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  1. I think he was trying to nail that crow that was stalking him all day....or so he says.
  2. I think that Flaptail was made by Victor Montoya who is Throwing TImber in this website. I have the same one. Morningwood - I think the signature on your pencil is also Victor's.
  3. I thought the chimp and frog video was back.
  4. Winch builder are you referring to?
  5. I assume that when plastics melt, they will give off some toxic fumes and will contaminate the oven. Every time you use the oven after that, you're contaminating your food, I can't say how much and maybe I'm over the top worried, but its how I got my toaster oven for curing powder coated jigs. My wife has melted plastic cook wear in the toaster oven and we had to buy a new one
  6. That Fixter is OLD and BIG. I have a beat up one that I took a picture and sent to Mike He dated it to around 1978 and I'd bet this one is from around that time. The profile is the same - long body with a short taper to the tail. The grommets are different and painted when compared to his newer plugs. It looks like the glitter is either red and silver or just silver. I'd say $100+ for that pikie as it is very rare.
  7. It looks like one of Mike's old big pikies and I know that guy has refinished a bunch of Mike's plugs that he bought and used. At least he has stopped using the red glitter on the chin. I'll point Mike here and I'm sure he'll have something to say :).
  8. On November 15, 2018 while local law enforcement and their mutual aid partners were patrolling the evacuated areas of the Camp Fire, a citizen contacted a deputy with the Butte County Sheriff’s Office and expressed concern about a suspicious person who had been parked several days in the parking lot of the evacuated Pines Yankee Hill Hardware Store. The deputy suspected it contained a locally well-known double-homicide suspect and parole absconder by the name of GD Hendrix, 48, of Berry Creek. Local authorities had been searching for Hendrix for months to bring him back into custody. The deputy gathered other law enforcement officers who had been patrolling in the Concow area and attempted to take Hendrix into custody. Hendrix however drove off in his car south on Highway 70 after crashing through other parked vehicles. A high-speed pursuit ensued with many other deputies, wardens and officers joining in. The pursuit came to an end approximately eight miles later after Hendrix’s car’s tires had been successfully spiked by intervening officers. Hendrix got out of his car and feigned a firearm in his right hand and was shot at by five officers. He died at the scene from gunshot wounds. Also as a result of that gunfire, Sutter County Sheriff’s Office K9 “Bandit” also died at the scene while performing his duties in attempting to bring Hendrix into custody. A pit bull dog who came out of Hendrix’s car and attacked the wounded and dying K9 Bandit was also shot and killed by officers on scene.
  9. Wecome to the site. Take a look and post a few pictures of the plugs in the Tackle Collectors forum. Condition, type, color pattern play a HUGE role in the cost of the plugs.
  10. #5 has painted eyes. Its a Alou danny. Lupo has the plastic stick pin eyes.
  11. Yep, that is a Hab's egg. I have a beat up one in white. In that condition, I'd say it would go for about $150 on Epay. FV Solitude would love this one.
  12. When wet wading, this is the more important question - my opinion. I get my Hanes at Wally World or Target and if you get the 100% synthetic versions, they dry very quickly and they keep sand out of your junk and keeps you from chafing. As for shorts, anything synthetic with the right style of pockets for your needs.
  13. What am I missing out on
  14. Its more like, you're bidding on something and your wife walks behind you and says (not asks), you're not buying that are you!
  15. Are you trading all 3 of the Hahns for a Tattoo spook? I have a few old stock Sea Dogs and Sea Pups. What size and color are you looking for?
  16. Just sent the payment.
  17. $20 added to the Lex darters?
  18. I'll take the 2 Lex darters for asking
  19. A depth finder on the dash of the truck. I love that. I need one just for the grins and giggles.
  20. I design sheetmetal and machined parts for a living and would recommend Solidworks. If you can stick with simple shapes Solidworks is great. If you need more artistic looking - think complex sweeps/surfaces, ProE would probably be better. To design reel parts, I'd go with Solidworks.
  21. Payment just sent. Thanks
  22. I'll take the needle and popper lot.
  23. Surfhunter: I found this one on the BST and had to bring it back to California. I can't believe its been that long.
  24. Hey Paladin and DoubleD, My son has donated these to you. You guys can work out which color you get.
  25. This hexagon might be a bit large at .12" across the flats. Its a combo pack with 2 different sizes, fine and jumbo, and I think it came from Micheals or Joann's Fabrics.