thread wrap and and coat is just as you would guides.
  7. Just sent Paypal. Addy in the payment notification. The others are cool, but I really wanted the T and S pikie.
  8. I'll take them for $160 shipped paid with PayPal.
  9. I like the neoprene boots with rubber soles. I am not sure who make them now, but I have a couple of pairs from Cabelas. I've had ones with zippers on the front, side and rear and like the ones with zips on the side the best. The ones in the front seem to loosen up as you walk.
  10. I thought Tom got out of this business? Good to see you around watching....watching....watching what we are doing
  11. New Section 2.05. Leader Length Restriction. It shall be unlawful to use any configuration of fishing tackle in anadromous waters unless the distance between the terminal hook or terminal lure and any weight attached to the line or leader, whether fixed or sliding, is less than six feet. For purposes of this section, “weight” includes any product used to submerge the line or leader, including non-buoyant artificial flies or artificial lures, but does not include integrated or sinking fly fishing lines, lead core lines used while trolling from a boat, dropper weights used while trolling from a boat, or clipped weights used with downrigger systems. Why not just say, "your leader, between hook and weight MUST be less than 6 ft."
  12. I'll take this. Please PM paypal addy.
  13. Sounds good. Sold. I'll send PayPal tonight.
  14. Sounds good. I'll send PayPal tonight. Thanks Andrew
  15. Ill take these and the Habs stubby. Cut me a deal on shipping?
  16. I'll take the Habs and the wavers from the other post. Can you cut me deal on shipping?
  17. Have those been rewired? It doesn't look like his tail wraps?
  18. Yellow white might be a from Dave Manzi....aka Bassmaster here.
  19. Top left 3 swimmers and the big don for $50?
  20. APB is Jigman on this site and he puts stuff up for sale in the custom builders selling area. I am not sure he still sells that build. Like Xjclint mentioned, RM Smith Jigsmith is basically the same thing....Jig Smith....get it
  21. Those are Gibbs and they work. The white one is older, but the both look fairly old. Are the thru wire, front loop and rear loop, brass? You need to make sure the surface of the plugs are clean before you prime. Winch like to use fire to clean them up....paint and everything. Lightly sand and prime with BIN or KILZ. The rattle cans, Krylon or others, from Homies work, but stick with the same brand if you're going to paint them with more than 1 color. Top coat is the toughest decision in my mind. 2 Ton Devcon and Envirotex are fairly cheap - look for Michaels coupons. Get a couple of acid brushes and watch the shedding fibers.
  22. Gave up on Fremont, huh? Don't blame you a bit :),
  23. Not selling, but to give others an idea of what it looks like. I got this a few years back because I saw the youtube videos of it swimming. No, I haven't fished it....hopefully this year.
  24. I'll take them for asking paid thru Paypal
  25. I am out. 4 plugs total was too much for the trade. I was pricing Big rocks at $40 to $45, and Sharp eyes at $35 I think you mentioned that you figured the Teton would be $60 max so I figured the Ryall would be about the same. I guess I am off base somewhere in my math.