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  1. Lowering the price once more: $105 for the Pink $75 for The Blue/Green
  2. Vintage 1950's metal lipped wooden striped bass saltwater swimming plugs. Connecticut Yankee Striper by Walter Krystock , Meridan, Conn. Both are 6 1/4" in length. The pink scale has age line along the back - $125 The Blue/Green scale with Black back is a slim version - $95 Both are in unused condition. Acquired approx. 40 years ago direct from the home of Walter Krystock. Please add $6 for shipping. Prefer money orders.
  3. I have these two larger GTS-3. You will not find cleaner lures or packages - these came out of Gibbs dealer boxes. $35 each and $6 shipping for one or $8 shipping for both.
  4. I'm lowering the price on these two vintage lures: $115 for the Pink scale $85 for the Blue/Green scale
  5. Actually, in the dozen boxes that I had there were a few Buzzards Bay lures with the seagull and beach scene mixed in with the Falmouth lures. The boxes I had must have been from the transition period when they went from Buzzards Bay to Falmouth.
  6. The 2 Atom 40's sold to - basslander 2 Blue/White Atom Jrs. sold to - red dog 61 2 - Atom 40's (3 1/4oz.) - $30 ea. ***SOLD*** 2 - All White Atom 54 Jrs. (2 1/4oz.) - $25 ea. 4 - Blue/White Atom 54 Jrs. (2 1/4oz.) - $20 ea. ***2 left*** 1 - All White Atom 64PB Striper Swiper Popper (4oz.) - $20 4 - All White Atom 56P Talking Striper Swiper Poppers (2oz.) - $15 ea. 1 - All White Atom 56PB Original Striper Swiper Popper (2oz.) - $15 1 - Blue/White Atom 56PB Original Striper Swiper Popper (2oz.) - $15 These are earlier Atoms - better than the more recent Atoms.
  7. Brand new vintage Stan Gibbs plugs in the original packages - have 7 of these. I purchased them in the late 70's early 80's. Metal Lip Wood Swimmer - 2 OZ. Squid Finish $25 each - Prefer money orders. $5 shipping - I can ship a few for the $5.
  8. Vintage from the 1970's - two for $45.
  9. Vintage STAN GIBBS empty 12 Pack dealer carton box for the 2 oz. trolling swimmer metal lipped swimming plug in Blue finish. This is from the 1970's-80's. Rare to find and stamped with the Stan Gibbs info. on the top and front. Made in Massachusetts. Measures 11" tall by 9" wide by 6 /12" . It is a little rough but these are impossible to find. For that complete Stan Gibbs collection. $25 and $10 for shipping - Prefer money orders.
  10. It doesn't work out payment wise with Stripedbassking at this time. PM sent to 7 Rivers.
  11. I prefer a money order because my bank could never give me a definite yes for when a personal check clears.
  12. Okay, I'll take this providing it works properly. Thanks, Robert
  13. What's the condition of the stainless gravity knife?
  14. Well, all I could add to this is that I was in Walter's basement and went through all of his plugs. I have quite a variety, which I feel are from the early 50's to perhaps the late 60's. I even acquired Walter's special prototypes that were hanging on the side and Mrs. Krystock wouldn't sell to anyone. I kept seeing the handful of prototypes when I went to Meriden and eventually she must have taken a liking to me. But I never saw anything that looked like these three plugs. All of Walter's plugs had something in common and you could tell that they were all Conn. Yankees.
  15. These look to have been made by a different maker. Perhaps someone else called them Conn. Yankees too.
  16. The same town where the Linesider striper plugs were made in the 1970's.
  17. These are the last of the Gibbs swimmers.
  18. Have six of these remaining.
  19. Three vintage 7" Cotton Cordell Red Fin Minnows. I purchased them in the late 70's early 80's. Textured Finish - Two Blue/Silver and one Black/Silver. Unused but some flaking of the chrome here and there. $45 for the three - Prefer money orders. $6 shipping
  20. Reverse metal lip swimmer prototype.
  21. I'll do $38 plus shipping with the hooks removed.
  22. How about $40 plus shipping. Shipping is about $6 these days.