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  1. In my opinion, this is all due to the fact that Trump sells papers and news and scandals always generate ratings for the media. Its also a clever maneuver by Trump if he runs for President. He will rally his supporters saying look what they did to him... raided his house, and Hilary got a free pass on her emails. She was quick to wear a hat saying " her emails"
  2. Its been a tough season so much that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was out there taking surveys from fisherman and we've seen a survey regarding changing regulations to improve the fishery. However I feel there's plenty of fish out there, its just we cant reach them from shore due to the flat beaches. The CDFW should allow catch and release trout/steelhead fly fishing in the estuaries all season to help scare away the birds from swallowing up the fry so that as they mature the bass hang out at the creek mouths closer to shore. We should also remove the fake sand from some of these San Francisco Beaches to make it more of a natural deep cut shoreline. They bring sand in, but do they ever dredge it to recycle it or do they keep dumping new sand in? For 2022 there's been a ton of bait with tons of birds wading on the surface instead of having to dive. Yachtsmen have commented how thick the schools of anchovies are this year and so that's probably the answer. I'm no expert but I have read if there's a lot of bait, the bass can be finnicky and full of bait. And they are done feeding in a short window. And so perhaps using Anchovy and Sardine colored lures for the rest of August instead of opting for bright colors to easily see the lure may work better. The good news is that these bass with all this bait are going to grow into some monsters during the rest of August and September/October/November. Fishing is gonna get hot real fast and I bet we see some real good fishing in September especially in the back bays before they migrate fully.
  3. Do you have any Anchovy Colored Lures for sale? Maybe that Black back and gold body pencil may work ?
  4. Watch the entire video from the beginning he introduces himself and talks about his life and who he is. .
  5. How to water ski a Striped Bass...
  6. If they cant figure the formula out, I relied on New York and Massachusetts regulations as the best guide.
  7. Nice catches on the Fixter Pencils!
  8. Nice fish Mike... what is that a Spook Lure? What size leader do you like to use?
  9. I suggested the New York recommendations. Minimum Size 28-35.
  10. Fishing for Striped Bass The Department is currently evaluating Striped Bass fishing regulations and would like your feedback. Responses from this survey will be used to describe the preferences of Striped Bass anglers and may be used to inform the Departments management objectives for Striped Bass. The current regulations for Striped Bass caught in the sport fishery in anadromous waters is: minimum length 18 inches (total length), 2 per day, no possession limit (California Freshwater Sport Fishing Regulations (PDF)(opens in new tab)). *
  11. Nice picture Mike! I still have the needle and one rolled on it, and didn't hit it because from the size of his tail he was a tiny schoolie, but I cant wait to watch a COW nail this plug this season.