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  1. SBR - Short Barreled Rifle
  2. Did you add bearings to the 7000? 7000C or 7000C-3 would be with bearings.
  3. I won't be buying from Anglers Workshop anymore. I was looking for some reel seats about a month ago and placed an order with Anglers Workshop, which was purchased by Lurepartsonline awhile back, and the seats were shown in stock with a qty shown. I placed my order and finally got a notice that one of the seats was on backorder with no ETA for a delivery date. I waited for 3 wks with no more notices and I called to cancel the order and the guy who I spoke with confirmed that they there wasn't any in stock and that there was no ETA. He was nice enough and said that he would cancel the order. Well, he lied. I placed a order with Getbit after I canceled the Anglers Workshop order and the next day I received an email that said that my order was shipped by Anglers Workshop. I have no idea whats going on there, but I know he said that he would cancel my order and didn't. Recently I've had good success with Getbit and Mudhole, but if you can find the parts locally you might want to do that. A smaller shop like Grumpy's would be better as well. I bet if you call them, they can tell you exactly what they can ship you.
  4. @t_man7Thanks for tagging me and the comparison.
  5. I remember a few guys using them a few years ago. I guess I'll need to pick up a couple of each.
  6. Just what I need....more lures. Going to have to try the Colt Snipers. Have you tried the silent assassins?
  7. I will still take this, I was just hoping you had the box and shims. Please PM your paypal info and I will get the payment out.
  8. I'll take this payed through Paypal. I hope you have the box and shims.
  9. I can never tell, but it most likely something Tony Spina and or Charlie had their hands in. Driftwood? @CharlieK
  10. Yeah I know, but I'd still rather drink from the backyard faucet than a pipe that came out of a filter system that exited my toilet. I worried about people dumping expired drugs down the toilet, but I didn't realize that undigested drugs pass through us and need to be filtered as well.
  11. I resemble that remark since I'm in CA. Desalination plants are for the smart. Us Californians are planning/testing turning poopy water into drinking water. . Nuckin Futs. I saw on the news that they were talking about the waste and how millions of gallons of poopy water that goes to "waste" by being used to water the city's properties or that goes into ocean. They think we should be drinking that crap after additional treatment. I know astronauts drink their own treated pee, but image poop and anything else that gets flushed down the toilet. Northern CA gets a lot of water that flows south until it hits San Francisco Bay so the areas North of SF and around SF had lots of water. The problem is that Southern CA, and in between, was a desert so they take the water that kept 1/2 the state watered and distribute it to the other 1/2 of the state that was a desert. Supposedly it takes almost 2000 gallons of water to grow 1 lb of almonds and almonds are a huge cash crop grown between SF and LA and ship all over the world. As you drive down to LA, from SF, you can see how arid it is except for where they plant their orchards of almonds and other fruit. On our drive down 2 years ago, you could see some orchards being dug up, but many new ones being planed. I suspect that the fruit trees are being dug up to plant more almonds. Yes we have a drought going on in CA, but its all because of the money. Huge money to be made buying up water rights and those water rights are guaranteed. Image having water that it guaranteed to you at a set $$$ and that you can sell to someone else for whatever price the market will bear. Thats the position the Resnick family has put themselves into after years of very smartly buying up water rights. All that water that used to be "wasted" flowing down our rivers into the ocean is now captured for watering the desert. So now you may ask, what about the salmon and stripers that spawn in the rivers..... It would be nice if other places would ship us water, thanks Dena, but I think that will screw you in the end same like it has done to us.
  12. That big pikie looks like a kit lure based on Mac's pikies made my his name shall not be mentioned here..
  13. Payment sent. Thanks
  14. Can you add the schoolie lot for $15? If so, I'll take those as well.
  15. I'll take lot 5, soft plastics, for $29.