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  1. Idk is they could do that anyways but i’ve seen plenty of people swipe 40+ shorts everyday for weeks haha crazy stuff
  2. Thank you sir. I really appreciate your help. Just saved me over a Benjamin on repairs lol
  3. When you say glass, do you mean something like those glass beads used on certain fishing hooks? Something of that nature?
  4. Yes. Both main and pinion gear were replaced at the same time. Can you enlighten me as to what a shim is lol I’m guessing it is that brown copper looking ring?
  5. I try not to lmao but sometimes I just wanna try new things but never get to them. Only one that ever made it to the water was my metal lip and it got addicting
  6. Awesome catch man. Hope to join the club one day fly fishing to get a hog like yours
  7. I have already heard a lot about the redfins. They seem to run super shallow right on the surface for the most part or just under. Never used them and probably never will but considering carrying one just in case it’s the money plug on any given night. Would like to see how you guys fish them, under what conditions you fish them, and what your particular thoughts are concerning the plug. I know everyone does things differently and I always fish all my night plugs exactly the same but seeing how everyone else does things would be helpful
  8. So my stradics have some play in the handle and my gears have some play. Don’t know why cuz i just replaced the pinion and main gear on every one of them. Only thing I can think of is maybe the idle gear needs to be replaced. Anyone have any knowledge as to what could be the problem?
  9. I’ve been a Shimano guy my entire life so I wanna recommend shimano but man so many problems with handle idle and gear idle after a while. I recommend Penn or Daiwa. the slammer is a beast of a reel if you can find one. The clash is nice too. Just my two cents.
  10. I absorb what’s already not in my repertoire or things I don’t know. What I won’t do is let someone who thinks he knows everything cuz he is more experienced than me insult my intelligence about what’s a keeper or not. I know how to measure a fish and I follow my legal and creep limits. I could easily be that guy who doesn’t follow regulations and “ruin” the fishery.
  11. Man you go the extra distance. Everyone must love you lol I just pack it real nice whole and fresh for everyone and let them do the work. They always invite me over to eat too
  12. Hahaha that’s funny. I remember when anything 14”+ was considered pretty big
  13. Is that supposed to impress me? Everyone acts like it’s hard to catch striped bass or fish in general. Let’s be real. It is very very easy to catch striped bass.
  14. what’s everyone’s thoughts on giving stripers or fish in general away to other anglers while fishing? Is it a bad thing?
  15. Not sure about spots and stuff but clam or sand worms for scup. Crabs for togs. Striped bass and blues will hit anything pretty much.