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  1. This may be a long shot, but I am looking for a Stella 5000FA handle shaft for a left hand crank. The Shimano part number is RD 8166. Someone who set up their reel with a right hand right hand retrieve may have this part left over. Thanks
  2. Poor mans down rigger. Early Pink Lady. Tie off to the ring that slides and tie your lure off to the other end. The ring positions in the 90 degree turn and the rig will dive down. When the fish hits, the ring will slide to the tip and will be easier to bring up.
  3. Newportrockhopper has 1 for sale in his poppers for sale thread. I am pretty sure the second "Habs" popper is actually a Tattoo.
  4. I already split the difference going from $350 down to $330 ;). As we all know, Paypal and shipping add up. Split the diff one more time and you can have it for $325.
  5. I'll come down $20 to $330.
  6. Catalina 4000 with a few marks. I only fished it a couple of times and it always got a freshwater bath. The reel is very smooth, but I've decided I like my Saltiga Z better so its been sitting around. I think the condition is well presented in the pictures. $350 Paypal shipped and insured via priority mail.
  7. Payment sent. Thanks for putting these up.
  8. I'll take these.
  9. I had to use the warranty once and they made it really easy. Send it in and they send you replacement. I wasn't too concerned about time or getting the same tool, a Wave, back so it was a no stress deal. I was VERY happy with the tool that they sent me.
  10. Good to see you back.
  11. I've caught them in the South Bay with swimbaits from a boat.
  12. $70 for the Fixter and 2 Habs? I
  13. I think he was trying to nail that crow that was stalking him all day....or so he says.