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  1. Whenever i catch a striper with an SP minnow lure they always find a way to break free! its so dissapointing ! why is this? any lure fishing recomendations??
  2. Guys any mackeral biting I can't afford bait need to catch a mackeral with a rooster head throw it on a bigger hook and hope a striper swallows it up
  3. I read online that some guy caught a 50 pound redfish with a shakespeare alpha and 30 pound line, i cant buy another rod right now so my plan is to throw some 50 pound line onto the shakespeare alpha rod and hope for the best
  4. Guys i just want to emphasize that im not here to troll, im here to learn how to catch fat fish all summer of all species. Im 23 years old and when i say i have a primal urge it might have to do with testosterone flare ups or something. I have the urge to catch and cook like a neanderthal probably because im focusing on schoolwork all the time and when schools out i just want to be in tune with my inner primal instincts to catch and cook my meals all summer. Im just here looking for help. I dont want the moderators to ban me because some people think im trolling when i just want advice with fishing
  5. what kind of test line poundage did you have? 20? 40?
  6. Guys i'm not trolling, and okay someone said that the alpha rod is weak so i need a new rod? Will a fat cow break it or is it just going to be a hassle to reel in? i feel like ive seen people reel in a decent sized striper with an alpha rod..? Okay so i definetly need to get higher pound test braid for ocean fishing.. So now my main concern is my alpha rod. What is a cheap set up at walmart that i can get to reel in a fat cow? i can use my alpha rod to reel in the fatty trouts in the brooks but i need to catch the stripers with another rod and higher pound line?
  7. Hey guys, I have a 7 foot shakespeare alpha rod with 20lb test line and I want to catch a fat cow striper in the cape cod canal in a few weeks. I've heard that you need a 10 foot rod to fish the cape cod canal, is this true? I dont have the extra money to get a new set up but i was thinking of throwing a live eel on the hook and throwing it out as far as i can and let the eel swim around and hopefully the stripers will eat it. Has anyone ever fished with a rod under 10ft in the canal? I have a primal urge to catch a fat cow fish and cook it up and eat it with some panko fried in the oven and i really need to make this happen. Can someone help me out with my shakespeare 7 footer whats my best bet to catch a fatty? *whats the best set up for me?*