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  1. Pics?
  2. Respectfully offer 70 shipped?
  3. Offer 170 shipped
  4. Leo nyc offer 179 shipped
  5. What kind of bags do you have? I’ll be willing to trade my iPad for a surf bag
  6. 525 shipped?
  7. What’s the lowest you’ll let it go?
  8. 110 shipped for the mojo inshore
  9. What about the 45?
  10. What’s the lowest you’ll go for the saltiga 4K?
  11. Second if hay doesn’t take it
  12. Penn hands down. Shimano reels start to act funny after some abuse. I’ve been shimano my entire life and the quality is not the same anymore.
  13. I use sports tape. $3 at Walmart. Has never failed me. If I need to keep my cranking hand warm I just put on my hunting glove