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  1. I don’t know if that is real or not, but 1) it is very cool and 2) never in a million years would you catch me doing that!
  2. Not always the goalie! A good defense can make goaltending a lot easier. Flyers have to bring in defensive defensemen. I like Ghost, but sometimes I think he may as well just play wing!
  3. Solid performance in game 3! Embiid is just getting started, and It looks like they found an answer to Leonard. If the D continues to play well, I like their chances!
  4. Anyone else enjoying watching Franco this year? All the talk in the offseason of trading or replacing him and he didn’t let it phase him... just came out and showed everyone what he can do! Let’s just hope he can continue at this pace all season! If so, when the rest of the bats heat up, it’ll be fun to watch!
  5. Pitching is an issue, but it was an issue in 2008 as well. Hopefully, as Charlie used to say, it’ll be hitting season soon and the offense will carry them. Just have to avoid all these injuries too!
  6. Ha! I remember grabbing the pocket fisherman up at a garage sale many years ago for $5. That must be the going rate for collapsible fishing rods!
  7. I agree... RV sounds a lot more comfortable than a tent on the side of the road. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.
  8. If you should happen to have any leftovers, some of the food in those pictures look like they could make for some good bait! Hope your pops is doing well!
  9. Love Pudge’s.
  10. Philly burbs... best of both worlds. Close enough to enjoy the city life and close enough to streams and lakes.
  11. Curious to know if you took the trip? Where did you go, and how did you make out?
  12. Montgomery county here! There are plenty of places to fish around here, but not sure I would be comfortable eating anything from the local waters. Anyway, as a newbie here, I too would like to see more activity in the PA forums.
  13. If you had an unlimited budget, what boat (brand/size/setup etc) would you buy that would be the most versatile for use in both smaller lakes and larger ones for typical bass fishing type use? What if you were on a budget?
  14. To be honest, I’m not very good at fishing. I likely lack the proper gear, the proper skill, the luck and the necessary patience to be good at it. But even so, I can’t think of a time I had a bad day fishing. What stories can you tell of a time you had a bad day fishing? Did your boat sink? Did you get lost or have your gear stolen? What makes a bad day of fishing?