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  1. Ok update I went for a 10’ Star Stellar 2-5oz rod for the penn reel. Seems like a good fit, better than the 12’ ugly. I also picked up an old penn 706z, and I think that may be a good for for the 12’ ugly. kind of a bummer tho is I tried once to put the 706z on the star rod when it first showed up, and I guess th reel seat wasn’t big enough and it chipped the paint on the corners of the foot of the 706z. Is there a good touch-up black paint for this situation?? Pics included
  2. Ha I think I saw you comment on a YouTube vid comparing penn vs ugly on a football field. ive got a stradic 4000 on a tidemaster 7’ that I like for jigging and Tokyo rigs on largemouth or pike, and it would probably do alright on Stripers, but I want to throw long bomber casts like that guy in the vid out on a few different points I know in NH and also explore the cape when I’m there. Was he on a 9500ss with that ugly stik? I found a very nice one for a good price I was considering I do have one conventional reel I bought at a pawn shop in the keys when I was there for a 6month project but i figure it’s more of a trolling setup. I did hook up on a thresher on it one time tho, from a US1 bridge near Shark Key. Pretty awesome. Pics attached, shimano 30A TLD 2speed on a 8’ heavy teramar
  3. Great thanks for the tip. Def want to get a big bait setup at some point. I think I’m going to return that ugly stik and put this pursuit reel on a 9’ or 10’ rod for the plugs and metal. Looking now at the penn prevail ii
  4. Thanks for the responses, I saw the tsunamis too and maybe a 8-9’ MH graphite is a better option for this reel to use it for plugs. I guess its general consensus that conventional reels cast farther? What size is best on a 12’ surf caster?
  5. Near Woodstock
  6. Hey I am mostly a trout fly fisher in VT but will have to go to Hyannis for work for a few months this year so I want to try some surf casting while I’m there. So recently this Penn Pursuit II 6000 reel fell into my lap, and I know it’s not a hi end reel, but it feels rock solid and it looks mint unused. spool drag is well-lubed, and the gearbox is coated in blue grease that looks new. Loaded with what appears to be a new 50lb powerline braid. so I brought it in to bass pro in NH to try it on some rods and walked out with a 12’ bigwater ugly stik Heavy rod. It felt like a good balance setup, but I don’t really know much about surf casting and I’ve been searching the forum trying to answer my question of basically “is this a good rod?” And “is this a good reel size, with the right line, for this rod?” ive seen mixed reviews for the rod but most of the bad ones seem to do with damage during shipping, or the fact that some people forget it’s fiberglass or Chinese until after they bought it pics show the reel, gear box opened, the rod rating, and the balance point when the reel is on the seat, when I hold the rod with one finger Searching Around I’ve seen the pursuit Ii 6000 was sold paired with an 8’ MH rod as a combo, but I want to rip long bombs with weight and bait and be able to reel in whatever bites. just trying to get my feet wet and I don’t have much of a bank to break. I still have the reciept for the rod, so if it’s not a good choice I can return it for something else. I was looking at a few other options the penn Carnage II 12’ reel but it was 4x more $$ than the ugly and also I wasn’t sure if it was meant for a spinning reel bc the guides were so small and close to the blank. What rod would you get if you had this reel?? Also any tips on prepping the reel before my first time using it would be great. I’ve seen some people say to pack the box full of grease and I know there are prob tougher drag washers available to replace the oiled felt, but it seems pretty strong as-is. Thx for any help
  7. Generally I use hard as hull or sometimes the Wapsi stuff... do you coat around the dumbell too? Sounds great thank you for the pic Very cool, looks like it sinks great. I will tie some of these for sure. Is that last pic the end product, or do you flip it over and tie another bucktail clump opposite the dumbbell (gape side of shank)?
  8. Hey thanks! Do you have a pic of a clouser you’ve made with the bucktail tied the way you said? I’ll check out some different brands, but the thread tension is something I’ve thought may be an issue. Thanks I’ve generally avoided figure 8 wraps bc of how I was taught but I’ll give it a shot. Have you got pics of any clousers with bucktail behind the eyes? thanks
  9. My first post, sorry if I did something wrong
  10. I keep losing the dumbbell eyes on my clouser minnows. It is driving me nuts. Not sure if it’s a casting problem or if I’m tying wrong or if I’m using a bad batch of dumbbells but I swear nothing is more frustrating than pulling in a weightless clouser after less than 10 minutes of casting, and then to have it happen again ten minutes later. I am relatively new to shore fishing big rods on the ocean, mostly a 2wt for Brookies kinda angler, and lots of my flies have lasted me 15 years so far... but maybe this is just an aspect of the surf game? Anyone else experience this? How often do you blow through flies?