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  1. I hope everyone is stocking up on nail guns because here comes the ban.
  2. Will you take $35?
  3. I did a websearch, but it was a long time ago so its not easy to find. Back then it was an inside job at the PO and checks, once stolen, were being sent to the philippines to be washed and cashed.
  4. I love the Sierras. Have a great trip.
  5. 4.5 inches and 1.75 oz
  6. Hey Tony, You did a great job being Fling Captain. The chile dogs were good and it was really crappy of Double D to lecture you about how beans don't belong in chile while he was stuffing his face with it. Double D was sorely disappointed by the false advertising and cheers to whomever sucked him in. Maybe Albycor will stop yelling at you now Tony that you did such a good job. I hope his son went far in the tourney and that he missed Koja. Paladin was MIA and there was a lot of speculation as to what he was doing....nothing that I could mention in public. Linesideslayer made a KILLER clams and linguine. So simple that I might have to give it a try. It was great to see everyone ... including the Northerners.
  7. I know shipping is expensive now, but I was hope for less. Thanks for responding though. I'm good.
  8. @fishhappyI am looking for a used Dart Waverer like the one you offered up in the Peanut post.
  9. Those aren't F80s or F90s. The F80s and F90s have a taller/fatter nose and tail. The F80 has a rounder tail. The line tie for the F90 is a lower than the standard Rebel as well.
  10. I fixed that for you Mike:
  11. Payment sent. Thanks
  12. Ill take these paid with PayPal and shipped to CA.
  13. search "California attorney general OAG-2022-02" and it comes right up. It will download the PDF.
  14. That looks like a Lex.