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  1. When fishing a darter (in some current), just keep your line tight with a slow retrieve enough to keep it tight and let it swing.
  2. Didn’t see much about the out of state application/requirements, hopefully there’s some type of reciprocity that develops in the near future. I’d hate to have to apply for each one of these north east states.
  3. Dude, what color is that high hook? I have the same one but I can’t remember the color name.
  4. Yes lol, like I said, I had to move around a lot.
  5. I’d like to say that incoming water has been better, especially if it’s nice and clean. But for the most part of the blue fish are around you’ll get into them at some point. I had to move around a lot to find some fish. @JAL
  6. A couple pics of some blues from last outings, dropped some bigger fish while fishing some holes out front.
  7. Not a tap out front last night, today end of incoming had several blues up to 10lbs.
  8. Any signs of bait around? Water has been looking pretty good these past days, will be heading out tonight to hopefully get into something out front.
  9. It’s whenever the fish show up, only way to know is if you fish all the tides. Usually there’s a pattern so you can just time it right and show up when they do, but you should be there early in case there’s other people.
  10. I like to use black colors in the daytime when the water is stained.
  11. If and when I get an osv pass, I’ll start to plug the beach at night, based off all y’all’s pics, the beach has the structure for it. Until then I’ll stick to jetties and outback.
  12. Yes, I like going to the one in OC, only place i know that sells some good jigs.
  13. Simple, not to flashy and first custom build. GSB 1321M
  14. Isn’t there a 1201 os, 3-7oz? Why not use that?
  15. Have you tried LL bean? I have one season with the super angler, I think it’s called, no leaks as of yet.