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  1. Good call. I've been thinking about doing the same thing.
  2. I'm also new to this forum... it's great, isn't it?! Wanted to mention one more thing to you... I also had an intermediate line that was giving me a little trouble until... I had a happy accident happen last week. I mistakenly loaded up my 8wt. with a 6wt full sink line (I have a 6 and 8 of the same model and didn't look close enough while rigging). Anyway, I had a hell of a time casting and blamed it on the breeze and the fact that it was a cheap, crappy line. But I labored through it with an aggressive double haul, still not knowing the mistake I had made and eventually was getting 50 ft casts out. When I finished for the day, I broke down the rod and saw the bone-headed move I had made. What an idiot. BUT when I fished that intermediate line a couple days later, I had it dialed in. I had a slightly stronger double haul and was focused on properly - dare I say it - loading the rod, and that made all the difference. Way underlining my rod kind of worked like a batting donut. Maybe doing something similar on purpose could help you? Has anyone else done this before? It's possible it could lead to other bad habits but it did the trick for me in this instance.
  3. Ah, thank you. Now I'm remembering reading about that before. Probably on here. And they definitely weren't interested in anything I was casting at them.
  4. And here I thought I was testing my drag with a 24" fish yesterday! I only get out here for a couple of weeks out of the year so I'm pretty impressed with the fishing some of you guys do. And really appreciate you sharing all the hard work and experimenting you're up to. Thanks for the info on the R Salt. I prefer light tackle and usually buy mid-price-range stuff but I'm always keeping an eye on the higher end gear for when the opportunity arises.
  5. I've been looking at the R Salt and love what I see and hear. Pretty unique wheel-style drag on it, right? How does it fish?
  6. I have several Lamsons and love them. Some people say they can have trouble with a lot of saltwater use but I've never had an issue. Like I said, I do have have the Galvan T-10 for my 10 wt just so I don't have to be as careful as I am with my Lamsons. Although, even the T-10 isn't sealed so I'm still going to try to not dunk it too much. Looks like the SC Imperial 9 wt is 4.4 ounces which seems pretty average weight so probably pairs well with most reels on the market. People love the Hatch 9 Plus and you can def get one second hand for 450 or so.
  7. Thanks, Mike. Been trying to get out there at night but it's been tough with the family schedule. Caught a few more schoolies yesterday afternoon during the incoming tide. Also saw several bigger fish - definitely keepers - in about 4 feet of water that were turning on their side and flashing as they fed on something on the bottom. Any idea what they're feeding on when they do that?
  8. Thanks for the report. I've had a little bit of luck here in the South Yarmouth area - only been able to fish during mid day though. Nice to know there are fish in the bay. Might have to run up there one of these nights.
  9. What kind of rod do you fish? Take a look at the reel weights compared to your rod weight before you buy. I had a few wonky pairings before settling on the Galvan T-10.
  10. So, I actually ended up with the 300. It popped up on a website on sale for $40 while the 250 was still $100 so I decided if it was too much I could just fish it on my 9wt. After casting the line, my advice would be to see if there's any way you can test cast at a fly shop. I'm actually not minding the 300 on my 8wt BVK. It's an interesting line, not quite the "load and shoot" that a OBS S6 is but definitely a heavy head. And I'd worry that the 250 could be a little light on a faster action 8wt. Anyway, these things always come down to preference but just wanted to post a follow up in case anyone was looking at these lines.
  11. I got my Patagonia stealth sling on ebay for $50. I had the non-fly fishing specific 8L Atom sling but it was just slightly too minimalist for me. Keep an eye on ebay for a good deal on the Orvis or Simms slings as well.
  12. You have a few options and partly depends on the action of your 10 wt. One option is a sink tip with an intermediate running line. The Rio Outbound Short I/S6 lines are popular but it's a pretty contentious topic on this forum, I've come to learn. It's a very heavy shooting head that requires a different casting style. If you search here for "rio outbound short" you'll find plenty of discussion about it. If you went that route, you'd want either a 9I/S6 or a 10I/S6 depending on if your rod is a moderate or a fast action. There are also plenty of lines out there with grain weighted sink tips. 350 or 400 grain is probably what you want for your rod (again depending on the action), just try to find one with an intermediate running line. Another option would be a full sinking line which would be more familiar to cast. If you go that route just make sure you get a sink type 6 or higher. Nice looking lot of tying materials you have there. As I'm sure you've read on here, Clousers in Chartreuse over White with just a little flash are often the ticket. I've had a fair amount of success tying them with a variety of synthetics like you have pictured.
  13. I don't know that area but I think it definitely sounds like you need to get deeper. Get a sink 6 type line, let it really get down there and mix up your retrieve. A guy who taught me a lot about fishing stripers on the Cape always said "You gotta be on the bottom. If you're not on the bottom, you're not catching fish." And while that's definitely not always true... whenever I'm coming up empty, I remember his advice and give my fly a good long soak and usually end up finding fish.
  14. Oh nice! I'm in the Fairfax area right by The Grove, if you know where that is. And my in-law's are in Huntington Harbor so I fish that area often. We must know some of the same guys... You fish locally much?
  15. I also hate pulling them up onto the sand as I prefer to impact the fish as little as possible. But it feels nearly impossible to land them any other way in the surf - would love to hear if anyone has any other technique. In any other situation I lip them or grab them by the shoulders.