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  1. Stereotypes are supposed to be true because again, it’s the culture of a certain group. I also bring up stereotypes as jokes with my coworkers all the time and no problems. The problem is that no one cares about history or current events that will impact the future because this day in age we’re so hopped up on how we can get by and don’t have time to worry about the other stuff, so all these events keep going by and we just shrug it off as if it won’t affect us.
  2. Racism is nothing but ignorance, sure there are stereotypes but in reality, stereotypes are just the culture of a certain race/ethnicity. “Stereotypes” are almost always used in a way to offend or view a group in a negative way. Now, back to the op, as far as this whole political type of racism, I believe that “institutionalized racism” is real, because you can see how certain ethnics groups are being oppressed in this country. I may sound like a conspiracy nut, but this is part of a whole agenda to separate the people within this country and the media controls the things that they want you to see. There are cities where everyone gets along just fine and I happed to live in one which is why I can confirm that racism is just ignorance.
  3. Lmao yeah wth?
  4. I believe it all comes down to enforcement, because most of the “poaching” I’ve seen is during night time fishing (chunking bait). Circle hooks are nice but I believe there should also be a certain size like 6/0 to 10/0 and crushed barbs on everything. My two cents.
  5. That’s pretty cool, I’ve been trying to do some wading but am without a car right now. It would be nice to cast in some shallow water and catch a keeper like that.
  6. You’re plugging from shore?
  7. Last week I’ve caught several short stripers (less than 19”), a 12” white perch which is the biggest I’ve ever caught and on a 8/0 circle hook, and of course a lot of catfish! All from a pier.
  8. Thanks everyone!
  9. Nice set up, I also interested in getting a fat bike but what a good bike cost? At a first google search for a fat bike the first ones that show up are like $1500+ while a cheaper one like mongoose are about $300. I plan to use the bike on a specific stretch of a Maryland beach, can a bike hold up a good amount of weight (i.e. plugs, gear, rods, fish). Also, how comfortable is it while riding with waders on?
  10. Most of the fish I caught have been in soft plastics; tsunami holo shad and some on 3/4-1oz jig head with a thinner 4”-5” paddle tail. I like to use the jig head if there is small bait present and so far it has worked out for we. The only issue with torn up baits was from blue fish so I tried out the zman 10x baits and they held up very well against them.
  11. I rear ended someone recently on my way back home from a fishing trip recently because I wasn’t focused enough, both parties weren’t injured at all, my car was deemed totaled and the other car barely had a dent in it. I agree with the power naps when you’re struggling to stay awake. I drive 3hrs only because the fishing has been good to me every trip I’ve taken so far, I usually leave after work and fish for a couple hours into the night then sleep before heading out again for sunrise and usually leave around 2pm next day.
  12. Cool people, I bought my 656 ctm from them, they’ve been good at responding back fairly quickly.
  13. Yea, only when it’s empty.
  14. Didn’t know cobia could be caught from the surf like that, I usually see people heading out to CBBT on their boats. Nice looking fish!
  15. On a side note, does anyone feel that the guides are a little too small?