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  1. I get more leverage on a fish using the foregrip. Ralph uses gloves to avoid cold hands.
  2. I'm in California... not an issue for cold hands. But in the end if you are fishing in the 40's your hands are cold anyway and why keep your hand on the reel seat? How about try using the foregrip? After all that's what the foregrip is there for. You may want to check out Bill Wetzel's tape on reel seats. Not exactly aesthetically pleasing but he says it avoids cold hands.
  3. Custom 9' Lamiglas Super Surf with a Shimano FL 5000, Tony Stetzko Needle Fish. The photo was taken at sunset during some mild smoke in the air from a distant wild fire in Northern California.
  4. Looking for Ron Arra Rods XRA1204 XRA1322-2
  5. "That's entertainment".... that was a great period in America.
  6. That's good to hear! Sounds like you didn't get it.... Must be all that salt air from fishing!
  7. From a Phd in Epidemiology... Onions have the highest Quercetin, Garlic Oregano, Green Tea, Basil. Very good for your immune system as is D3 Sunshine, or Eggs. Vitamin C. etc. Salt. Any Doctor that tells you not to eat salt should be in prison. Eat those Omega 3 Eggs in the morning but keep them runny like Rocky The problem with the food supply is much of the soils are depleted and so that's where supplements fill the gap. Unless you are getting food from farmers that have really good soil, and or have natural mineral replenishments from floods from mountain streams etc. And so its best to take vitamins and minerals...
  8. Sorry to hear that... I have read that people experience different symptoms or none at all. How about monitor your oxygen levels. According to this article, patients may not show signs of it, and then the virus damages the lungs and it lowers oxygen levels. https://www.bu.edu/articles/2020/3-reasons-why-covid-19-can-cause-silent-hypoxia/
  9. FWW is biased if he is in that industry having meetings with Moderna etc. He makes his living off it...and so he has a bias or they will terminate him. If he makes money off it, then of course he wants to sell more vaccines. Doctors are drug pushers. If they don't push the drugs and vaccines, they are terminated. Maybe he has stock in the company as well... Its a wicked flu for sure... and so the best thing to do is keep your immune system healthy and dont rely on a vaccine as if you are a compromised fish. Yellow Onions, Garlic, Oregano, Peppers, Lemons, Water, Basil... Eggs, Salt, Grass Fed Beef, Liver, also take supplements. Get some Sunshine.... D3 Most important for your immune health. .
  10. They are masterminds ... that's why they are in power. They are much smarter... The data is fraudulent and biased due to the financial incentives. If its a COVID death, the hospitals get federal funds and the media is in their pocket. Hospitals get federal funding... they are in the pocket as well. Is it not surprising that Obamacare forced insurance companies to pay for pre existing conditions and now we see this virus targets people with preexisting conditions. It makes no sense that we have governments that have a problem with too many people, that they would be interested in preserving the population. And is it not interesting that the spike proteins end up into the ovaries instead of remaining in the shoulder like traditional vaccines? Baby Boomers-->Abortion (Peace Frog Doors), The Pill, Women Working (No more homemakers),Gender Redefinitions and now Pandemic's. See if Hotels.com Ad pops up for gender redefinition of our youth.
  11. People are being scared into thinking they need a vaccine... when its fraud. The focus is on vaccines $$$$$ Where is the focus on treatments? Nutrient supplements... etc. Why do they want to deliver vaccines? You still need a healthy immune system. The vaccines do not fight the virus. Your immune system does. The vaccines just establish the early detection and rapid response as I understand it. However most people recover from this virus. All study on treatments were dropped... they want to sell vaccines. THINK and be careful.
  12. Its all interconnected... follow the $$$$$. Forcing companies to pay for preexisting conditions Obamacare and Trumps lowering Rx prices... they needed to sell something, and vaccines and masks are the new revenue streams as well as government stimulus and funding. Why does China make it a law that couples can only have one child? Why did the USA make Abortion a constitutional right, Post Baby Boomers? THINK
  13. Well, Hmmm, Hospitals get paid by insurance companies who have to pay out to pre existing conditions. There is power and control over hospitals. Stings being pulled that we will never hear about. Hospitals are the main distributors of Drugs and Vaccines and received COVID stimulus and funding. They are biased and you need to look at independent studies and opinions and use your own analysis. Population control? The inventor of MRNA (Malone) is concerned about spike proteins from the vaccines ending up in women's ovaries'. *
  14. People die from the flu every year. If the media sensationalizes it... it creates your perceptions if you believe it. Its completely fraudulent the data and testing: