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  1. Generally I use hard as hull or sometimes the Wapsi stuff... do you coat around the dumbell too? Sounds great thank you for the pic Very cool, looks like it sinks great. I will tie some of these for sure. Is that last pic the end product, or do you flip it over and tie another bucktail clump opposite the dumbbell (gape side of shank)?
  2. Hey thanks! Do you have a pic of a clouser you’ve made with the bucktail tied the way you said? I’ll check out some different brands, but the thread tension is something I’ve thought may be an issue. Thanks I’ve generally avoided figure 8 wraps bc of how I was taught but I’ll give it a shot. Have you got pics of any clousers with bucktail behind the eyes? thanks
  3. My first post, sorry if I did something wrong
  4. I keep losing the dumbbell eyes on my clouser minnows. It is driving me nuts. Not sure if it’s a casting problem or if I’m tying wrong or if I’m using a bad batch of dumbbells but I swear nothing is more frustrating than pulling in a weightless clouser after less than 10 minutes of casting, and then to have it happen again ten minutes later. I am relatively new to shore fishing big rods on the ocean, mostly a 2wt for Brookies kinda angler, and lots of my flies have lasted me 15 years so far... but maybe this is just an aspect of the surf game? Anyone else experience this? How often do you blow through flies?