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  1. Maybe its best to start a new thread for this....but why do you run different leaders at different lengths? I have heard people making leaders shorter for windier conditions, or longer for spooky fish....but living in New England the typical 7ft leader with a bit of tippet will do, no?
  2. Thanks all, I didn't think we would get as many different opinions as we did! As an update, I bought 1 spare spool for each reel and plan on setting it up as follows: 9wt with sonar titan full intermediate - on the spool will be sonar sink 3/5/7 8wt with cold water floating line - on the spool will be sonar camo intermediate. I don't plan on fishing the 2 intermediate lines at once, and think this will set me up well moving forward!
  3. Considering picking up 2 additional spools for my 8wt and 9wt rods to have 2 different lines preloaded and ready to string up. I realize this takes a little time....but nowhere near as much as re-lining the spool. Do you think it's worth it? I have the Rio cranky kits, they're a pain to use but that's been the system so far. Thanks!
  4. Nope, all good. Got it. Crystal clear. 100%. Go get some slime sticks and drink some beer people. On another note, anyone know when the sharks start to show up? I had a few good sitings around early May, ideal water temp for porbegals is 45 degrees and Jeffries buoy says it’s 44. If I gotta go slime stickin I’m bringing a heavy rod too!
  5. Ah shoot, did I screw this up too.....looks like it. I’ll just pat myself on the back and ****.
  6. Go find somewhere flat ~100 feet deep. If your in the GOM, you’ll want the shiny silver ones with the black spot....send the brown ones back.
  7. That was thrilling....back to the fish. I thought about going out with a buddy or two last Sunday...but just couldn’t bring myself to run 6-8 miles for one freakin cod. ONE!
  8. @NavyFlies I have two...the sale at the den got me. No start up drag that I can tell, Very smooth increase in drag pressure and the drag is butter smooth when used. I like the placement of the drag knob, too. They are light, so might not pair/balance well with a heavier rod.... I do not believe they are made in America, but they are machined and not cast. I have not tested the seal on the drag.
  9. Just did gelcoat today, will buff and wax later this week.
  10. I just had mine done. Took it to a trailer shop and they put on what they had. It’s not the same as car tires....just needs to stay inflated and roll true. you can get replacement tires and rims from etraler for cheep, just make sure you can get the old ones off!
  11. Why the floating line? Just curious...not a dig. I looked around a lot for a cold water floating line for strippers and it took forever to find one. I fish the maverick 9wt and love the SA sonar titan full int, obviously it’s not a floating line....but the rod begs for a heavier weight forward line. I also just spooled up some SA floating cold water redfish line on my 8 wt and love it, it could be an option. A lot of folks love the Airflow cold water stripper line, it comes in floating and int. Might also consider Cortland compact float.
  12. Can you PM me your address too? Happy to send some flies your way that should work anywhere there’s saltwater fish!
  13. It’s not so much about the size as it is about the weight @richard. I would recommend buying a “weed scale” to weigh out each treble hook and split ring combo. It needs to be down to the gram, a run of the mill kitchen scale won’t work. Then match that weight with the inline hook and split ring.
  14. @stormy monday did you ever get a casting instructor for your buddy? I’m looking in the same area!