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  1. I've spent a fair amount of time on Casco Bay over the last three or four years and this is the first year I can remember in that span where I haven't seen the occasional sturgeon breaching in the Bay. We've always seen them between Fort Gorges and Mackworth Island all the way out to the power plant, but not a single one this year. Was I not paying enough attention or are they maybe moving on from this area?
  2. Thanks all for the info. Glad to see they're still around, I guess I just need more time on the water. (Don't we all?)
  3. My boys and I have been fishing the Maine coastlines over the last couple of years using the standard topwater lures, live and chunk baits and soft plastics but haven't really messed with the classic tube and worm. After reading up on it and watching a few videos it seems like it might be another thing to add to the arsenal. As we head into September and the fall migration, I'm wondering if it's still a viable option? Most people suggest using a blood/sandworm teaser at the end but the local bait shops around here usually only have those early in the season. I know there are artificial options, but I guess I'm wondering if it's worth the time and expense this late in the game? I know quite a few guys around here are using big bunker spoons a bit further offshore for trolling this time of year. Any thoughts?