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  1. Don’t get a mojo LOL, save your money and get a lami, or get another rod for heavier stuff
  2. Just put a slammer 5500 on it, I use it on an 8ft tica. It’s a little heavy to be honest but it handles fish just fine, and I use it off jetties.
  3. I feel that 3hr drive LOL, I’m so used to it that it doesn’t feel that long anymore.
  4. If you’re retired, fish during the week. Also tides can matter but if you have the time just fish all of them LOL. I get out when I can and I catch fish but I have to work for them.
  5. Just out of curiosity, why do you say that you need to replace the gsb?
  6. Yas
  7. After catch and release season, you can keep fish...it’s help protect the fish during spawn, hopefully there’s no trophy season for Maryland otherwise there’s no point.
  8. Catch and release - cannot keep any fish but can still fish for them.
  9. Was able to get out again last night, just a bump and some bird action; outback. Getting closer!
  10. Got out last night, focused more outback, didn’t think it was gonna get that cold needless to say no fish, did learn some new spots.
  11. Seen some big sheepshead being caught this past summer off of some “rocks”. As for flounder, try and find areas with eddies/pockets or drop offs. That has worked for me even though I haven’t had any keepers
  12. St croix triumph for plugging
  13. Yes, I have the 12ft casting, it’s beefy for sure. Good components on it. 6-12oz. The one under it, the breakwater is 4-10oz, both good rods but the ocean master is much stiffer.
  14. Go with the squall 15, that’s what I use when I chunk. I also have an akios 656ctm, also a good reel.
  15. When was it last serviced? I’ll do $360 PayPal.