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  1. This particular lure came out of a NFLCC auction a couple of decades ago, I have the paperwork. This was placed up for auction by Trygve Lund (well known honorary NFLCC member) who worked for the big lure companies back in the day. I picked up this lure as well as a few others that went up for sale at that auction.
  2. Here's a rare experimental Pflueger Ballerina in a large Musky/Saltwater size. Much fatter and longer than a standard Ballerina. It is also thru-wired with one belly swivel/hook.
  3. I uploaded the following photo's in another Mustang topic in the Main forum. I imagine they can be useful here also. This is a thru-wired prototype I have which was done at the Pflueger factory in 1954.
  4. I'm going to hold on to the business card, thanks.
  5. Danny Pichney Atom Jr. models. Unused original condition. White is 6" Blue/White is 5 1/2" $95 each shipped.
  6. Yes, they used an Indiana blade for the belly plate to fit in between the two hook hangers. The plates are shiny, not black. The top plate is a standard one. The hook hangers are stationary, similar to the C.C. Giant Pikie hook hangers.
  7. Pflueger Mustang with thru-wire. This was done by the Pflueger factory in 1954.
  8. The thru-wired Mustang I have is a prototype. Pflueger did quite a bit of testing/experimenting on the 5" Mustang. The one I have came out of the Pflueger sample room after Pflueger USA closed its doors. I will try to get some pictures today.
  9. Yes, all standard musky/saltwater 5" Mustangs have screwed in hardware.
  10. All Mustangs have all screwed in hardware (each saltwater Mustang has 10 screws). They are not thru-wired.
  11. I call the Mustang the Nat Piazza special. I would see Nat fish this plug quite a bit on the Breezy Point jetty. I have a thru-wired one which was done by Pflueger, not homemade. I can take a few pictures if it helps.
  12. Have 2 white Conrad Sr's. if interested.
  13. Don Musso Torpedo and Rattler wooden sub surface (Pine) swimmers. They are new unused in the original packages. In the same condition as when I purchased them direct from Don in the 1970's-80's. Business card is not included Anyone interested or if you need more photo's please let me know. $145 ea. shipped