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  1. Jason, Had a great time, will definitely be doing this again with you! Black sea bass is now clearly my favorite fish to eat. BTW, I'll be taking you up on that Tog tutorial later this year. Thanks again, Mark
  2. Heading out with you next Thursday morning, hope to get the opportunity to jig some up.
  3. Jason, have you tried out any of your painted jigs?
  4. Definately look better, I think the fish will agree! Mark
  5. Looking forward to the final report on prismatic vs black eyes.
  6. Looking good, you may want to consider adding prismatic eyes like fly tyers use. Clear epoxy after you put them on and life is good! Mark
  7. Jason, Are using the MH or heavy Tsunami slow pitch rods?
  8. Are there any discounts to be had on 2019 Hobie Outbacks in the Rhode Island area?
  9. As long as there is room for a TA clip i use them, if not I have added split rings to facilitate use of the clips.