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  1. Wecome to the site. Take a look and post a few pictures of the plugs in the Tackle Collectors forum. Condition, type, color pattern play a HUGE role in the cost of the plugs.
  2. #5 has painted eyes. Its a Alou danny. Lupo has the plastic stick pin eyes.
  3. Yep, that is a Hab's egg. I have a beat up one in white. In that condition, I'd say it would go for about $150 on Epay. FV Solitude would love this one.
  4. When wet wading, this is the more important question - my opinion. I get my Hanes at Wally World or Target and if you get the 100% synthetic versions, they dry very quickly and they keep sand out of your junk and keeps you from chafing. As for shorts, anything synthetic with the right style of pockets for your needs.
  5. What am I missing out on
  6. Its more like, you're bidding on something and your wife walks behind you and says (not asks), you're not buying that are you!
  7. Are you trading all 3 of the Hahns for a Tattoo spook? I have a few old stock Sea Dogs and Sea Pups. What size and color are you looking for?
  8. Just sent the payment.
  9. $20 added to the Lex darters?
  10. I'll take the 2 Lex darters for asking
  11. A depth finder on the dash of the truck. I love that. I need one just for the grins and giggles.
  12. I design sheetmetal and machined parts for a living and would recommend Solidworks. If you can stick with simple shapes Solidworks is great. If you need more artistic looking - think complex sweeps/surfaces, ProE would probably be better. To design reel parts, I'd go with Solidworks.
  13. Payment just sent. Thanks
  14. I'll take the needle and popper lot.
  15. Surfhunter: I found this one on the BST and had to bring it back to California. I can't believe its been that long.