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  1. I'm thinking they retailed for around $50.00. Todd
  2. Hayan, that model was originally about 2.6 oz. and they are not fast action. While they have a very light tip they are at best Mod/Fast. Todd
  3. It should definitely balance better down locking. Todd
  4. It really doesn't, just depends on whether you want it sitting 3/4" further back or forward. Todd
  5. I have installed them on 9' on up. They really do help to balance the rod on the longer models. Todd
  6. Good Luck, and I do monitor this board regularly to answer any questions about our products and always try to chime in on any of the Lami stuff I was involved with or had knowledge of in the past. Regards, Todd
  7. The layer of E-Glass just makes it a bit more durable. And I originally didn't read your first post complete and didn't realize you had the "H" also I thought you had just the MH. I would say that the MH should be able to handle to 3/4 and the H to 1 oz. Todd
  8. Pax, it was a model I designed around the same time that we did the tri-flex line. It does have a layer of E-Glass in-between a graphite core and overlay. Regards, Todd
  9. Pax, these blanks were originally designed as a composite Popping type rod. But quickly transitioned into composite crankbait models. They should be good for what you have listed, 1 oz. might be a bit on the high side though. Todd
  10. That style of logo was from when the blanks were still built in Kent, WA. At that time (actually through the late 80's) they silk screened the logo's onto the blanks. Todd
  11. Whitey, If you have also been charged shipping on a gift certificate please contact me also.
  12. TBush, contact me via email and I will correct the problem in your account. This is not supposed to charge shipping on a gift certificate. Sorry for the inconvenience, Todd
  13. If you are planning on utilizing the existing reel seat then you need to remove just the cork grip. It has been my experience that you will need to cut this grip off. you will need to be very careful not to damage the blank during this process. I have also seen it done where guys will just turn down the existing grip to say 3/4" and then ream rings and mount over the top of the existing grip. Todd
  14. Lindsay, I'm very sorry I thought that I had answered your questions. And the portion about the VAT was not intended as a joke. I can only reply to you about what my past experiences have been. We are constantly looking into other options for international shipping to both lessen the cost to the customer but to also increase the reliability of delivery. One option you might consider would be to get an account through DHL or another international shipper and have us ship via that account. Regards, Todd
  15. Tmo, there will no longer be anything at the Shandaken location. Everything is in the process of being moved currently. Todd