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  1. Are you trading all 3 of the Hahns for a Tattoo spook? I have a few old stock Sea Dogs and Sea Pups. What size and color are you looking for?
  2. Just sent the payment.
  3. $20 added to the Lex darters?
  4. I'll take the 2 Lex darters for asking
  5. A depth finder on the dash of the truck. I love that. I need one just for the grins and giggles.
  6. I design sheetmetal and machined parts for a living and would recommend Solidworks. If you can stick with simple shapes Solidworks is great. If you need more artistic looking - think complex sweeps/surfaces, ProE would probably be better. To design reel parts, I'd go with Solidworks.
  7. Payment just sent. Thanks
  8. I'll take the needle and popper lot.
  9. Surfhunter: I found this one on the BST and had to bring it back to California. I can't believe its been that long.
  10. Hey Paladin and DoubleD, My son has donated these to you. You guys can work out which color you get.
  11. This hexagon might be a bit large at .12" across the flats. Its a combo pack with 2 different sizes, fine and jumbo, and I think it came from Micheals or Joann's Fabrics.
  12. We catch the same thing in the Delta and call them Squawfish or Sacramento Pike and catch them while fishing for stripers. If you can get them in smaller sizes, on the Delta, they make great bait for stripers. From Wiki: The northern pikeminnow, or Columbia River dace (Ptychocheilus oregonensis) [2] is a large member of the minnow family, Cyprinidae.[3] Until 1999, when the American Fisheries Society officially changed the common name to pikeminnow, the four species of this genus were known as squawfish.[4] Female northern pikeminnow reach sexual maturity at about six years, males in three to five. They can live longer than 15 years, reaching over 24 inches and eight pounds. The current world record weight for the pikeminnow, 13½ pounds, is held by Christopher Borger and Michael Ray of Edmonton, Alberta.[citation needed] A mature female can lay 30,000 eggs annually. Pikeminnow are voracious predators, and in the Columbia and Snake Rivers, salmon smolts comprise a large part of their diets. Their populations have flourished with the development of the Columbia River hydropower system.[5] The reservoirs have provided excellent habitat for pikeminnow and given them an advantage over depressed salmon and steelhead populations.[6] While historically pikeminnow have not been of interest commercially nor to sport anglers, Washington and Oregon state fisheries agencies and the Bonneville Power Administration have placed a bounty[7] on them to reduce predation on scarce salmon stocks. A sport fishery has developed based on that bounty. Move north and catch them for pay between $5 and $8 each: http://www.pikeminnow.org/
  13. Thats fine, send me your paypal addy. Thanks
  14. I'll take both Hahns. Can you do $37 for both for combined shipping? Either way, I'll take them.
  15. I'll take this