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  1. Brand new vintage Stan Gibbs plugs in the original packages. I purchased them in the late 70's early 80's. Metal Lip Wood Swimmer - 2 OZ. 7 Blue 3 Squid 3 White Two for $45 - Prefer money orders. $6 shipping - I can ship up to 3 lures for the $6
  2. Blue/White Atom Jr. sold to - MEF
  3. I found another batch of Atom's. These are from the 1970's - better than any of the more recent made Atom's. They are unused - have oxidation on metal parts from storage. Seven Atom 54 Junior's 2 1/4oz. - $20 each Three poppers - 3oz. , 2 1/4oz. , and 2oz. - $10 each $6 shipping - I prefer money orders. I can ship up to 3 Juniors together for the $6.
  4. Vintage STAN GIBBS empty 12 Pack dealer carton box for the 3 oz. trolling swimmer metal lipped swimming plug in White finish. This is from the 1970's-80's. Rare to find and stamped with the Stan Gibbs info. on the top and front. Made in Massachusetts. Measures 11" tall by 9" wide by 6 /12" . It is a little rough and it is taped up a bit but you will probably never see another. For the complete Stan Gibbs collection. $25 and $10 for shipping - Prefer money orders.
  5. $125 for the White Torpedo's.
  6. Yes they are, thanks. They show that he wasn't shy of experimenting.
  7. Flap Tail
  8. Sorry, can't do that but thanks for the offer. These are new.
  9. Vintage from the 1970's-80's. Unused still in the original packages. Wooden Torpedo's and Rattlers. $145 each shipped - prefer money orders.
  10. Vintage GOO GOO EYES From The 1970's-80's - Unused. Two Husky Dudes 2 1/4oz. (#20D) Deep Swimmer - Blue Two Big Daddy's 3oz. - (#20) - White $35 each and $6 shipping I can ship at least two for the $6.
  11. Four Atom Jrs. left Poppers - two for $25
  12. Two remaining - one Blue Cloud and one Black/Silver flakes.
  13. Quality Vintage German Knives !
  14. Have 9 of these remaining - brand new like the day they were made.
  15. Three (one of each color) sold to - tonymo