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  1. The two Srs. sold to - Surf Rasta.
  2. Thanks but I would rather hold on to them. These are the originals from the 70's and will never be made again.
  3. The three Jrs. sold to MtkSurfcasting.
  4. One or all will be $125 each, thanks.
  5. I would prefer money orders but I can do Paypal friends/family type payment if needed.
  6. I purchased these from Don in the 1970's-80's. All are new unused. Torpedo Jr. White Pine Torpedo Jr. Gold Pine Torpedo Jr. Blue Mullet Pine Torpedo Sr. Surface Torpedo Sr. Pine $125 each Money orders please. Shipping $8. Can ship two or three for the $8.
  7. Atom jr. and Atom 40.
  8. $59.95 each for the remaining Pichney plugs. All are New, unused.
  9. Danny called this Black Bunker. Its on my order sheet from page 39.
  10. Price Reduced - $18 each
  11. Four sizes of Pichney Atom's. 7 1/4", 6", 5 1/2", 4 3/4"
  12. The same goes for the original Musso Torpedo Srs. They were labeled at 3 1/2 oz. But actual weights varied to over 4 oz. Some of Don's hand written weights on the packages were even 4 oz.
  13. Original Musso Torpedo Jrs. were labeled at 3 oz. and they were made of maple. However, actual weights varied. From just under 3 oz. to close to 3 1/2 oz.
  14. 2 Blue/White Conrad Jr. ----- SOLD 2 White Bootleg Jr. 1 Blue/White Atom Jr. ----- SOLD 1 White Conrad Peanut (4 3/4") ----- SOLD 2 White Troller Jr. 2 Herring Conrad Jr. ----- ONE SOLD 2 Mullet Conrad Jr. (Blue, silver, white) ----- ONE SOLD
  15. Paypal friends and family is fine. PM sent.