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  1. No prob, keep me posted. And definitely can throw floating lines. I cast a 9wt Flats Pro floating line and it was great, just a slower, more open casting stroke than a fast action rod.
  2. I just fished the SS 350 for a week and really enjoyed it. Most of the time I was fishing a WF9I that has a 330 grain head but also fished with an OBS S6 that's a 375 grain and a Rio Striper line with a 300 grain head. They all fished great but I found as I went up in line weight the more it made sense to water load rather than lots of false casting... Which makes sense that's what the rod and some of those lines are designed for. But I found it to be a very fun and versatile rod to fish and I'd feel comfortable fishing fishing anything from 275-425, all with slightly different approaches. Would love to hear how it goes with the lines you fish... let us know.
  3. Not sure what your budget is but I agree with Inshore about a Evolution LTX - probably my favorite reel right now... but pretty pricey. If you're looking for something less expensive, Lamson Liquid 3+ (previously the 1.5 model). Great, light little reel and not as noisy as a click/pawl.
  4. I have a Rio Striper sink tip that has an intermediate running line and an S6 head. Depending on what type of rod you have, the 250gr or 300gr would work well.
  5. I have a Lamson Liquid 1.5 that I got for $60 that I quite like. Not exactly budget but made in US and very reliable.
  6. I'm a decent caster and still get frustrated from casting from a kayak... especially if i'm trying to fish specific structure or set up a specific retrieve. I would recommend practicing casting on solid ground whenever you can. If you practice on the beaches you could even catch a schoolie or two in the process. What kind of rod do you have? Flies-n-plugs is right that if the line isn't loading the rod - especially with a large fly - it can be a nightmare. Those quickshooter lines have pretty heavy heads so you should be good, but depending on the rod model, it could still be an issue.
  7. Haha. I don't blame you. If you find away around it, please let me know! In the meantime, good luck on the search and try some heavier weighted flies.
  8. Interesting, I've never really had that problem with it, although I fish the 9wt and 10wt versions more often... They say they have the same sink rate but I'm not sure. I'm also often fishing very heavy flies when I'm using those lines... Maybe that's something you could try? Although, if you're bombing 90 ft casts out maybe that much intermediate line in the water creates more resistance in the water. In that case maybe you do want a full sink 6.
  9. Depends on how much current... If you're in relatively still water it'll definitely get down that deep. It sinks 6 inches per second you just want to count it down, 20 seconds for 10', 30 for 15', 40 for 20' etc. Are you fishing from the beach or boat? What are you targeting?
  10. Is the WF8 I/S6 line you already have a Rio Outbound Short? If so, that line is very heavy and gets down so fast the intermediate running line doesn't hold it up and awful lot. Even the Orvis Depth Charge which is suggested here has and intermediate running line with a 20' section of S3 in between. I used to use full sink lines but with these new integrated lines, they seem to work about the same. Just don't get one with a floating running line!
  11. I thought I was a pretty decent caster until I went to practice yesterday and the wind reminded me otherwise! Not a good day to practice with 12 ft leaders. Went out to cast a new 7wt Zone and really enjoyed it before the wind picked up. It's definitely more of a feel rod than a bomber and the Flats Pro I was casting on it might be a little heavy for it. RE: Recon - I had a 7wt Recon for a short time and didn't care for it. Just felt a little noodly to me. I have a 7wt Mangrove that I prefer. The Maverick sounds pretty great. And I just saw an 8wt Payload go for a $350 buy-it-now. That could be a great option as it's built for lines like OBS. So is the Exocett SS but those go for quite a bit more.
  12. To the OP: I have a 9 wt BVK that throws a 9wt OBS (375g) pretty perfectly. But an 8wt OBS is definitely trickier on an 8wt BVK, even though its a very fast rod. Not sure why. Maybe because the 9wt is a big jump up in their format and more similar to the 10wt. Either way, if you're fishing stripers, it's nice to have a 9wt. I've read great things about the T&T Zone and will be buying one before too long. A 9wt Zone might be a good rod for an 8wt OBS while also allowing you to fish 9wt lines for other situations you might find yourself in.
  13. I use both and like both but the shooting heads definitely lighten the workload for me. Especially when there's a lot of wind.
  14. Chiming in to agree with what most others are saying - shorter leader. And I'll add, while I hate buying new lines it sounds like the ideal line for the kind of fishing you're doing could be a flats line with a stealth tip. Rio makes one with a 6ft intermediate tip. I know that can effect picking up line when you cast and obviously that tip will be heavier than a 40 lb mono butt section BUT with that 6 foot tip, you could fish an 8 foot leader and have something similar to a 14 ft leader. BTW, I have no experience with this line, just pitching as a possible solution.
  15. I have this one as well. The main advantage it has over many others is that the basket rides a little lower than the belt strap, which gives a little more room for stripping. It sucks knocking your knuckles on the pegs during an aggressive strip so the extra room is nice.