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  1. Definitely learn how to fish one inlet before moving on to another, that way you know where to avoid getting snagged.
  2. Fished some hard structure, landed several hickory shad on the teaser and one schoolie bass. Left as wind started to pick back up. Lost something decent in the early a.m. pulled quite a bit of line before coming undone.
  3. Funny you mention auto sales, because I work ata used car dealer as a mechanic and see people coming to but cars everyday. Just last month this place sold about 100 cars, so all this is confusing to me, there’s so many things that seem to contradict themselves.
  4. Yes sir, as long as you’re fishing you should be fine.
  5. Maryland, cops weren’t asking questions despite all the patrolling.
  6. Boo fish are here, caught my first of the year. Not much size on it but enough to put a bend on a rod.
  7. Maryland allows fishing for “food” but the beaches are closed and I don’t want to risk getting caught while hitting up spots in the back bays.
  8. Nope. That makes sense now, thanks.
  9. But it says we can engage in outdoor activities, I’m confused. We can go out but not past 8pm?
  10. Is that non residents for the city or state?
  11. It’s crazy how a fish will hit nothing but the (bucktail hair style) teaser at night.
  12. Sweet reel! I personally haven’t even held one of those reels but I do have a 656 ctm which I absolutely love, so I can imagine the nitro being better. I do like the handle on it, I wonder how it would compare again the penn fathom casting special.
  13. Awesome! I ended up getting the sinking ones, I was also told that these cast very well.
  14. Great show, not too crowded , didn’t have to wait in a line to buy anything. Seminars were very informative, glad that I was able to make it.
  15. Sounds about right, my biggest one was like 28in. Not too bad.